Chapter 9. Jealousy (2)

* * *


“Hmph…… hmph.”

Aria shuddered as she put her arms around Caelius’s neck. Her riding attire had long since been discarded to the floor and turned into rags.

All she was doing was straddling his thighs with her legs wide apart. The carriage shook, making it hard for him to stay in the center.


Caelius’s hand mercilessly gripped her clit. Aria fell over him with a dizzying sense of pleasure as he circled it, caressing the sensitive flesh in quick succession.

“Hmph, uh…….”

“You seemed to be friendly with Berja Youngsik…….”

With passion, Caelius opened his eyes and felt over Aria’s body. Before long, the hand that had been probing her v*g*na was piercing her skin. Aria jerked, startled by the unexpected intrusion.


“Do you know who sent those men?”

Aria gave a forceful shake of her head in refusal.

“Leon Berja.”

Aria was given a harsh slap on the as$ by Caelius’s hand as she repeated in shock.

“Daughter, are you saying your father is lying?”

Aria realized her mistake and closed her mouth, but Caelius was angry already.

No, ever since she’d initially told him she was going to ride with Leon, he’d been offended.

His fingers had been inadvertently stinging inside, so he took them out and inserted his c*ck in them. He immediately pushed his c*ck into her hole without pausing. He struck without waiting for the right moment, causing her to cling to Caelius in agonizing pain.

“Oh, daddy….. oh, it hurts, it hurts……!”

He didn’t even bat an eye, though. Unlike his c*ck, which stood firm and actively hammering into her daughter’s hole, his head was frigid.

“Why would Leon Berja do such a despicable thing, huh?”

Aria’s body faithfully leaked her fluids while the black c*ck made several in-and-out movements. Before long, there was a depraved noise from below: grunting.

“Or is my daughter in collaboration with Berja?”

“What the……!”

Aria narrowed her gaze at his voice of accusation. Then she gave a firm shake of her head in refusal. All Caelius could manage was a barely perceptible smile.

It was evident to him. Leon Berja gives the horse medication to relax his muscles while feigning to pet him.

Which is why he was so certain. I knew better than anyone that it was a somnolent and repulsive activity, as it was my daily routine.

But the question is, why?

For a very long time, the Marquises of Berja have been neither aristocratic nor imperial. They have consistently avoided politics in favor of a somewhat impartial stance on business. Some aristocracy even made fun of them for being a family of merchants. What possible interest might House Berja have in me?

The small woman gasped in his arms even as he carried on thinking. Fear had made her body more tense than normal. Caelius kissed the back of Aria’s neck, holding her tight so she couldn’t get away.

The men were heading for me, but Leon drugged the horse the instant he recognized he had their heads.

Like Aria was the intended victim, not Caelius.

Naturally, the nobility believed they were attempting to kill Aria, but Caelius knew differently. Leon wanted her dead.

Thus, in this case, the only plausible suspicion is…


“…… s*ck.”

Caelius pressed his lips against mine, lips that were busy forming a new sob. Aria took the kiss even though she was tightly closing her eyes. They combined their saliva for a long, messy while. His tongue wandered idly over her fragile inner walls. Aria let out a gasp that was accompanied by progressively delicious gasps.

Slowly, their lips moved apart. She couldn’t believe he was the same man she had just been kissing until Caelius locked eyes with her. His eyes were so cold. There was a darkness that appeared to read her mind behind those lustful eyes.

Are you or are you not in league with that brat?

Her body swayed fiercely as the carriage shook severely. His c*ck jerked at the sudden rocking. The unexpected feeling of being pressed against her inner boundaries had Aria bite her lip.


She let out a string of unrestrained groans. Caelius grimaced as he turned her around. Aria found herself on her stomach against a carriage chair, and she squirmed in shock.

“Oh, Daddy……!”

Caelius gripped Aria’s hips and pushed his c*ck in again, whether she did or not. Her fluids had soaked the delicate pink hole in her flawless flesh, which brushed sensually against him. As he plunged into her, her clamped v*g*na welcomed his c*ck.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and dove forward into a stream of erotic juices running down her legs.

“Mmm, mmm!”

Caelius was aware that Aria didn’t have a close enough relationship or was too small to plot such a thing with the Marquis of Berja.

The cautious, rabbit-like woman is simply trying to survive, and she has no intention of lowering her guard and taking a chance on a man she has hardly met.

He knew it was pointless, but he still felt oddly driven to be grumpy, so he murmured in Aria’s ear.

“Maybe Berja has struck a deal with my innocent daughter to protect her from me.”

“No, he didn’t…! Hmph, he didn’t…!”

