Chapter 39
A Touch of Cherry (h)

This time, the Lunatic King was pleased. Qi Shui’er has escaped for so long, and he finally caught her back. Let’s see if she still runs!

Lunatic King rolled her tongue. Her lilac tongue was very soft, flicking around in her mouth sensitively.

Lunatic King looked at Qi Shui’er. This dead woman seemed to begin to enjoy it. Haha, she treated this King like a piece of pork earlier! I guess her powerful teeth have lost their function, right?

Yes, Qi Shui’er started to get into it. She felt Lunatic King’s lips and tongue hooking hers. She had never experienced that feeling before, numb and sweet, all the way to her heart. Qi Shui’er forgot that he was her enemy. He was the stinky man who deserved to be killed by a thousand knives, and her little hand didn’t push him away.

As their bodies heated up against each other, sending warmth through the fabric, Qi Shui’er’s body began to bounce. She remembered the so-called lovemaking techniques and the pleasure of lovemaking that the girls talked about in the Yanmi Pavilion. She also remembered the girls’ sex scene that she peeks.

Qi Shui’er thought between her father and mother’s sex scene and the girls’ stories, there was a big difference, so she had been thinking of looking for someone to try, but there was no candidate. Will this stinky man be the right candidate?

Lunatic King caressed Qi Shui’er’s body all the way to her small mountain. Her small mountain was very elastic, looked like no one had been touching it, and Lunatic King was the first intruder.

Qi Shui’er felt the touch of the Lunatic King’s hands. His hands stroked and pinched her nipples. Slowly, Qi Shui’er began to feel disoriented. All she could see was the Lunatic King’s face. The man she hated brought her a bizarre pleasure.

Lunatic King’s skillful lips and tongue tickled her dazed eyes. Qi Shui’er looked into the depths of Lunatic King’s black pupils, his eyes were surprisingly gentle and watery, so her little hand that pushed him gradually lost strength. His fiery hot tongue hooked hers lightly. Her heart began to beat wildly, and her body softened. With their lips and tongue tangled, a faint red stained her cheeks, making that beautiful face look more tempting.

Lunatic King released her lips. His body was still pressing her, which reminds Qi Shui’er of when her father crushed her mother. Now, she was in this position. Maybe it was because of the lightning and thunder that night. So many years of stupidity? Now it seemed it wasn’t as terrible as she thought!

Lunatic King looked at Qi Shuier’s lips. She has allowed him to kiss her. Her lips were swollen but moistened. That little vermilion cherry lip was really beautiful. He immediately probes into Qi Shui’er’s lips. This time, Qi Shui’er took the initiative to welcome him and slightly opened her lips. She started to like his kiss.

It turned out the feeling of a kiss was like this, awesome. In the past, when Qi Shui’er saw others kissing hard, she thought that others’ mouths maybe contain sugar, so everyone tried to eat it. Uh, silly me. Apparently, kissing was; two people’s tongues against each other. Then, my tongue curled around yours! How nice! At this moment, inside her brain, flour on the left and water on the right mixed together, allowing the kisses and caresses from Lunatic King slowly stir it into a dough, preparing to enter a state of brain paralysis.

“Mmmm, ah!” Qi Shui’er cried out in excitement. Lunatic King’s hands stroked and touched all over her body.

The kiss gradually deepened, the tip of his tongue intertwined with hers. His hands pulled Qi Shui’er’s clothes open, revealing snow-white shoulders and half of the snowy breasts, tempting his eyes and lips. He moves his tongue down, along the neck to the chest. Qi Shui’er can’t help but hold his head. Her fingers interlaced in his slightly wet hair.

“Mmm, mmm.” When the Lunatic King’s lips came to Qi Shui’er’s breast, she hummed.

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