Chapter 1.2


Before she died, she even had a hallucination, vaguely hearing his voice, still calling her softly as in the past, “Miss.”


The moment that voice appeared, pain and shame came together. And, one thought filled her mind.


Kill him.


Survive, stand up, and kill him!


This dream was so realistic. When she awakened, she wondered if she had lived such a life. She remembered what she learned in that dream clearly, such as farming, picking locks, and fighting with people. Even her personality had changed a bit.


This change scared her, and she kept reassuring herself that it was just a dream, a nightmare. It wouldn’t happen. Jiang Shaoyan would come. She just had to wait for him like before. Until today, when Wang Qiniang entered the cell and saw Yao Zelan, she said the exact words from her dream.


In the dream, ten years had passed, and many of the details were hard to remember. However, when Wang Qiniang said, “If it wasn’t for you hurting my hand and causing me to be in pain when it gets cold, would I, Wang Qiniang, be here today?”


She immediately remembered her words. When she said that, she instantly thought about it! Not only did she remember what Wang Qiniang had said, but she also remembered every word that she said next. She knew that the next thing that would happen wouldn’t be like what her mother had thought, that they would leave the prison, and no one would question her healing skills. It was precisely the opposite!


In the afternoon, after Wang Qiniang finished these words, Uncle Zhang would come. Everyone in the cell knew that Jiang Shaoyan had abandoned the Luo family and no one would stand up for them. Soon, the jailers began to doubt her mother’s medical skills because of Wang Qiniang’s words. They would push the slightest problem onto her mother and start to make things difficult for them. The Luo family’s situation became difficult, and this extreme hardship caused them to lack food and medicine. They had been humiliated on the road to exile.


Encountered such a future, causing fear to cover Luo Wanqing’s body. Hence, when Wang Qiniang opened her mouth to pour sewage on Yao Zelan, she couldn’t help but loudly retort and got into an argument with her, who lifted her hand and cut her arm with a porcelain piece hidden in her sleeve.


When Yao Zelan and Su Hui pulled her back, she kept shaking. They all thought that she was frightened by Wang Qiniang, but, no, it wasn’t Wang Qiniang that she was afraid of. It was this reality that was the same as her dream.


She was so afraid, so afraid that it would be like in her dream, that Jiang Shaoyan would give up on them, that all her loved ones would die in exile, leaving her alone. But she couldn’t say any of these words. She could only keep comforting herself after calming down a little.


Everything was a coincidence. It was all a coincidence. It was only a nightmare. Persuading herself, Luo Wanqing closed her eyes and slowed down, letting herself calm. That was her Shaoyan Brother. She couldn’t use a dream to doubt their feelings. She should remember the words of the sages, that a son never speaks lies.


Luo Wanqing took a deep breath, stabilized her mind, and lowered her head to blow the dust on the bandage. Yao Zelan looked at this beautiful and weak, seemingly unaware of the world’s affairs daughter, and her eyes full of helplessness.


At this moment, a burst of anxious footsteps came from the side, and Su Hui’s voice eagerly rang out: ”He’s coming! Mother, Wanqing! Shao Yan sent someone to visit us!”


Luo Wanqing’s movements froze. Yao Zelan hurriedly stood up and said happily, “Who? Who is it?”


“Luo Wanqing!”


At the cell’s entrance, a loud shout came from the jailer, “Someone wants to see you.”


Luo Wanqing didn’t dare to move. Her body was stiff, and her mind was full of images from that dream. In the scene, Uncle Zhang looked at her apologetically and said helplessly, “Young Master said that they had released the verdict. He can do nothing about it, and although you two are not married yet, he has already regarded Miss as his wife. With the long road to the border, he still hopes Miss will keep your innocence for him.”


“Wanqing! Quick! The jailer is calling you!” Su Hui’s voice rang out sharply, and Yao Zelan also went up to push her, hurriedly saying, “Wanqing? What are you gawking at? Go quickly!”


Luo Wanqing didn’t say anything. She restrained her trembling and forced herself to look up at the gate with all her might.


In front of the gate, a face with worry appeared in her eyes. Same as in her dream. Her lips trembled slightly, and she called out incredulously, “Uncle Zhang?”


[mini theater].
Luo Wanqing: “I spent my whole life trying to escape from Lingnan.”
Guangdong people: “?” “Is my Guangdong lychee not good to eat?”

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