“I found it odd when you suddenly volunteered to ride with him.”

He did not attempt to listen, even though Aria denied it. The thick things mercilessly pushed against her inner walls. Horrible noises that shouldn’t have been coming from a father and daughter echoed through the carriage as the swollen glans moved back and forth over the opening.

The carriage stopped in the middle of their pleasure. Aria’s face went white.

“Oh, Daddy…… we’re arrived…….”

Aria begged him to stop as she cried. Casting a sinister glance her way, Caelius smiled. Then, like a kid, he swept n*ked Aria into his arms. He pushed open the carriage door after encircling her body with his uniform coat.

“Oh, Daddy-!”

She gave a startled look, but he stepped out of the carriage with a gloomy expression and faced the others. Goshen bowed his head, as did the butler and several others.

The carriage still carried evidence of the affair, and if Aria and Caelius were to enter the mansion, the servants would be cleaning up after them. A lustful man’s riding clothes had been torn to tatters and scattered on the carriage floor.

Aria’s expression turned dejected. All the mansion’s residents would know about the relationship between the princess and Archduke Wittelsbach.

“Oh, Papa…… please, please…….”

Aria trembled and gripped the hem of his robe. The fear of her n*ked appearance and being wrapped in her coat overshadowed the fear of people seeing the inside of the carriage, which was littered with evidence of their past encounter.

It was a father-daughter affair, not a typical affair, and everyone in the mansion would be shocked, if not openly embarrassed. The nobility would chat amongst themselves.

Aria found it unbearable.

She wiped the tear off her face. She whimpered and buried her face in Caelius’ chest, chewing her lip. He didn’t care how many people they passed as he carried her to her room.

Now, their presence would seem odd to everyone.

“Ah, daddy, s*ck, daddy, I did not do wrong……”

Her mouth fell open, and a faint cry escaped. She had no idea what she had done wrong, desperately uttering apologies like “I’m sorry, I won’t do that” in an attempt to extricate herself from the situation.

The expression on her face was a subliminal reminder of Caelius’s sadism and his black eyes were lusty. She wiped the tears from her eyes and found herself in his bedroom moments later.

She was thrown n*ked onto the bed as he threw off the coat covering her body. With a cry, Aria crawled under the covers and looked nervously up at him.

“Oh, Dad…….”

He continued to remove the stiff uniform that was filled up to his neck slowly, with a terrible expression on his face.

“I didn’t do it.”

I know, I know….

Caelius gave her a narrowed look. He could still see how she had abandoned him, coming up behind Youngsik, the Marquis of Berja.

A sneer formed on his mouth. He could not decide in his mind whether to break Aria’s wishes or to break the Marquis of Berja’s sundae.

“All I have to do is make sure you don’t have to interact with him ever again.”

Throwing off his ragged clothes, Caelius climbed carefully over the trembling Aria.

He didn’t want to grab her; he simply knew he had to discipline her since she wouldn’t listen to him. He was disgusted by his feelings, but he did not know why.

Caelius extended her slim legs wide. She still carried the traces of her lovemaking with him in the carriage between her legs.

Her wet p*ssy was disgusting to see. Caelius stroked her v*g*na to her clitoris, then pressed his thumb firmly against the protruding flesh.


Aria trembled in fear, unable to utter a single word against him.

There was a difference between the Caelius she knew before and the Caelius she knew now.

He was definitely in a bad mood.

If she irritated him any further, there was no telling what she’d get. Aria squeezed her eyes shut.

How to make Caelius happy.

Aria shuddered and tried hard to think. She didn’t think she’d have enough energy left to face an angry Caelius.

His belt came undone with the sound of metal grinding against metal. A charred p*nis, a mass of flesh and muscles, rose in front of her.

A hazy fluid flowed from the tip of his glans as if to confirm his lust for his daughter.

“Oh, Daddy…… Daddy…….”

Aria called out to him in a plaintive voice. Unlike her desperation, Caelius appeared bored, yet his eyes were filled with hatred.

“I’m sorry Daddy…….”

She opened her mouth to beg pardon, but her sobs muffled her words. Her eyes welled up with tears.

Caelius didn’t seem to notice the high-pressure, chilly energy coursing over. The air was too much for him, so he turned to Aria. Her breath was stuck in her throat, her eyes as dark and terrible as the abyss today.

The fear of the unknown. A victim’s expression after being attacked by a predator.

‘What the hell….’

Riding a horse with Berja Youngsik should be excruciatingly painful.

But he was the one who would betray her and Caelius in the future, the one who would kill us, and she had to keep an eye on him even if Caelius said no.

