Chapter 61 Part 2:  Penetrating Iron Shot

I couldn’t.

I can’t watch that.

Not having a hand doesn’t mean you can’t be a mage, but it’s certainly a major disadvantage.

Besides, lightning was an attribute that required delicate control.

A Lee Eun-Woo that wasn’t a mage was completely unthinkable.

I stood up on my wobbly legs.

I tried to force myself to stand up, but I felt like I was going to break.

“It can’t… No…”

I was here, back from the dead, and I couldn’t let my world be destroyed again.

I had to protect it.


I clutched Noir tightly.

It was my Night Revolver, and it’s also an SSS-grade weapon.

Though it’s weakened, and it can’t show its true power now because of me, If it’s a locked special bullet, it can still draw out its true power, even if only temporarily.

My hands were covered in blood from sifting through the bats earlier.

As my blood soaked Noir, I started crying out in desperation.

“Please, Noir!”

You are bound to me, you are obligated to answer my call!


I screamed as I coughed up blood.

My voice came out grotesque, like scratching on a rusty metal plate.


Noir finally responded to my desperate calls.

「Notice: ‘Night Revolver’ effect unlocked」

A brilliant glow enveloped Noir’s body.

I could tell at once.

There was a powerful force.

If the special bullets that had been unlocked so far had been more of a ‘Secondary’ ability, this one was all about power.

A powerful energy was gathering around Noir, like light condensing.

I knew what it was instinctively.

After all I named this bullet myself.

「Verifying the item..」

Name: «Night Revolver» (Attribution)


Rank: SSS (Locked)


A revolver that shoots magic energy as bullets.


It is a weapon that attaches to the owner’s soul and grows with the owner. It can be used up to 6 times per day with an unlimited number of normal bullets and up to 6 times with special bullets.


Special bullets require 5 minutes to reload after each use.




Special bullets have the following effects:


1. Cozy breeze: The target hit by the bullet is immune to damage for a certain amount of time. Affected by skill (40s).


2. Fiery Rain: The bullet fired becomes multiplied, covering an area within a certain range. Affected by skill (3 min 30s).


3. Penetrating Iron Shot: Penetrate the enemy with condensed force. Deals 8x the damage of a normal bullet. Affected by Mastery.


4. (Locked)
5. (Locked)
6. (Locked)


‘Penetrating Iron Shot’.

A bullet that was unlocked before my regression.

Noir had evolved along with me, adapting to every situation I’m in.

It took on an ‘ego’ of its own.

It was a customized revolver that existed solely for me.

When the Vampire realized that something was amiss, he looked in my direction, with a perplexed look.

「You, what do you think you’re doing!」

I didn’t need to answer.

I put my finger on the trigger and grabbed the gun with my hands.

For once, I was actually worried about the recoil.

The power in the gun was uncontrollable.

It was a struggle just to hold the gun properly and squeeze it.

「You’re using the same trick! It’s not going to work!」

The bravado in his voice was unnerving.


Hundreds of bats fly up and blocked my view.

But I had another trick up my sleeve.

«Spatial Interference»

My eyes glowed blue, and in a flash, all the information flooded into my head.

The movements of hundreds, maybe thousands of bats made my head spin, but I knew the precious coordinates behind them.

Every hand he stretched out, every leg he touched, every breath he exhaled.

Everything was being monitored.

I forced the muzzle of the gun to lock on him.

Just once.

That would be enough.


A mountain of bats shattered in front of the bullet.

As if hit by an artillery shell, the bullet’s trajectory left a large round hole in its wake.

I see him beyond the bat barrier.

His face was flushed with surprise, as if he had never expected such a situation to unfold.

He quickly picked Lee Eun-Woo up and tried to use him as a shield, but it didn’t work.

He was too late.

It pierced Lee Eun-Woo’s shoulder,

Crack, crack, crack!

And reached him!

I aimed it squarely at his face, right in the middle of his forehead.

The bullet passed through his head and lodged at the back.


Blood trickled from the gaping hole in his forehead.

With a whimper, Lee Eun-Woo finally broke free from the creature’s grasp and collapsed to the ground.

「This…… Human……」

This undead was not yet completely dead.

But with him incapacitated, the bats were finally out of the problem.

Thump, thump, thump.

I stopped in front of him with my legs half-bent, and now I was looking down at him.

I untied the holy water from my waistband, cupped it in my hand, unscrewed the lid, then he started uttering words of pleading.


But Just like he did to us before. There was no way for me to stop.

Drip, drip.

The holy water was poured over his body and once it seeped in.

He gradually disappeared at a faster pace.

Just as cotton candy disappears when it touches the water, he melted away as if he didn’t exist there from the very beginning.

That was the end of him.

「Notice: Boss monster ‘Blueblood’ is dead!」

「Notice: The gate has been cleared.」

「Calculating contribution…」

「Your total contribution points is 116,783…」

「Congratulations, you’ve reached the top of the list!」

「Items will be distributed based on your contributions.」

It was a painful victory.

(T/N: You said you’d kill every human! Guess who’s dead now! Hah! 🤔 Though I wonder if It was a real body, or a projection..)


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