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Chapter 42


Three Days at the Imperial Palace (2)


Michael hadn’t even bothered to take off his pants before he slid his hand between Rosetta’s legs. They were slightly wet from the many kisses they’d shared while dancing. Michael swallowed hard, pleased with that alone.

He could have laid her down on top of his clothes, but the decorations on her dress caught. It would have been uncomfortable for her to lie on the hard surface.


It wasn’t far to the bedroom, but it wasn’t even in his options. Michael led the naked Rosetta to the piano stool.

The music room had large windows, but all of them were draped with curtains, so Rosetta could move with Michael without feeling embarrassed.

“Rosetta, put your hands here and stick your ass back.”

Rosetta’s face flushed as he patted the piano stool. She couldn’t resist, knowing Michael’s intentions. The bulge in his pants showed his desire.

‘This is embarrassing….’

As Rosetta leaned back against the piano stool, Michael stroked her ass. The erotic touch sent shivers down Rosetta’s spine. She felt goosebumps rise as Michael’s lewd fingertips skimmed the crevice between her buttocks.


Because of his position, he could see all of Rosetta’s intimate places. From her petals that were starting to get wet, to her tiny hole that twitched as if it felt Michael’s gaze.

Resisting the urge to kiss her, Michael swallowed hard and gave her a heated gaze. He knew that putting his face there would freak Rosetta out, but he wanted to hold on and suck her until she cried.

“You’re so cute, Rosetta.”


Rosetta whimpered as he switched routes and pressed his lips to her plump ass, but Michael smiled lecherously and stroked her thighs lazily. He could see her crack shrink and open again with tension and anticipation.

“You’re nervous at times like this, even though I’ve held you almost every day… Don’t worry, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt Rosetta, no matter how horny I am.”

His fingers that had traveled up her thigh hovered around her petals as if they were about to pierce them. Rosetta gasped and looked back up at Michael. Raising his head, he kissed the small of her back, then ran his fingers over the petals in a gentle, almost ticklish manner.

Rosetta sighed deeply and stared at him in a daze. It seemed unreal that someone so beautiful could want her.

‘It’s a Ropan*’s world, after all….’

[T/N: Short for romantic fantasy genre]

Looking into her eyes with longing, Michael slid his fingers through her petals. They were long and graceful, but they were also thicker and rougher than Rosetta’s.


“It’s still this tight…. If I don’t loosen it up a lot….”

The slow movement of his digging fingers rubbed her mucous membrane. Rosetta was puzzled by the fact that it felt even better than last night’s.

‘Why has Michael gotten so much better in such a short amount of time?’

Rosetta turned her head to hide her blush. Her back flinched at the gentle invasion of his fingers turning on her inside.

“You’re responding well. Does it feel good, Rosetta?”

It was only one finger now, and she could feel it. Rosetta didn’t think she was in love with Michael yet; she’d only just developed a crush, but to feel this way, she didn’t know what would happen later.

“I, I don’t know. Asking about that…. Ugh!”

His fingers flexed and scraped hard inside her. It slipped through her opening and dug in like a second finger. Rosetta gulped as she felt her insides spread further apart.

‘It feels good.’

She could concentrate, forgetting her nerves and fatigue from the ball. Maybe it was the champagne she’d had earlier.

“Ugh, ahh…. Argh!”

Three, then four fingers probed lewdly inside Rosetta. Gently rubbing, lewdly rubbing, scraping and teasing inside.

Rosetta’s pussy was drenched and dripping with clear fluid from the slow, repeated stimulation. Her slit responded to the stimulation, sucking on Michael’s fingers with a small whimper, and a smirk curved the corners of Michael’s mouth.

“…Do you like it, Rosetta?”

“I don’t know…. Angh, yes…. Michael, that’s enough……. Aaah!”

Rosetta’s head snapped back at his teasing tease as he bent his fingertips and turned on her inside. Gazing ecstatically at Rosetta as she throbbed with stimulation, Michael withdrew his finger.


His mouth watered at the clear liquid that ran down his wrist. Gently pressing his lips to her wrist and running his tongue over it, Michael moaned lowly.

It was sweeter than he remembered. Michael’s lustful gaze traveled to Rosetta’s crack.

Would Rosetta be angry? Or would she cry with shame?

