40. Evil Retribution (1)

Yu Qingya’s face became extremely ugly after she heard Yu Qingjia say that Chang Hongqu was suspected to be a song that’s disrespecting the monarch, and when she saw that Prince Yingchuan had even brought people over, her face turned completely livid.

While the crowd’s attention was drawn away by the prince, Yu Qingya immediately called the system in her mind,

“System, is it true that the first and second strings of Chang Hongqu have the same sound?”

The system immediately pulled out the previously recorded audio analysis, and soon, the system gave an affirmative answer,

「Yes, indeed. The first string and the second string of the Zither Piece had a similarity of around seventy-six percent.」

Yu Qingya’s eyes really went dark this time. The first string symbolizes the Monarch, and the second string symbolizes the minister.

After a systematic and precise analysis, the system even concluded that they are 76% similar, and the difference is basically negligible to a human’s ear.

The Zither score only says to use an uptight tune, while the second string had a descending rhythm.

Yu Qingya is actually very negligent when it comes to music theory, and she’s never heard about this kind of Zither tuning before.

She only thought that since it says to use an uptight key, she fine tuned it exactly as it instructed.

She only knows that Chang Hongqu is a world-famous zither piece.

Her only idea was on how to steal it. She did not think about what connotation the famous song had, and what hidden details it insinuates.

So Yu Qingya played the whole zither piece, and did not notice that the first string and the second string pitch was the same.

The string symbolizing the minister and the string symbolizing the monarch are at the same pitch, and Chang Hongqu was intense throughout, with a sense of killing and attacking.

It was not quite in line with the principles of playing the zither to cultivate the body.

If this is not intentional, even Yu Qingya herself would not believe it.

This is clearly regicide.

“The two strings have the same tone, and I did not notice it, since you’ve analyzed it. Why didn’t you tell me about it before?”

「That’s because the host did not ask.」

The system replied naturally.

This is probably the difference between humans and machines.

Humans can think proactively, but machines can’t.

Even the advanced intelligence of the system is not exempt.

If Yu Qingya asked, the system would immediately be able to analyze the pitch and the tone of each string, but if she didn’t, of course the system would not take the initiative to investigate.

Yu Qingya was very angry.

When she was talking to the system, she was extremely emotional.

She thought that her expression was well restrained, but in fact, her face turned blue and white for a moment, she even glared with both the corners of her mouth twitching.

It was very strange that she showed such a look when she was not talking to anyone.

While Yu Qingya was talking to the system, her abnormality had already attracted the attention of several girls.

Yu Qingjia saw it too, and a smile flashed across her eyes.

She was sly and proud.

Yu Qingya probably spent a lot of points just to show off this time.

After seeing her flamboyant and impatient style before, I’m afraid she was determined to win, and so she spent a lot of points to do this.

The tone of the Chang Hongqu is indeed unique, and it is even suspected of wanting to kill the Monarch.

This is indeed Yu Qingjia’s deliberately planted narrative.

Ever since the day when Yu Qingya connived with Yin Bei to steal her Zither scores, Yu Qingjia had been waiting for the moment when she can finally see the look on Yu Qingya’s face when she realized that she tried to steal the chicken, but loses the rice instead1Stealing the chicken, and losing the rice is a Chinese proverb meaning, someone was trying to gain an advantage but loses everything instead..

If the heavens wants her to die, then she must first make everything go crazy.

In order to make a name for herself, Yu Qingya deliberately called so many people over.

Now that this is the case, Yu Qingjia wanted to see how she can extricate herself from this situation.

Murong Xu had already arrived, and as soon as he did, he saw Yu Qingjia in the front.

He immediately sighed in his heart, sure enough, the beauty is even more attractive when she’s dressed up.

Last time he saw her was in the middle of the night, and her hair was unkempt, and she wasn’t wearing any makeup.

Her facial features were not reduced, but compared to today, she had less impact.

She’s currently wearing a black dress and red skirt.