Terrified, Aria lowered her sight, afraid to meet Caelius’ furious stare. Caelius then grabbed her chin and pulled her head up to face her.


“Yes, yes, Daddy…….”

Her voice trembled, and her response was split into two parts.

“Since when have you been so close to Leon Berja?”

Caelius cocked his head and asked. His voice was deadpan, in contrast to the disgust and anger in his eyes. Aria became even more terrified as a result of this.

It was tempting to predict that Leon would betray her father in the future.

However, Caelius was too rational, too objective, too much of a man to ever let his emotions take over, no matter how close he was to someone.

“I’m not, I’m not, I’m not…… I am not close to Berja Youngsik, I’m not, I’m not, Dad…….”

Aria begged, clutching the nape of his neck. Caelius’ attitude didn’t change whether she hugged him or not as he aligned the tip of his c*ck to her v*g*na. It expanded to its full length and rubbed against the juice-soaked hole in her skin. Aria’s body shook.

“Oh, Daddy…….”

He pushed it to the root in one rapid move, instead of his normal slow penetration.


Aria screamed and whimpered as the pain ripped through her. Her back flailed and shook wildly. But Caelius was still impatient, and he pulled back without allowing her time to adjust to his deeply impaled c*ck. Then he shoved upward one more.

Aria’s face was covered with tears as the pain threatened to tear her lower half apart. They had made love in the carriage once earlier, but Caelius’s body was too big for such a one-sided affair.

Aria, on the other hand, was small; she weighed less than half as much as he did.

He squeezed the lines on her white, delicate body. Caelius grasped her waist and began to accelerate.

“Hmph, hmph, ah, daddy, daddy………!”

With a groan and a gasp, the hole forced open by the inserted p*nis s*cked him in.

The p*nis bounced back and forth between the spaces in her flawless body, making a popping, popping sound. The lumpy creature probed at her tiny, hard inner walls.

The feeling of the huge glans bouncing back and forth was strange. Aria struggled for air and began to beg forgiveness, trying to calm his anger.

“Daddy I’m sorry, I did wrong Daddy……!”

Caelius was still silent, and when he hadn’t been, Aria continued.

“Ah, Daddy, hmm, hmm, it hurts, it hurts….. it hurts…….”

Of course, it was filled with pleasure, but it was more pain than normal. The pelvis he was grasping so firmly felt like it was about to break.

A small hand clenched and crashed down on Caelius’ back. Aria tried everything she could, but he wouldn’t move. He was just staring at her, his hips swaying like a horse in heat.

“Hmph, daddy…… I, I…….”

The behavior was wilder and more unruly than it had been in the carriage, which was expected now that they were no longer confined.

Caelius focused his gaze on Aria, who was tearful and accusing him. He couldn’t comprehend why he felt so irritated with her merely for being on a horse with Berja.

“Dad, just a little gentle…… Daddy, please be gentle………..”

He enjoyed how she was gasping for breath and whimpering to make him feel better.

He pulled her legs, which felt like they were about to break onto my shoulders, and thrust his c*ck at her p*ssy.

Aria screamed in anguish, as the sound of flesh against flesh filled the room.

His firm hold on her legs kept her from resisting. Caelius pulled his c*ck out coldly, the swollen flesh moving with it. It was drier and bitter than normal. Aria pinched her brow and reflexively rubbed against her hole. The lining then became narrower.


Caelius slapped Aria’s as$ with a hard, loud thud. It left a bright red stain on her smooth, plump thigh. Aria shivered and whimpered at the unpleasant sensation.

How he could hurt her without feeling sorry, how he could make her feel helpless.

She hated and resented him. Her vision was clouded by tears. Aria wiped her tears away with a trembling hand and turned to face Caelius.

His c*ck pierced her strained inner walls once more. Aria’s hands were clasped tightly on the sheets. Her knuckles were white, and she clenched her hands into the sheet.

I’m not going to let you ride with another man.

I should have continued, but the pain in my throat kept me from finishing my sentence. Caelius had Aria trapped like a rabbit, unable to escape and break free. She’s like an animal awaiting death, she wishes for this act to end.

-Ah, Dad……..it hurts.

-How bad does it hurt?

-Oh, yes…… It hurts, Dad, because it’s too big.


Aria’s head was filled with a strange voice.

Again. Again. Aria and Caelius memories from the past. As well as emotional integration.


-I got bled the last time. Gently, hmph, please be gentle……

-Don’t cry, Daddy will be gentle.

-Slowly, yes……

-You must relax. Huh?

-Daddy, please hug me.

Caelius gently presses his lips to her cheeks and the back of her neck. Aria urges him to give her a flirty hug.