Either way, it would be just what Michael needed. He wanted to see her angry, and he wanted to see her crying in shame. Driven by a surge of desire, he grabbed her ass.

She sensed something was wrong with his grip, but she didn’t think to turn around. The next moment, she felt his wet breath on her blossom.

“Eh?! Wait! Ah!!!”

Even a first-timer couldn’t fail to recognize the sensation. The sensation of a saliva-soaked tongue sliding through her crack made Rosetta squirm.

“No, Michael, th-that’s not good! Aaah…. Hhhhh…….”

It wasn’t supposed to feel like that, but it melted her clit with erotic stimulation. Rosetta moaned, feeling her whole body burn with pleasure.

‘No way!’

Her sensitive entrance throbbed with ecstatic stimulation. Her loins heaved as his thick tongue pushed her narrow opening open and sucked relentlessly.

She had never felt anything like this before, and her head was spinning. Her hips jerked as the stimulation was sweeter than he had ever imagined.

“Ugh, wait…. Don’t move your tongue…. Hmph……. Ang vs…. Angh!”

Red-faced, Rosetta shuddered, unable to pull away from Michael. She needed him to stop, but his licking felt so good.

“Hic! Hic, no! I don’t like that……. Aah!”

Michael’s grip on Rosetta’s ass tightened as she squirmed and contracted, and he sucked in her tart nectar. Rosetta whimpered and shuddered at the vibrations inside her.

“No. Angh…. Don’t drink that……. Ahhhhhhh!”

Embarrassed, she made a desperate cry, then Rosetta lightly reached for him. Michael slowly withdrew his tongue as he watched Rosetta savor her climax. Now it was his turn to pleasure her with something bigger.

Pulling down his pants and exposing his own, Michael pushed his cock in without hesitation. Rosetta gasped at the lustful heat filling her entrance. The erotic stimulation pierced through her, arousing her shameful feeling of wanting to cry.

“I love you, Rosetta…. Haah……, so hot and soft…. You’ve been waiting for mine, haven’t you, Rosetta….?”

“Heut, hiic…. Ahhhh, heut….”

Holding her by the waist, he lightly bobbed his cock up and down, making her melt inside. Michael’s green eyes glowed dangerously as he watched the slippery, honeyed flesh coil around his cock.

“I can’t hold back…. Rosetta’s inside……. It feels so good….”


Puck, something large buried itself deep inside her. Rosetta twisted her waist as it pushed in so deep that he pressed against her ass.

“Ahhh…. Yeah, ugh…. Michael…. Angh!”

Suddenly, Michael, who had pulled Rosetta by the waist, began to hump wildly. The sight of his massive penis thrusting in and out of her was enough to make his eyes glaze over.

“Aaahhh, ahhhh, ahhhhh, so hard…. Ahhh, ahhh!”

“Ah, good…. Rosetta……. I love you, mmmmm…. I’m going crazy.”

At Michael’s initially mesmerized reaction, Rosetta realized that her sensitivity had increased as well. The day had changed her for the better.

‘I’m glad about that, but….’

“Ha, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…. “

Her whole body shuddered from the overstimulation. Her stomach churned with pleasure, and sensual stimulation raced down to her toes.

Rosetta had forgotten to swallow her saliva. She tightened and loosened her grip on Michael’s cock without realizing it, and he slammed into her even harder.

“Ahh! Yeah! Aang, let go….  It’s too deep, ahhhhhh!”

Michael’s relentless humping had brought her to climax, but Michael wasn’t done yet, and he was humping frantically as if he hadn’t adjusted to his new sensitivity.

“Huh…. Huck, mmmm……. Rosetta….”

“Aah, aah……. If you move now…. Angh!”

She sobbed and twisted, but was pulled back by Michael’s insistent grip. Sparks flew in front of her eyes as his cock impaled her again and again.


Groaning with another swell of pleasure, Rosetta vowed that after this night, she would break the spell Michael had placed on her.

Of course, sex with Michael didn’t end with that one time. He made her sit on the piano stool and spread her legs apart before penetrating her, then lifted her up and fucked her until she lost control.

Rosetta was forced to taste pleasure again and again on top of him, who wouldn’t let go.

“No more…. Ahhh, ahhhh, there it is… mmmmm……. Please, Michael….”


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