43. Chang Hongqu (3)

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In the heart of the lake, Yu Qingjia’s fingers was slightly hooked one after another, and Murong Yan also stretched out his hand to play the zither.

Their movements were not exactly the same, but the sound was still slightly interlaced with each other.

It was strange, gorgeous, and extraordinary.

Everyone said that this piece of music sounded heavy with a murderous air about it.

Well little did they know that Murong Yan took part in making this piece, so how could it not be murderous?

Chang Hongqu was originally a two-person competitive score, it was written by these two people.

Only when they play it together can the music truly reflect the unique and wonderful sound of Chang Hongqu.

Yu Qingjia and Murong Yan, did not exchange any words of communication, they simply based their movements on their own inspiration and tacit understanding, which is why the zither music became even more exciting.

Their finger techniques moved faster and faster, and the murderous air gradually permeated the surroundings as the listener’s heart also became even more tense.

Yu Qingya can still keep up initially, but since Murong Yan joined in, she struggled to keep up, until her movements became strained.

Suddenly the music from the water pavilion took a sharp turn, with several accents in quick succession, and Yu Qingya was not able to expect the sudden change, so her fingers were thrown off immediately, while the other side of the zither music became even more intense.

When Yu Qingya heard that the system missed a beat she angrily jumped on her feet, and repeatedly urged the system in her mind,

“You just missed a tone, System hurry up! You can still continue to play.”

Of course, the system of also wanted to, it waited for the right opportunity to find an entry point.

It tried several times to access, but it was overpowered by the exciting and gorgeous music.

The system even tried several times to join in but failed.

It can only sit dumbly in front of the zither platform, with her two hands having nowhere to rest.

Yu Qingjia’s zither sound changed treacherously and became even more gorgeous.

The exclamations from the crowd started pouring out, and Murong Xu couldn’t help but smile in his eyes. He then slowly clapped his hands in praise,

“Good! This is the real sound of slaughter, the song of regicide!”

The sound of the zither is gradually approaching its end, and after the last glorious collision, the sound finally reached its end.

The scattered sounds on the strings of the zither were still vibrating, and the air seemed to still reverberate.

The crowd near the water pavilion couldn’t wait any longer, already vying to clap and shout,

“It spreads out complex and glorious, resembling the sound of rattling swords striking out at will. The loud roar seems to be resembling the roaring of the wind and the pounding of rain on the pavilion. It is really amazing!”

The crowd was full of praise, and many people were so emotional that they had to find some paper to write the preface on the spot.

Zhou Suzhi was worried for Yu Qingjia at first, but at the end of her performance her mind was completely drawn away by the sound of the zither, and with it, she loosened and tightened her hands in excitement.

She seemed to imagine herself, following the crowd to assassinate the Monarch at once.

She was so excited that she pulled the person next to her and kept chattering, so much so that she didn’t even have time to pay attention to Yu Qingya who seemed to be ignored by everyone else.

The matter had already reached this point, there was no need to announce the result.

Everyone had a winner in mind.

Obviously Yu Qingjia won this match beautifully.

From the very beginning until the sequential phase, her momentum had overpowered Yu Qingya, and then when that climatic twist happened, she splendidly performed it, gaining exclamations from everyone listening, which also directly threw Yu Qingya off from playing.

After which Yu Qingya never found the opportunity to recover and insert herself into the ensemble.

The system seems to have encountered an incalculable problem.

It tried to manipulate Yu Qingya’s body, but it couldn’t find a way to do so.

So it sat dumbfounded in front of the platform for a while.

The huge amount of biological currents in the human body had already caused a great load to it, and now the program suddenly malfunctioned.

The system data overloaded, and soon blacked out and crashed.

Since the system became disordered, the control of her body was suddenly returned back to Yu Qingya’s hands.

The sudden handover was a very uncomfortable process, in addition to this, Yu Qingya was already very exhausted, and so when her reality shifted all of a sudden, she wasn’t able to control her balance, and directly face planted to the ground.

Yu Qingya was extremely glad that everyone’s attention was all focused on Yu Qingjia and the Chang Hongqu.

No one paid attention to what was happening behind them, so no one could see her miserable state at this moment.

Hong Luan was startled by Yu Qingya’s stiff posture and hurriedly ran forward to support her.

Her limbs were stiff and numb, and she was almost carried upward by Hong Luan and the other maids just to stand up.

Just when she could finally find her balance, Yu Qingya hurriedly said,

“Call someone to come over quickly, I am not feeling well. I need to return to the mansion immediately.”

Hong Luan and the others tried to help her to sit down in the side hall, and then ran out to find a coachman.

Yu Qingya’s legs were still stiff.

Although she was sitting, her posture looked very strange.

Like a puppet, her joints are stiff, but her movements are soft.

If you look carefully she actually looked very frightening.

Hong Luan did not dare to look, she found an excuse to busy herself around the room.

She did not dare to lay her eyes on Yu Qingya’s body.

Yu Qingya struggled to raise her hand, and she struggled so hard just to execute this one action.

She looked at her hands, without blinking.

Her lips suddenly curled up into a smile that seemed to be mocking herself in pain.

She took the nerve drug, and she was still no match for Yu Qingjia.

She endured the pain and let the system take over her body, but she still lost again.

That is the system that is supposed to be invincible and omnipotent.

It had an intellectual brain that symbolizes the highest technology of the future, but why?

Why was it unable to compare to a mere mortal with only her flesh and blood?

The author has something to say:

“It became a loud roar, resembling the roaring of the wind and the pounding of the rain. It spreads out complex and glorious, resembling the sound of rattling swords striking out at will. Generally speaking I cannot completely describe its beauty.” ——Northern Song Dynasty, Qinshu’s end preface

Machines can execute, but they cannot create. Imagination is the most precious wealth of human beings~ (and love full of bittersweet taste, 🐶)


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