Tricked, fooled, deceived.

I asked Mr. Scuito, ‘How do you say, ‘Let’s eat together’ in this world’s language?’

 I asked Mr. Sciuto, but when I said the words he taught me, Mr. Thorden kissed me.

 I must have been tricked by Mr Scuito into saying something like, ‘Kiss me now and hold me tight.’

 I won’t forgive that nasty man! We are in the same age range, but I won’t forgive him!

 I mean, you understood that, didn’t you, Mr. Thorden?

 I’m surprised that you knew what kissing was.

 But it’s a very deep one. I’ve never been kissed like this before!

 I was not in the mood to say, ‘I’ve never been kissed like this before!’

But I’ve really never been kissed like this before!

 Damn it, I’m in pain.

 I’m breathing through my nose, but I can’t close my mouth, saliva is getting into my throat, and I can’t free my tongue, it’s so painful, Mr. Thorden!

Wait a minute, wait a minute, stop, stop, stop! I mean, that!


 I shouted, and Mr. Thorden stopped moving.

 I got through! Okay!

 I pushed Mr. Thorden away and, unable to resist the nausea that suddenly came over me, vomited on the spot as hard as I could.

 Because I had no choice, right?

 It’s all bloody, you know.

 The room where Mr. Thorden just came out was extremely bloody!

 Under such circumstances, if your mouth was suddenly covered and you were breathing through your nose the whole time, you would probably throw up, right? 

 Oh, you would throw up!

You’d probably throw up! “Ooey…… geehaw…… ugh, the apples I ate flying back up…! I’m sorry, Mr. Thorden, I am going to clean up in a second, so please wait a moment, and we can continue after that, preferably in a place with a little more air..!”

 I looked up at Mr Thorden with tears in my eyes as I wiped my mouth, and there he stood, a pathetic man with the word ‘despair’ plastered across his face.

 Oh no, this is bad.

 This is bad, this is bad.

 Because this is it, isn’t it?

 From Mr Thorden’s point of view, he kissed the woman because he was told to kiss her, but suddenly the woman threw up, huh?

 You know, the scene where you are shocked because you doubt your body odour, bad breath, technique, right?

 No, Mr. Thorden! I was indeed hit by the stench, but what hit me was the bloody off-limits room you just came out of!

I mean, wait, what’s really in that room?

 Why did you come out of there covered in blood?

 I tried to ignore the reality by wiping away what seemed to be returned blood on Mr Thorden, but I still couldn’t help but be bothered.

 That’s not the most important thing, however.

 First of all, we have to do something about Mr. Thorden.

 He’s already completely frozen.

 I’m not sure if I should take care of him after I threw up, or if I should just walk away, or if it’s the right thing to apologize to him! 

I’ve been thinking about it so much that I can’t move even a millimetre.

 I can’t help it. I’ll clean up the vomit later for now!

 If a room this bloody exists, my puke in front of it won’t make any difference to its state of wreckage!

Thorden, over here!

 I shook him, and he was frozen in place.

 He jolted with a cry of “wow,” but I still grabbed his arm and yanked it firmly.

 He hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he followed my lead and we walked out of the old house and up to my house, which had just been built.

 He stopped in front of the house and was reluctant to go inside, so I forced him back and pushed him in.

 There was no way I could beat Mr Thorden in strength, but it seemed that he had no intention of rejecting me strongly now.

 I made him take off his shoes and sit on the couch, and after giving him strict orders not to move, I went to make the tea that Mr. Sciuto had brought for me.

How is tea made here, in this world? Is there India somewhere?

 Is there an East India Company?

 Mr. Sciuto tried to answer with an, ‘I don’t know, but what there is, there is.’ I guess there are tea leaves in this world, country, or continent.

 I had a cup of tea, so I boiled some water with a match, poured two cups, and hurried back to the living room from the kitchen.

 Mr Thorden had not moved a millimetre from the position he had been in when I had placed him on the couch, and he was there as if he were a statue or something that represented the concept of Thorden.

 I offered him a cup of warm, steaming water,


“Well, well, don’t look so frightened. It’s delicious. It’s delicious!”

 I’m drinking this for the first time right now, so I’m not sure what it tastes like…

 The aroma is more like rose tea than black tea.

 It has a sour taste.

 I guess men might not like this kind of tea.

 Anyway, I pushed the cup to the frightened Mr Thorden and sat on the couch myself.

 He was startled and almost stood up, but when I called out “Thorden,” he jerked again and sat back down meekly.

 There was an uncomfortable silence and the sound of him sipping the contents of his cup to cover up the silence.

 Yes, I think, this is not tea.

 It’s not tea. It’s better!

 It’s so good. Soothing. A cool feeling runs through my mouth.

 Yes, it’s delicious.

 And I looked at Mr Thorden again.

 I wiped the blood off his face and hands, and yet, Mr. Thorden is quite dirtied right now.

He’s wearing an apron stained with red and dark blood. Mr.Thorden looks like a butcher ready to carry a knife in a horror movie. It’s partly because of his physique.

