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44. Mask (1)

The winner of this highly anticipated zither battle has been decided, Yu Qingya can indeed replicate other people’s zither pieces well, but imitation is not real music.

Real music never relies on skill alone, but it also relies on emotions that a player conveys and invokes on the listeners.

Yu Qingjia’s music directly pierces a person’s heart, and everyone can not help but tremble in excitement.

Even when the music finally ended, they were still in a daze, and unable to recover for a while.

This type of song is indeed worthy of the name ‘Chang Hongqu’, with its tricky, gorgeous, killing and decisive tones.

‘Chang Hongqu’ became famous in this battle alone, what’s more, this complicated piece was composed and performed by a young girl!

Yu Qingjia’s title of ‘Yu Beauty’ some years ago was also somehow rehashed, the boys discussed it fiercely, all eagerly staring at the water pavilion.

Everyone is waiting for the return of the beautiful lady, obviously no one has the heart to pay attention to Yu Qingya’s situation at the moment.

But after waiting for a long time, they finally saw a servant girl hanging her head low, and walking quickly from across the lake.

Murong Xu took the initiative to ask,

“Where is the sixth young lady of the Yu Family?”

“Miss Yu said that the night breeze is too cold, and since she has finished playing the music, she decided to go back first.”

Murong Xu froze, and suddenly lost his smile, others also broke out into a good-natured laughter,

“Comfortable and unrestrained. She’s indeed Yu Wenjun’s daughter, she has that demeanor of a daughter of a famous scholar!”

Since the Yu Beauty had already left, there was no need for them to continue standing outside.

The crowd gradually went back one-by-one, and when they entered the door, a man suddenly asked,

“The most wonderful part about Chang Hongqu was when it was finally played by two people together, who was the person who accompanied the Sixth Miss Yu?”

By now most of them had already gone in, and Zhou Suozhi happened to hear their words and said,

“She is so excellent at playing the zither, so she must have a maidservant by her side who is also good at playing the zither, so what’s so surprising about that. Besides, didn’t she mention earlier that she composed this piece with a friend?”

This explanation is reasonable, and the person who asked the question finally understood. He nodded his head, and didn’t bother about it anymore.

On the contrary, Zhou Suzhi snorted contemptuously in her heart..

It’s obviously a two-person ensemble, and Yu Qingya is pretty thick-skinned to claim credit for it.

If Yu Qingjia hadn’t said that the music piece is disrespectful to the monarch, everyone would have to go along with Yu Qingya and give the credit of composing the piece to herself.

‘How shameless.’

Zhou Suzhi sneered.

At this moment she finally thought of something. She raised her eyes and looked around, only to realize that Yu Qingya, who was still arrogant earlier, had already left.

On the other hand, Yu Qingjia who just played the whole Chang Hongqu piece, with her fingers still vainly resting on the strings, was breathing heavily.

And Murong Yan, who was always the most difficult to please, finally showed a look of approval, and with a light smile on his face, he nodded his head at Yu Qingjia and said,

“Very good.”

Yu Qingjia also did not expect that she’d be able to improvise and play so well today, this was almost her peak performance ever since she learned how to play the zither.

When Yu Qingjia heard Murong Yan’s praise, she obviously wanted to be modest, but her eyes couldn’t help but let out a smile,

“Thank you. Thanks to you today, if it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to play this piece easily on my own.”

Murong Yan had already stood up, he was still wearing a silver mask.

The water light was shimmering behind his black silhouette that was standing in the night wind.

Yu Qingjia was still in a daze, when she suddenly heard Murong Yan ask,

“I’m leaving first, what about you?”

Yu Qingjia came back to her senses and immediately stood up after him,

“I’ll go with you.”

Yin Zhu was still standing outside the pavilion.

She sighed incessantly thinking that her Miss plays the Zither really well, and then she was stunned to see her own Miss was accompanied by another person.

They lifted the curtain and came out of the pavilion together.

Yin Zhu’s gaping mouth can not close in time,

‘Mistress Jing? But wasn’t she in the mansion? She clearly did not follow the entourage out today.’

Yinzhu thought about it and didn’t even try to understand what was going on in front of her.

I guess being simple-minded also has its own advantages, since she could not figure it out, then Yin Zhu soon did not think about it.

Who cares, anyway, when they were in the mansion, her young lady and Mistress Jing Huan would often stay together, and now seeing them together again like this, was not new to her.

Murong Yan walked in the dark, although they were walking together, but from the perspective of the people outside, they could only see Yu Qingjia and Yin Zhu’s silhouette walking together.

Yu Qingjia walked with Yin Zhu a little way more and met the maids of the royal residence on the way.

The maidservants were very surprised to see her,

“Sixth Miss Yu? Where are you going?”

“The night wind is too cold, since I’ve already finished playing my piece, I’ll go back first.”

After Yu Qingjia finished, she clutched her clothes and walked out without looking back,

“Please convey this message to the prince, tell him that I’ll go ahead first.”

Since Murong Yan was wearing a mask, he was hidden in the shadows all the way.

The good thing is that it is now dark, and except for the wave of maids they met at the beginning, they did not meet anyone else.

Yu Qingjia quickly walked to her carriage, the coachman was resting on the side while talking to someone.

Once he saw his young lady come out, he hurriedly ran over to assist her, and by this time Murong Yan and Yu Qingjia had already gotten on the carriage.


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