This color is usually too strong and stern for a woman, and it might not be feminine enough, but this concerns doesn’t exist on Yu Qingjia at all.

Light colors accentuate her femininity, while dark ones accentuate her voluptuous body.

Whether it was a fancy dress or light makeup, it can only play a supporting role for her.

Murong Xu secretly praised her in his heart, and raised his eyebrows at Yu Qingjia and smiled,

“I heard the sound of the zither around here, so I came over to join in on the fun. I didn’t expect to meet an acquaintance. This prince has been waiting to see the Yu Beauty again ever since we parted ways.”

Zhao Lang and the others also followed behind Murong Xu.

Ever since Prince Yingchuan appeared in the banquet hall, the atmosphere in the lobby has become even better.

Unexpectedly, Prince Yingchuan just sat down, saw something, and suddenly offered to go out for a walk.

As soon as he left, the others could only follow.

Zhao Lang was not interested at first, but he unexpectedly saw the girl he had been thinking about all afternoon here.

His eyes lit up immediately, but after hearing Prince Yingchuan greet her in such a familiar manner, with a hint of teasing, not only Zhao Lang, but even the other gentlemen were stunned for a while.

It turned out that Prince Yingchuan had already met this beauty, and he seemed to be very interested in this little lady.

It has always been a big taboo for ministers to rob the woman the Princes are interested in, and anyone who dares to rob a woman of the Murong family is probably tired of living.

Men from that family are already crazy, especially when it comes to women.

Many teenagers immediately sighed in disappointment.

It seems that they are not blessed to accept this kind of beauty’s grace.

Prince Yingchuan took the initiative to talk to Yu Qingjia, and his tone was extremely intimate.

Not only the teenagers behind Murong Xu froze, but even the girls in the waterside pavilion fell silent.

However, Yu Qingjia, who was in the center of everyone’s attention, didn’t feel proud at all after being approached by a prince.

She heard him use the title that she was extremely repulsed with, and he even seemed to hint a strong ominous omen just from his words.

She tried to conceal her displeasure and said,

“I’ve seen Prince Yingchuan. I don’t dare to hinder Prince Yingchuan’s eyes, so I will leave now.”

As soon as Yu Qingjia turned around, she walked back into the crowd, and soon she was submerged in the crowd of girls.

In fact, even if she did so, Yu Qingjia was still very conspicuous, but her action is undoubtedly a kind of statement.

Murong Xu smiled, his patience with beautiful people is always very good, so he did not get angry.

He continued to ask with interest,

“What are you doing around here? This prince vaguely heard the sound of the zither just now, who played the music?”

Yu Qingya had always imagined this scene countless times before, but now she felt a tingling sensation down her spine.

She could only walk forward and bowed,

“It is this young lady. I’m not very proficient in music, so I am afraid that I would defile the prince’s ears, and it is not worthy of the prince’s attention.”

“It’s okay. There’s no harm in trying.”

Murong Xu looked at the whole scene, but he was quite curious.

Murong Xu also had a pretty good hearing, even his sensitivity to music is much higher than that of Yu Qingya.

He vaguely heard the musical piece that he had never heard before, and he found the playing technique to be very unique.

Murong Xu was very interested so he said,

“The music of the Zither cultivates the body and nourishes the soul. It quietly expresses a person’s will. So why is this song fierce and resounding, it even vaguely had a sound of weapons and killing?”

The water pavilion is strangely quiet again.

In fact, most capable people don’t care much, after all, everyone has their own style of playing the music.

The murderous atmosphere brought by the sound can be explained as a personal taste.

The only problem is that the string, symbolizing the Monarch and the minister had the same sound, if someone deliberately took this matter to the emperor to cause trouble…

I’m afraid it’s enough for the composer to drink a pot of poison and die.


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    Stealing the chicken, and losing the rice is a Chinese proverb meaning, someone was trying to gain an advantage but loses everything instead.
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