44. Mask (3)

Yu Qingjia sighed in disappointment, silver has the effect of warding off evil spirits, she thought if it was pure silver, she can use it against the system.

After knowing that it was not real silver, she finally lost interest and did not continue to pry further.

At this time, the coachman steered the horse to turn a corner, and the ruts knocked on the raised stone slabs, making a soft sound.

As the carriage swayed slightly, there seemed to be a faint ‘Dong’ sound outside, and the chassis of the carriage seemed to be much lighter.

Yu Qingjia felt that something was wrong, she immediately grabbed the curtain, wanting to peek through the window to see what was going on.

She already lifted it halfway when Murong Yan suddenly intercepted it,

“Even if there is no one outside, you can’t just lift the curtain casually to look out, sit properly.”

“But I heard something loud, as if someone fell—”

Yu Qingjia still wanted to look out, but Murong Yan held her hand tightly,

“No, you heard it wrong.”


Yu Qingjia has been learning how to play the zither since she was a child, and her ears are very keen.

She looked at Murong Yan suspiciously.

She clearly heard it…

However, she couldn’t just argue, especially with Murong Yan’s indifferent eyes.

In the end, Yu Qingjia seemed to have sensed something.

She put her hand down and said in a low voice,


Since he said no, then no.

The coachman in front of the carriage turned a corner, and suddenly felt that the carriage seemed to be much lighter, and the horse was obviously moving faster.

He scratched his head, and was puzzled for a while.

He wouldn’t have realized that a man had already slipped away from below the carriage.

He immediately hid in the shadow of the wall.

It was Zheng Er, and he was now quickly slipping into the alley along the base of the wall.

The alley was full of twists and turns, with the surrounding objects on both sides covering the sky, so he became invisible in the dreary night.

He couldn’t see his fingers in the dark night.

But he eventually heard the voice of someone coming from another alley, and soon he saw another figure flash into the alley.

“Zheng Er, didn’t we agree to meet at the eleventh hour? Why did you just come out now?”

“I don’t know. I should have come out a long time ago, but I don’t know what the little prince heard, he suddenly turned back.”

Speaking of this, Zheng Er is also confused.

He was forced to expose himself deliberately a long time ago, in order to divert Prince Yingchuan’s attention from Murong Yan.

He was also caught back, and tortured in the process.

So today, while Murong Xu was busy with his banquet, Murong Yan sneaked into the prison and released him, without alerting anyone’s attention.

Chang Da and the others arranged to meet him outside, they originally disagreed to let Murong Yan take the risk, but no one was more familiar with the terrain apart from him.

So they eventually conceded.

Anyways the Little Prince was right. If he can’t even handle sneaking inside with his skills, then it would be useless to have the others tag along.

It will only be a burden for him.

Chang Da was not as good with words compared to Zhang Xian and the other strategists, so Murong Yan was able to easily overwhelm him with a few words.

They waited outside restlessly.

So after seeing that the appointed time had already passed, and there were still no shadows of Zheng Er or Murong Yan, Chang Da became even more anxious and irritable.

If it wasn’t for the silence in the garden where Prince Yingchuan was in, he wouldn’t have been able to control himself, and rush in.

Fortunately, a quarter of an hour later, the little prince and Zheng Er finally came out.

Zheng Er and Chang Da talked for a while, and found that neither of them understood why the plan was suddenly changed.

Zheng Er had followed Murong Yan out of the dungeon safely at that time, and the two should have left quickly without the guards noticing, but he doesn’t know what Murong Yan heard, he suddenly stopped in his tracks, stood in the garden, and then turned around abruptly.

It took a while until he came back, and when he did, he didn’t explain anything.

Zheng Er was completely puzzled, the little prince was still inside the residence of Prince Yingchuan, could he still run around by himself?

Zheng Er could only bite the bullet and follow him, almost hiding under Murong Xu’s nose for a quarter of an hour, then he hid under Yu Qingjia’s carriage, and left the residence smoothly.

Since it was a woman’s carriage the guards didn’t pry further and let them pass, after seeing their invitation letter, and seal.

Leaving the mansion was far easier than they had planned.

According to their original plan, a fierce battle might ensue, before they could finally slip away.

Several of them looked at each other, they did not understand the reason behind this.

But Changda is still open-minded, he waved his hand casually and said,

“The little prince’s arrangement is always reasonable, if he turned back halfway, there must be a reason for it.”

Zheng Er nodded hesitantly, seemingly convinced.

Chang Da led Zheng Er outside the city and asked him,

“Were you able to slip away by using Yu Wenjun’s daughter as a cover?”

Zheng Er nodded his head, the matter of the little prince hiding in the Yu’s Mansion was no secret to them, as confidants they knew more about the ins and outs of the situation.

Using Yu Qingjia’s name as an excuse is too good, so they would often prefer to use her or her name as a cover everytime they do something.

This is the reason why Zheng Er, Chang Da, and others are not strangers to Yu Qingjia.

Zheng Er remembered what happened just now and told Chang Da with great amusement,

“You didn’t hear it just now, but I heard the little prince and the young lady of the Yu family have a particularly interesting conversation. The young lady asked the prince if his mask was made of real silver, and our prince didn’t want to explain so he calmly said that it was not. Where can our master use anything less?”

Changda also found it amusing, and laughed, he felt that something was not quite right,

“I didn’t know that our little prince and the daughter of Yu Wenjun were so familiar with each other.”


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