Chapter 63 Part 1:  Ominous

An Yu-Soo was restless with puppy-like eyes, while An Yu-Ra was clinging to me and was shaking with excitement, saying,

“Unnie, aren’t you thirsty?”, and “Do you want me to bring you a bowl?”

“It’s all right.”

“But… I left Noona there…. And we couldn’t even come back..”

These two newcomers would not have been in a position to do anything anyway.

Aren’t they the ones who didn’t even know why Lee Eun-Woo was in the frontlines along with the tankers?

It was hard to say that they had completely integrated into the Blue Serpent.

“You’re still on good terms.”

Kim Tae-byung briefly commented with a piece of pork cutlet inside his mouth.

He didn’t know the details, but he just seemed to understand that those two did something wrong to me.

“Do you think so?”

“On second glance, No.”


Kim Tae-byung lightly teased Yu-Ra.

It was quite a friendly atmosphere, it was like how we had been when we were still together in the indoor gym.

“There’s always a lot of trouble around Han Seo-ha.”

Seol Min-Jeon also chimed in.

What… That’s not true.

They might think that way but…

Even after I left the gym, I’ve already cleared countless gates.

This time, I went to this gate with the intention of relaxing and eating, but it was a bit unfair that things went wrong.

“That’s what happens to people who are good at something, because the world won’t stand still.”

“To me, it looks like Han Seo-ha just loves jumping into the fire.”

An Yu-Soo tried to rationalize it, but Seol Min-Jeon didn’t even listen.

“I vote for Min-Jeon.”

Lee Chan-Song interjected with a chuckle.

“Long time no see, everyone. How are you?”

Kwon Seong-Min said, while smiling.

I looked at him, and he looked at me.

It was quite unexpected to see him here.

I didn’t think I’d ever see him again after the way we left things, but somehow he still managed to make it when Kim Tae-byung asked him to come along.

“You must have seen us on the news.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen you, on that Blue Serpent special.”

“Yes indeed that’s because we’re rising stars.”

The twins smirked, their lack of modesty still evident, as it always is.

“It’s not in the news, but I’m doing well in the guild.”

“Me too! I’ve gotten used to it now!”

Seol Min-Jeon and Kim Tae-byung chimed in.

They’d been involved with their guilds a few times, so they had a general idea of how things run.

Kim Tae-Byung was initially disgusted, but now he seems to accept the side dishes spooned out for him.

“I’m doing okay, too.”

I kept my update short.

It’s not like I can just tell them that I almost got myself half killed while running around the gates, and that I’m currently under government pressure for going after a shady organization that may be the cause of the Hunters disappearances, but yeah, I’m doing okay.

“I’m doing well, too. Family business keeps me busy, though.”

“What kind of family business? Was it an entire takeover or something?”

Kim Tae Byung questioned Lee Chan-Song’s words.

He always says Family business this, family business that, but he never told us what exactly was his family business, so our curiosity is only amplified.

“That’s a company secret〜”

“What! That’s shameless. Is there a secret between us?”

“Everyone but you, I guess.”

Lee Chan-Song’s words made Kim Tae-byung look around as if to see if what he said was true.

‘Well, if going after a shady organization is a secret, then I guess it must be a secret, right?’

I averted my gaze, and Kim Tae-byung opened his mouth like he was shocked.

“That… Everyone but me! That’s too much!”

“Rather than a secret… Well, it’s more of a matter of privacy.”

“If a person is too honest, they become unattractive. Right, Ahn Yu-soo?”

“Yes, yes. You should have some secrets too.”

Now that everyone has a social life. There are at least one or two things that we don’t want to tell the others.

‘The situation at the indoor gym was unique, because everyone was really…. Just being themselves.’

For the first time, it was refreshing to see that they did it not for survival, but for socialization.

While Kim Tae Byung hasn’t changed much, the An twins have been able to package themselves in a more glamorous way, Seol Min-Jeon has been able to wear his heart on his sleeve, and Lee Chan-Song has finally gotten rid of his signature ‘Make people uncomfortable’ vibe.

Finally, Kwon Seong-Min,

“What about Seong-Min? I heard he’s going into politics.”

“Yeah. That’s right, but it’s not a big deal. I just follow orders from someone.”

He also had the face of a social person.

‘Magic generators using Magic stones are the main source of energy in modern society, but Magic stones are the exclusive monopoly of hunters…’

The face of Representative Lim Cheon-Hoon, who was giving an impassioned speech, flashed through my mind, he was followed by Kwon Seong-Min, who was standing behind him like his secretary.

“Wow, I’ve only seen you on TV, so will you become a member of the parliament?”

“I’m not sure, but I’m working on it.”

“Why did you even decide to enter politics, and not become a Hunter?”

Seol Min-Jeon asked a legitimate question.

It was because, except for Go Hae-Yoon, who returned to her original profession, Song Da-Jung, who left to train as a blacksmith after my recommendation, and finally Lee Chan-Song, who had a family business, everyone else had gone the Hunter route.

Kwon Sung-min also did not lack the qualities to become a hunter.

‘He would have done well, wherever he went.’

He seemed pretty interested in the Hunter world himself.

So why did he suddenly change his course to politics?


He paused for a moment.

“….I think this would be the best option for me.”

“No way! You’ve been working a lot under Choi Woo-Do.”

“Come to think of it, I heard that Choi Woo-Do entered the Hunter Management Bureau recently.”

I heard that Choi Woo-do had started to train when I was still at the Hunter Training Institute, but he seemed to have finally done it.

Indeed, he was not just an ordinary old man.


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