My imagination was penetrated by the image of the two of them.

I can’t seem to forget them.


The excitement of the moment, the love in her eyes, the love whisper in her voice, the aching in her p*ssy from his rough thrusts, the pleasure of sharing her body with him, even if it was a little painful.

All of these strange sensations poured through her thoughts, seemingly out of place in this terrifying situation.

The tears began to fall down her cheeks. They weren’t tears of anguish at seeing Caelius wiggle his c*ck around.

“Oh, Daddy…….”

Her teeth chattered as her scratchy voice cracked. Caelius suddenly stopped humming and looked down at Aria as he heard her voice calling out to him. Aria’s lips pursed for a long time, unable to speak.

Caelius, too, sensed something and locked eyes with her. He almost seemed to be waiting for her to say something.

She finally spoke after a long silence.

-“Ah, hug me, hug me, Caelius…….”

She had to be crazy. Calling his name without permission.

Her mind and body refused to cooperate.

She forced her name out of her mouth as if she were being controlled, and she wondered whether she’d incited his anger. Caelius, on the other hand, was staring at her with a furrowed brow and an unreadable face when she gazed down at him.


She’d never seen anything like it before.

It was a face that accurately reflected his feelings, with no trace of deception.


Caelius’s stare, his eyes, flashed with an unfamiliar emotion.

-Don’t worry, Dad.

-Because darkness looks best in light, so I’ll be your light.


His head beat with the sound of a familiar voice, which made him weak to the bone. He eventually had to pause and allow himself to get carried away by the overwhelming emotions.

As soon as he was swept away, the strange voice began to pour out of him, as if it had been waiting for him.


[“If you love me… just love me sincerely and be with me because… I would let go of everything and fall in love like everyone else.”]

[“I’d rather have someone miserable because of me…… In my next life, I’ll be…… without my presence.”]

[I begged like a dog].


What did you beg for?

A deep frown creased his brow. Something that should come to mind, but doesn’t. Something that keeps nagging at him, but he can’t put his finger on it.


-“Treat me better than anyone else in the world, cherish me. I may be bad to everyone else, but I’ve never been bad to you.”


The sweetest, strangest feelings. A feeling that doesn’t belong to her at all.


-“Miscarriage. I think you’re in your first trimester, and you’re losing a lot of blood.”

-“Don’t be ridiculous. The royal family does not have children.”

-“Maybe the princess is having an affair with someone else…”


I feel like I’m suffocating. This doesn’t make any sense. The situation is both familiar and unfamiliar. The sounds in my head are a mix of things I know and things I don’t. It all comes back to me as clearly as if it happened to us.

I can’t believe this is happening. None of this has ever happened… why

And then, the thoughts that have been bothering me for a long time are pushed away. In the end, it’s Aria again.




A familiar scent, a familiar hair, familiar eyes, and a familiar smile. She’s crying and pleading for a hug. Her name spills out of those small siblings just like it is supposed to. Like a tangled puzzle reassembling itself.

His previously devastating energy has been drained. His anger at his strange behavior disappeared. He turns to face Aria and reaches out to wipe her tears. She raises her head, her cheek pressing against his hand.

A moment ago, she was terrified and trembling.


“I must be crazy,” she thought to herself, as Caelius straightened her hair.

He carefully swept her messy hair back, pecked her affectionately on the cheek, and kissed her pouting lips. Then Aria threw her arms around his neck.

“……You’re crazy.”

The words weren’t directed at him. He knew it, and he didn’t jerk away in fear. He was comfortable. His heart pounded, pounded, pounded, as he held something so tiny in his arms that it felt like it could break if he hugged it too hard.

Aria wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face in his. The c*ck, which was still dangling, poked at her inner walls, but she didn’t mind.

Caelius touched her with a gentle hand. Her golden hair was soft as it fell between his fingers.


Why was he being so nice to her, he wondered.

Is it only because she’s his daughter?


Suddenly, I  wished she’d say my name again.


He mumbled, his low voice cracking and coloring. Caelius whispered in her ear, his words so deep they seemed to penetrate.

“Say …… again.”

It was a bizarre request. It didn’t fit the situation, but neither Aria nor Caelius listened to its strangeness.


Aria whimpered. The names on her lips were familiar. She couldn’t help but giggle as she spoke them out loud, and then, as if for fun, she called his name once more.





Tears stung the corners of her eyes as she looked up at him, forgetting that she’d been trampled by her father earlier. Her eyes locked with his, and for a moment, Caelius’ expression hardened.

Her smile was wistful for some reason. Caelius quite liked that smile.

