Chapter 35 
This White Lotus Is A Ghost.
He looked deeply at her as if waiting for her response, but the woman only smiled and kissed his cheek. He was about to say something when he felt the woman rubbing his rod faster. He felt a burst of heat underneath, and countless pleasures came to him. Immediately afterward, a cloud of white l*quid shot out violently.
Bai Moran looked at the thick s*men. Her eyes lit up as if she didn’t expect that he still had that much s*men down there after yesterday’s business.
Li Haotian, on the other hand, kissed her lips and then walked toward the restroom. Bai Moran looked at the man’s broad back, raising her eyebrows slightly.
When the man came out again, Bai Moran had already fully dressed, acting like she was disowning him after putting on her pants.
Li Haotian looked at her and felt helpless, wanting to let this little woman have him in her heart, but it was difficult. He wrapped his arms around her from behind, “Leaving now? Hmm?” He took a deep breath on her neck and shoulder, wanting to memorize her scent in his heart.
Bai Moran looked at the man’s actions and smiled inadvertently, “Yes, it’s time to go home.” After all, the entire Bai family should have been in a mess by now, and it was always necessary to go back to view the situation.
Li Haotian tightly held her in his arms and softly said, “Let me hold you for a while longer, just a little while.”
Bai Moran looked at the way the man closed his eyes as he hugged her. Her brows furrowed. It was just a simple s*xual relationship, but this man always gave her the illusion that he loved her very much. She looked at the two people hugging each other in the mirror and felt ridiculous.
It was just a game.
When she returned to her family’s mansion, Bai Moran heard a crying and wailing sound even before she entered the living room. There was no need to think that this was Bai Rui’s voice.
This white lotus flower is a ghost.
“I think she’s getting more unruly now!”
“I felt something was wrong with her from that incident at the banquet, and you see, something has indeed gone wrong.”
“Dad, we’d better ask my sister properly about this matter. In case I’m wrong ……”
Bai Rui wiped her tears while relieving the Bai family’s parents as if she were speaking for her. But who in the clear-eyed can see that she aimed at her, Bai Moran, no?
“Yo, all here, in a meeting?”
Bai Moran leisurely sat on the sofa, pouring a cup of coffee, not in tune with the people in front of her.
Bai Rui looked at the beauty sitting there, hastily wiped the tears, and pretended to answer, “Sister, where did you go last night?”
“At my friend’s. What, I need to report to you where I go?”
Bai Lucheng listened to Bai Moran’s words. His eyes were full of hostility, “How could you speak like that to your sister?”
Bai Moran lightly sipped her drink, “I just talk to her normally.”
“Look at what you look like now!” Xue Lu looked at her with eyes full of disgust, as if she was some scourge.
Bai Moran had long gotten used to them looking at her like this. She spoke slowly, “I’ve always looked like this. What’s wrong?”
“If there’s nothing, I’ll go to bed. I’m sleepy.”
Bai Rui looked at Bai Moran heading the stairs, so she didn’t pretend anymore and pointed out. “Sister, what are those red marks on your neck? Did you sleep with Haotian last night?!”
Chapter 36
He Said He Fell In Love With Me At First Sight
“Just tell me, and I’ll give up.”
Bai Moran looked at the woman’s eyes full of hot tears and spoke indifferently, “Yes, I’m with him.”
“Is this being happy for me?”
Bai Rui’s tears slid down smoothly, looking at her with eyes full of disbelief, “You know that I’ve always been fond of him, and I’m even trying to be together with him already. Why do you want to stick a knife in the middle?”
“You said you like him. But are you two a couple? Haotian told me he doesn’t have anything to do with you.”
“So what’s wrong with us being together?”
Bai Rui listened to the woman’s cunning words, tears swishing downwards, “Sister, how could you say such words?”
“If you had told me from the beginning that you liked him, I definitely wouldn’t have grabbed him from you.”
“Why did you take him from me when I was so full of hope?”
“Sister, tell me why?”
Bai Moran listened to Bai Rui’s words and looked at her with eyes full of helplessness, “Rui’er, the matter of feelings is not something I can decide either.”
“Haotian said he fell in love with me at first sight. What can I do?”
Bai Lucheng was about to say something when he heard that Li Haotian fell in love with her at first sight. He immediately remained silent. What if Bai Moran becomes the only savior of the company? He immediately came to Bai Moran’s side, “You said he fell in love with you at first sight?”
Xue Lu frowned and felt even more heartbroken for Rui’er. “So what? That doesn’t mean she can’t steal from Rui’er.”
Bai Rui looked at the situation and immediately said, “Yes. Sister, it will be good if you have a relationship with him and can do something for our family. But why did you let him withdraw his help to our company?”
“I had a hard time getting him to agree to help that day. But you, you got there and made him change his mind. What the hell are you trying to do?”
“How can you treat the Bai family this way?”
Bai Moran listened to Bai Rui’s crying voice, only to feel a headache. Is this woman crazy?
“What did you say? Did you do it?”
Bai Moran looked at Bai Lucheng’s snarling appearance and sneered, “Yes, I did it. What’s wrong?”
Bai Lucheng looked at her arrogant appearance and elevated his hand to slap her, “You rebellious daughter!”
He slapped Bai Moran for no reason, causing her face to instantly flame, shattering something in the depths of her heart.
“After all these years, you’ve wanted to hit me like this.” Bai Moran looked at him with disappointment. Her eyes filled with coldness. Usually, in front of them, she was light, disdainful of everything, or arrogant, but never that cold. But, currently, her body has no temperature and froze like a dummy.
Bai Lucheng swallowed some saliva, but his voice was still cold. “Rebellious girl, how do I treat you these years? Are you short on food or drink? Is this how you repay me? Robbed your sister’s boyfriend and destroyed the company. What do you still want to do? Say!”
Bai Moran listened to his tone and sneered. “What else do I want? I want to do many things, but do you really want to hear?”
“Since I returned to the Bai family, you guys haven’t heard me speak.”
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