39. Offending the Monarch (2)

But she did not, so even if she does not want to, she will have to endure his control for the rest of her life from now on.

Yu Qingjia glanced at Murong Yan out of the corner of her eyes, she then took her things away like a thief. She also fiddled in the inner courtyard for a long time.

Murong Yan did not care, and of course let her go.

When she came back, she still looked at Murong Yan with her gaze still full of vigilance.

Yu Qingjia thought of something and asked,

“I’m going to Prince Yingchuan’s residence to attend a banquet, he specifically sent a post over, and everyone is invited to go, I can’t shirk away. Do you want to go together?”

The last time Murong Yan visited Prince Yingchuan’s residence at night someone died, and he was also put at risk.

How would he dare to ask for another trouble this time?

So he shook his head, and Yu Qingjia was not surprised by this result.

The last time, Murong Yan’s night visit even drew the prince to investigate his trace personally, and now that the whole issue had already passed, he really does not need to take this risk.

Both of them fell into silence after they finished speaking, and Murong Yan couldn’t help thinking that this was probably the first time since April that Yu Qingjia had left him to act alone.

She would meet new people, talk to others, and he couldn’t even show up when she needed him.

Murong Yan never knew what he would lose and gain in the future.

However, his heart for revenge had never been as strong as it is now.

In fact, Murong Yan wasn’t the only one, but Yu Qingjia also felt a little uncomfortable when she was boarding the carriage alone the next day.

Murong Yan’s temper is very annoying, but he always had such a strong sense of presence.

Now that he was suddenly not around her, Yu Qingjia herself felt a little awkward.

When Prince Yingchuan arrived at Gaoping County, the governor decided to vacate the largest garden in the city for him to stay in, temporarily.

At this time, fighting for wealth is the most common thing, and the gardens that can be turned into palaces will not be so shabby.

Yu Qingjia and the others came all the way passing through a path full of exotic flowers and plants, they seemed to be competing for each other’s beauty.

It was obviously late autumn, and it was unknown where Prince Yingchuan found a lot of fresh flowers. People who came and went were all amazed.

The banquet hall was already packed with people, and the appearance of so many young girls from the Yu family immediately drew everyone’s attention.

Unlike Yu Qingjia, the other girls of the Yu family had lived in Gaoping County for a long time and had accumulated their own social circles.

Yu Qingjia, however, lost her mother when she was ten years old and had no time to go out and make connections because of her family’s troubles in the following two years.

She also followed Yu Wenjun to Qingzhou and she only returned recently.

This is the reason why she did not know most of the people present.

As soon as the Yu sisters entered the hall, people they knew well immediately came over to greet them, and there was a banquet of laughter in their ears, but Yu Qingjia was the only one standing alone in place, and that sight alone was quite conspicuous.

(T/N: Murong Yan your wife is lonely~)

Among them, Yu Qingya is the most dazzling.

She has the support of the system, and she was able to release new designs, and patterns for clothes, and jewelries, every now and then.

So every time there’s a banquet, Yu Qingya’s attire will always be the most novel.

This is why Yu Qingya’s name gradually spread among the other ladies of the noble family, and many girls knew her.

People kept greeting Yu Qingya with smiles along the way, so that they had to stop several times.

After walking for a long time in a short distance, Yu Qingya gave her sisters, and cousins an apologetic look, but in a blink of an eye, she turned around to talk to different girls in high spirits, while exchanging pleasantries endlessly.

Yu Qingjia raised her eyebrows amusedly, and the other Yu family girls couldn’t help whispering to each other, rolling their eyes at Yu Qingya’s pretentious gesture.

Prince Yingchuan hadn’t appeared yet, so the atmosphere in the banquet hall was quite free.

Three bright halls have been opened for this banquet, and the place is extremely tall and spacious, the two sides of the partition windows and doors were also removed, and were replaced by curtains of various colors, and beads.

Outside the banquet hall is a lake.

There is also a small island in the middle of it. It was surrounded by pavilions like birds dotted on the water, it was connected by winding corridors as well.

The sun shines on the lake, and the sparkling breeze blows slowly.

Many people appreciated the beauty of this garden, and they all went to the lake for an outing.

Those who remained inside the banquet hall did not sit idle.

Murong Xu intended to create a momentum, and it was obvious that he made a lot of effort.

The hall was bustling and was full of all kinds of games and activities.

There were people playing chess, some people holding spears, and people throwing pots.

A whole room was also filled with all kinds of musical instruments, like zither, pipa, and etc.

There was also a brush, ink and inkstone by the window.

As long as you feel inspired by the beauty of the scenery, you can always splash ink at any time.

In such a lively environment, Yu Qingjia felt a little lost.

The easternmost part of the hall was close to the lake, and there were a lot of people sitting and chatting, writing poems and odes, while on the other side there was a burst of applause, as if a group of noblemen were throwing pots.

The Third Miss of the Yu family thought that Yu Qingjia was feeling restrained, so she dragged her along to watch people throwing pots.

A lot of people had already gathered around the area. The game of ‘Throwing pots’ can be traced back to the pre-Qin era, and it has some elements of etiquette.

It is regarded as a way for a gentleman to cultivate, so there are so many people who are good at it.


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