It was a simple smile that didn’t seem to belong on a face as gorgeous as that of royalty, but it was nice nonetheless.

He wished she’d keep smiling like that.



Caelius didn’t respond to the repeated call, merely gazing at Aria with an indulgent gaze as if to encourage her to continue.

His heart sank as the tiny lips spat out his name. He wasn’t offended.

It was the same with Aria, who wasn’t afraid or worried to say his name.

It was just the way it was. Like this was our routine.


Aria’s lips twisted into a smile as he gazed seriously at her. Her perplexed expression was both insignificant and charming.


He had no idea why he felt that way, but it was both amusing and an unexplainable intuition. He has a feeling he shouldn’t listen to the next words.

But before he knew it, the Aria began.

“……I love you.”

The moment he heard those words, his mind went blank. He felt his heart plummet as if someone had pushed him off a cliff.

Aria looked at him with an unfamiliar expression.

-Dad, I’m sorry…… I’m sorry.

-I’m sorry I’m useless.


I hate the unknown scenes that are seen and heard at will. I didn’t want to hear the words “I’m sorry” repeated like a parrot with a messed up face. I didn’t want to see her in a prison cell, with her graying blonde hair.

I felt nauseous like my heart had been stabbed. Was it the unwanted sight of Aria?

No, why was it unwanted in the first place? Why shouldn’t she be like that?

The headache came again. Another headache.


Caelius frowns, and she wonders if it’s because he’s upset. Aria spits out the words once more, sobbing.

-“Caelius, Caelius…… I love you.”

She spits out the word “love” as if she’s spitting out the words she’s been holding back, as if she’s reunited with a long-lost lover, tears streaming down her face, wondering what’s wrong with him.

He knew instinctively that the love she was talking about wasn’t just familial. Come on, it was ridiculous to cry about paternal and familial love.

-“But why are you crying?”

-“……because you’re not crying.”

Why should I cry?

He wanted to ask, but he didn’t, because he didn’t want her to cry, so he kissed her instead.

He tenderly held her smooth, flawless cheeks in his hands and pressed his lips against them, as if they were something extremely precious. It wasn’t typical of him. Their lips were softly kissed, and something inside of him rumbled and moved as he kissed her. It wasn’t an awful rumble. It was a strange rumbling.

Their hearts were pounding and their heads were pounding.

They needed each other to forget about their feelings. Her lips parted, and as if waiting, Caelius slid inside.

Hot, slimy tongues encircled one another, exchanging saliva. Slowly, the humping that had halted resumed.

It was a far cry from his careless driving of his c*ck into her to express his rage. Aria took a deep breath and burrowed into his arms.

The sensation of his erect c*ck filling her bottom was strange. Something heavy slipped inside her, puncturing her inner walls with a strong thump and patting her on the back.


Caelius kissed the corner of her eye as he let out a small whisper.

“Shouldn’t ……?”

Aria shook her head slightly in response to the question.

They both realized at the same time that she must be insane, if not completely insane. Even if the object was aimed at them, it was a farce.

His hugs are warm and welcoming.

His eyes were more relaxed, his glance was more casual, and his lips were straighter. Everything he’s missed. Things he’s been longing for.

He closed her eyes and imagined how Aria must have felt.


This was, perhaps, a little risky. Because if I were the original Aria, I’d be overwhelmed by her feelings and memories, and I’d be trapped.

My breath seemed stuck in my throat as if someone was squeezing my lungs. Caelius was as lovely as he was terrible in Aria’s raging memories. It was the love he’d taught her. His black eyes, so empty now, twinkled with affection like a night sky full of stars. Caelius had a clumsy first love. The facts of their final days blurred in his consciousness, and it didn’t matter why he’d turned away from them so cruelly at the end. Only the most lovely aspects of Aria and Caelius remained, neatly packaged.  The man who could wield a sword but not a flower bowed before her, clumsily handing her a brooch of his creation. His love in his eyes brought her to life.

If nothing else, she was sure of this. Caelius was the sun of Aria. Pathetically foolish, Aria could not forget him, even in death.

That’s why he’s still here, tormenting me with his memories. My head is foggy. I’m even confused about my existence. I feel like I’m choking on the stupidity of the real Aria.

Even now, as her memories flooded in, she longed for Caelius, warm and fuzzy. Stupidly. She still loved him, and that love made her feel insignificant.

Being held by Caelius, who acted like he was making love to her, was more painful than she’d ever imagined.

She couldn’t control the emotions that raged inside her. I knew I shouldn’t have fallen for it, but by the time I came to my senses, I was already looking for the man of the past in the man of the present. Like the original Aria, shabby and wistful.

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