45. Exceptions (2)

Just looking at how flexible her limbs were, anyone who sees will know how many times she’s done this just to be able to jump so skillfully.

The first time Yu Qingjia flipped over her window she was still embarrassed, always feeling like she was some kind of a thief, but now, she pushed open Murong Yan’s door with no hesitation.

Yu Qingjia walked inside and saw Murong Yan standing in front of the table, looking at something by the moonlight.

Yu Qingjia put the medicine box on the side table and casually said,

“It’s so dark, why don’t you light a lamp?”

It was just a casual remark, but Yu Qingjia didn’t expect that after she said that, a bright light suddenly ignited inside the room, and it swayed around, slowly lighting half of the room.

Yu Qingjia was surprised for a moment, with Murong Yan’s character who never thinks about others, how could he light up a lamp because of her words?

Yu Qingjia was quite flattered, and coyly said,

“In fact, it was simply because I wasn’t used to it, you do not have to worry about me….”

The rest of Yu Qingjia’s sentence gradually became inaudible at the end.

That’s because she saw Murong Yan light a note in his hand using the candle flame, and the paper turned into ashes in a few moments.

After doing all this, Murong Yan finally glanced at her, who had entered the door for a long time,

“Why are you here?”

Yu Qingjia could not say anything for a while, why did she even think that Murong Yan was trying to accommodate her?

He just wanted to set fire to that secret letter.

Yu Qingjia was very embarrassed, her eyes wandered around, and inwardly, she was desperately praying that Murong Yan did not notice her words,

“Nothing, I just wanted to ask if you were hurt….”

Yu Qingjia said this, obviously because she thought of the last time Murong Yan came back late at night and suffered a very serious sword injury on his back.

She even slipped over in the middle of the night to help him patch up.

And because of that, Yu Qingjia started sneaking into his courtyard everyday while the maid servants were asleep.

She flips over her window, and slips through Murong Yan to change his bandages.

In fact, Murong Yan didn’t want her to do this, but Yu Qingjia was insistent.

Other things can be left for Murong Yan to toss, but not his body.

His injuries were gradually getting better and better these days, but today Yu Qingjia unexpectedly met him at Prince Yingchuan’s residence.

Although she did not ask on the way, she had a feeling that he’s injured again.

This is why she sent Yin Zhu out early, without even changing her clothes.

She immediately ran over to Murong Yan’s side with a medicine box.

She was worried that his previous injury had torn open again.

Murong Yan had finally finished burning the small letter in his hand, but he was still staring at the wavering candle flame in front of him.

He still couldn’t figure out what he was doing with the candle, since obviously he can just light the letter as it was.

He had a strange feeling in his heart, a feeling as confusing as the candle light in front of him.

Surprisingly, someone is actually worried about his body?

In fact, he was not injured, only because today’s action was too large, that his previous injury can not help but tear a little, but it was not serious.

Not to mention Murong Yan himself, even Zheng Er, Chang Da and the other people, never bothered to worry that Murong Yan would fall down because of this small injury.

When Yu Qingjia saw that Murong Yan did not say anything, she was more and more sure that his injury must have been aggravated again.

She was a little angry and said,

“You probably don’t care, but I put so much work into bandaging your injuries, so even if it’s for me, you should avoid getting injured again.”

Murong Yan doesn’t know how to respond.

What he cared about was not the injury, but Yu Qingjia’s behavior at this moment.

When he was a child, he learned both riding and archery.

He even despised those ‘Delicate’ noblemen’s children, who grumble incessantly even with a little skin injury.

He figured that if they’re going to make a fuss about it, they should just stay in their room to embroider flowers.

Everyone knew he had a distinctive temperament and did not like to be approached by others.

So although Murong Yan was the youngest son, unlike the youngest sons of other families who were always doted on, and pampered by their parents, Murong Yan was too worry-free that the Crown Princess is less concerned about her youngest son than she is about the Crown Prince’s other concubine’s children.

When the Eastern Palace incident occurred, Murong Yan was able to escape the Night City under the protection of the old ministers.

He was their young master after all, the hope of the people.

This is also why he will never show his weakness in front of others.

Yu Wenjun and the other confidants found him the best teachers, the most exquisite items, but it is still difficult for them to pay attention to Murong Yan’s inner thoughts.

Murong Yan pondered about it for a while, ‘So this was what it felt like to be remembered and taken care of like a piece of porcelain.’

Although it was a bit cumbersome, it was not really as annoying as he thought.

After seeing Murong Yan dropping his eyes and getting lost in his thoughts, she decided to open the medicine box and laid out the things she was going to use.

Then very gently, like coaxing a child, told Murong Yan,

“How is your injury? Let me take a look first?”

Murong Yan has always been the type to do what he wants, as long as he likes something, then he will do it.

If you can not get it then grab it.

So the feeling of being cared for and pampered in this way is very novel and wonderful for him.

He is curious and at a loss, but undoubtedly he is not repulsive.

So he did not resist and followed Yu Qingjia’s guidance and sat on the bed.

He looked up at Yu Qingjia, and saw her eyes darting from side to side.

His eyebrows couldn’t help but twitch under the mask, and an indescribable feeling came to his heart.

The tip of Murong Yan’s eyebrows twitched slightly, and his tone picked up,

“What are you looking at?”

Yu Qingjia blushed at his words, pursed her lips, and said in a low voice,

“How can I bandage your injury?”

Both of them were speechless and silent for a moment. Then Murong Yan said coldly,

“Turn away.”

Yu Qingjia bristled and turned around to look at the vase outside the wooden partition.

She was really curious and couldn’t help asking,

“Why are you still wearing a mask when you’re already at home? You still haven’t told me why you’re wearing it?”

“Just to save some trouble.”

Murong Yan held his hand on the mask, and the other hand went to untie the knot behind his head.

The candle flame suddenly flickered, and Yu Qingjia was about to ask him something, so she turned back unprepared, and saw the cold and vicious mask fade away from his face, with Murong Yan’s appearance gradually revealing itself little by little.

First it was just his eyebrows, then it was the bridge of his nose, and then it was his thin lips.

The words that Yu Qingjia was about to say disappeared cleanly on her lips.

She had always known that Murong Yan has an outstanding appearance, but even though she’s already used to seeing it everyday, the impact of this scene alone at this very moment was really different.

Black robes, with a vicious mask, and a face that is almost paler than the silver mask.

He was dazzling.

Murong Yan casually put the mask on top of the wooden shelf next to him.

He then glanced at Yu Qingjia, with a faint smile in his eyes,

“Yes, it’s your kind of trouble.”

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