Chapter 58 Part 1:  Ostracized 

The next day, the routine began early in the morning.

A quick bite to eat and another day of bashing the heads off the undead ensued.

As a “Guest,” I was herded safely to the back of the line, so I didn’t get to participate in the fighting.


Lightning struck.

The light flashed first, followed by a loud crack.

It was a familiar scene of Lee Eun-Woo’s battles.

Only one thing was different this time.


A single scream followed.

“Pull back! Healers, heal him now, and be careful not to get pierced in front of him!”

Jung Jin-Moon quickly ordered. With those words, the wounded were immediately carried from the front.

Only after they reached the front did the healers cling to them and start treating them.

I poured out the holy water I had brought with me and applied it.

“… Burns?

No. It was a little different than being burned.

The nameless man continued to moan in pain.

He seemed to be in terrible pain.

He couldn’t breathe properly and his hands and feet were shaking.

“What’s the condition!”

“I think the current has passed through his heart! It’s an arrhythmia!”

There’s no chance of survival…

The Healer poured her healing power into the man, but it made no difference. The man’s body slowly gave out and drooped.

His complexion was pale and bloodless.

An arrhythmia prevented his blood from circulating properly.

He was dead….

“H-He….. is dead.”

The death sentence was pronounced in silence.

When the battle was over, people gathered around the man’s body.

They shook their heads as they removed the helmets and hats they had worn to pay respect to their comrade who had passed away.

He was the first casualty.

I looked for Lee Eun-Woo among them.

It was quite obvious from whom this whole incident had started.

Lee Eun-Woo was standing behind the group in the center of the crowd, his face was very calm, as he roughly wiped the monster’s blood from his forehead with his sleeve.

Our eyes met.

His silver hair was soaked with blood and stuck to his cheek. We stood like that for a while.

“You son of a bitch..!”

The words came out of the man’s mouth as he clutched the dead man’s body and cried.

His tone was highly emotional.

“You killed him! You did… How could you…”

“Calm down, it’s unfortunate, but what happened during the clear was…”

“Jinmoon-Hyung, don’t cover for him, you rat!”

He was overly excited.

It was an unspoken rule that accidents like this in the middle of a clear were bound to happen.

Unless it was intentional.

“You should know about what happened before! If the guild leader finds out about this..!”

“Mr. Park Hyun-Jong!”

Jung Jin-moon called his name in a strong tone.

The man stopped spouting off and looked back at him.

“Hyung, you know that already!”

“That’s enough. What happened before was already covered up by the guild leader.”

He flicked a glance in my direction.

“We have guests here, so behave yourself and don’t embarrass the name of the guild.”

The man seemed to have just noticed my presence.

He clicked his tongue harshly and turned around quickly.

His eyes were clearly on Lee Eun-Woo.

“I’m sorry. Ms. Han Seo-ha. I didn’t make a very good impression. If I can appease him, he can…”

“No, no. You don’t have to apologize to me.”

It’s a weird atmosphere.

They didn’t say it out loud, but they were staring at Lee Eun-Woo with faces full of malice.

‘Everyone knows that Lee Eun-Woo is a lightning mage. In such an environment, it would be difficult for Lee Eun-Woo to perform to his full potential, and there would be actual casualties.’

I’m sorry to say this to a dead man, but in this case, it was just a mistake.

‘He’s actually wearing Iron armor while raiding with a lightning mage.’

Immature is the only word that comes to my mind.

I may sound cold, but it’s true.

Electricity is not something you can control in the first place.

It’s the caster’s mind that summons it to strike, and there’s no telling how far it will travel.

“But why didn’t he insulate his armor beforehand?”

“That’s because… Personal armor is supposed to be self-installed. We can recommend it, but we can’t enforce it.”

“Then it seems like it’s the fault of the person who didn’t properly protect themselves. It’s not like they didn’t know that a lightning mage was with them.”

Jung Jin-Moon was silent for a moment, unsure of what to say.

In principle, I’m clearly right.

During a life-and-death struggle, those who don’t defend themselves are doomed to die.

“…That’s right, it’s our fault.”


Isn’t this just a way of saying that they’re on a different side from Lee Eun-woo?

It’s ridiculous.

It was a rookie mistake.

Politics and power often occur inside the gate.

People who should know better wouldn’t make such a basic mistake.

They’re actually against a mage with significant power, and in large numbers?

This is beyond comprehension.

“Mr. Jung. I’d like to remain a ‘Guest,’ but if I keep seeing divisions inside the gate like this, I’m afraid I’ll be worried and will want to interfere, since I’m in the same boat.”

“I won’t let that happen, don’t worry.”

Oh He’s a good conversationalist alright.

“We’re going to take a break! Collect the bodies, then rest!”

I walked over to Lee Eun-Woo, who is standing behind me.

His expression hadn’t changed since earlier, and I was worried about what he was thinking.

“Lee Eun-Woo. What happened earlier…”

“It’s okay. You didn’t have to come forward.”


“I’m fine.”

I looked at him, but his face was the same.

The Lee Eun-Woo I knew was not a person who suffered from unfair treatment.

He was a person who used his position and ability to extract maximum benefits.

‘Did I… only think of Lee Eun-Woo before the regression?’

The current Lee Eun-Woo felt a little different. He looked more grave than dignified, more like a resigned man than an arrogant one.

In the first place, I never even imagined him being ostracized by the Blue Serpents!

“I don’t really care. It’s nothing serious.”

Could you say that?

“So don’t interfere. This is a matter for our guild.”

I’m obviously a stranger, so this time I kept my mouth shut.


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