 I frowned and moved the two empty cups onto the table, and while I was at it, I put my hand around the back of Mr. Thorden’s neck.

 I untied the strings and removed his apron and put that on the table as well.


What am I doing ? 

 I am standing and looking down at Mr. Thorden, who is still sitting on the couch.

 Mr. Thorden is bewildered.

 As a matter of fact, I am quite perplexed too.

 I didn’t mean to say “kiss me” to Mr. Thorden. This is all a scheme by that evil Mr Sciuto. I will complain to him next time I see him.

 But Mr. Thorden thinks he was told so.

 And yet I rejected it.

 I know only one way to resolve this very complicated situation.

 I will kiss him and this time I will not throw up.

 I don’t intend to have anything to do with Mr. Thorden.

 It is not important for me, but I don’t want him to be forced to go along with me because I asked for it.

 Well, I’m not old enough to be talking like that.

 I am Eri Himeno, twenty-eight years old, who has experienced both sweet and sour, and I would never do such a devilish thing as leaving a five-sided nail in the vulnerable heart of a twenty-one-year-old Thorden-san.

 Take a deep breath.

 I put my hand on Mr Thorden’s shoulder.

 The room still smells of tea, but there is still a deadly stench around Mr. Thorden.

 I must bathe him every day.

 I must wash him with fragrant soap.

 I feel like I’m on a mission.

“Eri ……?”

 Mr. Thorden called my name anxiously.

 He tried to push my body back, but I kept my head above him.

 I first kissed him on the forehead to let him know what I was going to do. Then I kissed him on the cheek, and then on the edge of his lips.

 At that moment, Mr. Thorden jerked back.

 But how much lower can you go when you are sitting on a couch?

 I kneel on the couch and lightly open my lips to receive Mr. Thorden’s lips.

 Well, excuse me.

 You just kissed me so deeply, didn’t you? It’s not only my fault, right?

 We’re even, my dear.

 But then again, Mr. Thorden’s whole body is stiff with tension.

 So much so that he is completely holding his breath while my lips are on his.

 What was that just now? It was so pure.

 Did he not know how to kiss?

 Is it the kind of forcefulness that can only be demonstrated if you attack yourself?


 I parted my lips and observed Mr. Thorden’s face up close.

 I wondered if he was turning red, but his complexion was blue.

 I traced his lips with my finger, just as Mr. Thorden had done to me the other day.

 He let out a frightened cry, so I slipped two fingers into his mouth.

‘Hmmm… …… Here, open your mouth. Okay, okay, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.”

“Oh …… ugh, oh …….”

 Mr. Thorden’s breath jumped.

 The pale complexion turns a little reddish.

 The first thing that comes to mind is that the tongue is moving.

 The tongue moved slowly and licked my finger.

 What is it? Suddenly you’re being very aggressive. Okay, okay, that’s a good direction. A woman who sticks her fingers in a man’s mouth, you know, it’s the law that she can lick and suck them as she pleases.

 At least that’s the new law I made up in my mind.

 Well, however, I think I’ve had enough.

 It’s time to pull my finger out of my, you know, mouth, though.

“T……Thorden? Wait, hand, let go ……! What’s going on? Do my fingers taste that good?”

 With the desperation of a child receiving candy for the first time, Thorden-san licked and sucked my finger.

 He pressed his lips against the palm of my hand, licked and sucked with his tongue in a wide sweep, and now, before I knew it, he was sinking his teeth into my wrist.

 It doesn’t hurt, because it’s a sweet bite, but the desperation is subtly scary.

 How can I describe this apprehension?

 It’s like a hungry pet jumping on me and licking me all over like a taster.

 Are you okay?You’re not going to chew onme, are you, Mr. Thorden?

 I have been bitten by a zombie once, so I am afraid of the strength of human jaws.

 If that were the case, I shouldn’t have stuck my finger in Mr. Thorden’s mouth.

 I mean, the amount of saliva in Mr. Thorden’s mouth is amazing.

 He is nothing but a darling pet.

 His saliva was trickling down my arm and dripping onto my lap.

 Maybe that’s why I’m scared.

 This is the tongue of a hungry pet, a hungry dog.

 But if you think of him as a dog, it’s cute.

 All right, all right.

 I pat Mr Thorden’s head with my free hand.

 He took his mouth off my wrist and looked up at me.

 His lips, w*t with saliva, were open, unlike before.

 It looked like he was inviting me.


 I put my lips on Mr. Thorden’s lips again.

 This time, our tongues entwined.

 It was not like the kiss in front of that bloody room or the one-sided kiss on the statue, but a kiss where our tongues entwined with each other.

 His arm was almost unconsciously reaching for my waist.

 I was completely sitting on top of him, and to the casual observer, this would have been the perfect kiss between two completely intimate lovers.

 But don’t be surprised.


 Mr. Thorden just ‘misunderstood’ that I was asking for a kiss.

 I am just trying to ‘work out’ the blunder that made me vomit in my gore.

 We are nothing but strangers.

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