Chapter 4



In the meantime, Raul’s hand was constantly rubbing her cl*toris slightly with his hand as if he was loving it.


“Ugh, ung….”


Raul held her thighs tightly with his big palms to prevent Nicole from escaping.


When one hand was released, one of Nicole’s thighs rose reflexively into the air. Raul stroked Nicole’s cl*toris a little faster, as if scolding her thigh, which seemed to be about to collapse.


Nicole shook her head, shaking the inside of her thigh at the same time.


“It’s, ah….”


Raul, who had released her for a while, climbed onto her.


His large hand clenched Nicole’s head.


It’s like he’s keeping her fixed so that she doesn’t run away. Their lips overlapped again.


“Huuu, hu, heut…….”


This time his long fingers dug into Nicole’s dense hole. And inside Nicole’s body, his fingers moved up and down.


Squeak, squeak.


There was a tingling sensation in her lower abdomen. Her hips moved up and down on their own, and she kept sticking out her voice forward.


“At this rate, it’s going to be pierced with just my fingers. Stop staring.”


With that said, Raul pushed his middle finger, index finger, and two fingers into Nicole’s hole.


That alone was tight. He began rubbing his fingers against her as if they were rubbing inside.


She felt a tingling sensation.


“Ha, uh, uh…….”


It was painful to be in contact with the body of this hateful man.


But Nicole’s bottom was getting more and more heated up.


Nicole managed to pull herself together.


‘All I want is to sleep with this man today and poison him with my body.’


It was good to exchange saliva while kissing and drinking her blood.


However, the most certain thing is to have s*x with the person.


“Come on….”


Nicole grabbed him by the shoulder.


“Don’t pester me. Don’t change your mind later.”


Then his finger slipped out. Nicole reflexively put her hand on his shoulder.


And Raul took off his clothes one by one. His exposed body was solid and perfectly sculptural.


To find the body of a man you want to kill as beautiful. It was a d*sgusting and strange feeling.


And Nicole’s eyes grew as soon as she saw his p*nis popping out.


‘Why is it so big?’


Nicole had never seen a man n*ked. In fact, this side was close to a blank paper.


‘Is this how it’s supposed to be?’


His dark red g*nitals were already up. His veins stood out and were thick.




“Spread your legs. Relax.”


At that, Nicole shook and slowly spread her thighs out. Nicole’s calves rose in the air.


Slowly, from the end, he began to insert his gl*ns. The place where it touched was hot as if it was on fire.


Nicole couldn’t breathe because of his rod that is pushing into her.


“Ah, uh, ah…….”


Nicole gritted her teeth and endured.


“Don’t bite.”


Raul said. Before she knew it, he leaned down while looking at her chapped lips.


His p*nis settled to the end as soon as their lips touched.


‘It’s too big….’


Nicole was barely breathing, gasping.


It felt like the inside of her pelvis was twisted. The volume and pressure were so great that she wanted to cry.


A damp l*quid trickled down through her legs. It smelled like light blood.


Tears streamed down from her eyes.


“Don’t cry.”


He leaned down slowly.


“That’s what you wanted. Then you should be happy.”




Squelch, squelch.


He began to move slowly.


“Breathe. It’s all right.”


Nicole raised her chin instead of answering. It was a move that actively attached their lips together.


Raul bit Nicole and licked the blood off her bitten lips.


No matter who comes first, their top and bottom are all tangled up.


“Ugh, uh, uh…….”


The sound of their flesh hitting together, deep and hot, filled the room. Her mind kept getting hazy.


Her pelvis is stiff. Her senses became sensitive and dull repeatedly. Stars splashed in front of her eyes with intense pain and a strange feeling of fullness.


Puck, puck.


At the same time, she was embarrassed to hear the sound of l*quid squelching at her bottom.


‘I hate you. It’s so hateful. I will definitely drop you in hell.’


Nicole shouted to herself.


She doesn’t even know how the time has passed since then. Her whole body became heavy, and then the sense of her lower part became more sensitive.


At the moment when her hatred reached its peak, a thrilling feeling penetrated her lower part.




Slowly, the pain disappeared and the stiff feeling disappeared.


Instead, there was a rush of new pl*asure. It disappeared. It was the moment Raul pushed deep inside.


“Ah, no, no, no, no!”


A splashing pl*asure pierced her inside. Before she knew it, Nicole lost her mind and struggled and grabbed the bed sheet.


Raul cushioned Nicole’s head and bed as she was pushed up. At the same time, he grabbed Nicole’s shoulder and pulled her as she was trying to escape.


“Where are you going? I told you not to change your mind.”


The excitement ran to the top of her head. Nicole now seemed to her that her swaying body wasn’t even hers.


The splashing sensation became stronger like a wave, and Nicole curled her toes and uttered a sobbing sound.


“Huh, aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ugh….”


It wasn’t long before the cl*max came.


By the time something hot is poured on her body, Nicole feels the opposite of intense pain. She was exhausted by two emotions.


“You did well for your first time.”


Sweat from his forehead fell on Nicole’s forehead. He whispered over Nicole’s hair.


When the heavy thing that occupied her lower part came out, there was a sound of hitting as if the wind was escaping.


‘Is it over now?’


Nicole, who had been driven to the brink, looked at him vaguely. She’s twitching from her lower abdomen to her thighs.


Nicole blinked her blurry vision. It was that moment.


“On your stomach.”


Raul said. In an instant, Nicole grabbed his arm and fell on the bed.


“H, hold on a second.”


Nicole shook her shoulder when something that hadn’t shrunk in volume touched her b*ttocks.


‘Why, why isn’t he stopping?’


Nicole was so surprised. How much do men usually do it?


“There is blood, poor thing.”


He spoke insensibly and again pushed his p*nis in.

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