I immediately declined his offer.


“I don’t want to. In exchange, if you help me with this job, I’ll let you accompany me while filming The Red Volume 2. What do you think?”


The blond-haired p*rv*rt nodded, satisfied with my words.




“Oh, you’re prohibited to touch the model during filming. No talking. Just sit down and help me as my assistant.”




We waited while drinking hot tea. After a while, Emily appeared in our office.




Without knowing why, the blond-haired p*rv*rt stared at Emily and quickly turned her head towards the wall with a loud cough.


‘Does he know Emily?’


The woman was wearing seemingly luxurious clothes more than anyone else today. At first glance, the blue industrial complicated embroidered dress that matched Emily’s pearl skin seemed quite expensive.


‘She said she was going to borrow some clothes from an unnie at the bar.’


Originally, I was going to borrow one of Gloria’s party outfits. However, Emily wasn’t willing to accept that kind of favor from me. Instead, her neck and ears had cheap accessories. At first glance, I could see that they were fake gems. It seemed to not belong to her. I got up from the chair and approached Emily.


“Emily, excuse me for a moment.”


I took the jewelry she was wearing and put it on the corner of the table. Then, I put the expensive jewelry Gloria lent me on her ears, neck, and wrists. The model was obviously good, so the colorful ornaments were not too much of a match. A blue sapphire was embedded in its platinum chain, which made Emily’s skin stand out even more.


Emily asked me, unable to take her eyes off the colorful jewelry.


“Hey, isn’t this too much?”


“I borrowed it, too. You should enjoy the party today.”


The party that Emily and the blond-haired p*rv*rt would be attending today was hosted by a rather old Countess. Although a little dangerous, the party hosted by the old lady was rumored to entertain her eyes and ears in every episode with ingenious actions. Thanks to that, I just got the information that all the famous teaching staff in the capital will attend it.


“Pretend to be as close to this person as possible at today’s party.”


Emily was surprised when she saw the face of the blonde-haired p*rv*rt beside me. As I suspected earlier, it seemed like the two of them already knew each other.


“Eh? How did you end up here?”


The blonde-haired p*rv*rt laughed out of embarrassment.


“Haha. Long time no see.”


I looked at Emily and the blond-haired p*rv*rt alternately.


“You two already know each other? Where did you meet?”


“Huh? Uh, about that…”


The end of Emily’s words sounded ambiguous because she seemed to have difficulty answering me. I instinctively felt that there was something between them. As expected, the blonde-haired p*rv*rt turned out to be someone who has a complicated relationship with women. I have no choice but to blame myself for the days in the past when I was captivated by him for a momenr. No wonder his technique was amazing.


“So here’s the plan. Today, you two go to the party of Countess Vladimir, who is famous for her light mouth. Please pretend that you are dating Emily as much as possible. You two can spend time by acting like lovers and leave. Emily, you pretend as much as possible and smile at the other noblemen, got it?”


“Yes. Understood.”


Emily clenched her fists and nodded as if she was determined. I instructed Emily how to behave today.


“From today on, you are a noble from a foreign country, Emily. The plan is to come to the Morris Kingdom for a visit and stay at an acquaintance’s house for a while. Then, you gives off a free-spirited impression, like someone who would leave the empire whenever things are no longer pleasant for you. Nobles are naturally fond of different and new things.”


I hit the back of the blonde-haired p*rv*rt who blinked dumbfoundedly.


“Your role is the most important today so that Emily can attract the attention of other nobles, you know? You pretended to be interested in Emily but abandon her not long after.”


“Ha. ha. ha. Does it have to be like that?”


“You probably have a social status. Well, if you’re an unmarried man among the nobles, meeting this woman and that woman must not be a shortcoming for you. Oh, do you have a fiancée? If that’s the case, let’s change our tactics today.”


“No, I don’t. Not that I have a fiancé. However, it would be a little exhausting when my mother found out.”


“Uh, I suppose that it’s not a big problem. Will something happen later?”


I followed the two of them awkwardly into the party. Near the entrance, the blond-haired p*rv*rt carried a large bouquet of flowers and asked Emily to pose intimately. After taking a few photos from behind the blond-haired p*rv*rt and seemingly stubborn Emily, I left them. As a reporter, today I was thinking of manipulating good information in the gossip newspaper.


* * *


Various luxuries were present at Countess Vladimir’s party. The Countess entertained the attendees with new concepts at each party, such as hosting a simple bingo game for the entertainment of the party attendees, or inviting the most popular theater actors to perform to the party. Although she was a noblewoman, she did not hesitate to spit out various promiscuous jokes.


As the organizer was this kind of person, some high-ranking nobles who pretended to value noble honor disapprove his banquet. Unless it was a masquerade ball, he didn’t attend the banquet held by Countess Vladimir. Of course, only a small portion of those nobles.


“What other entertainment has the Countess prepared today?”


“I heard that the Countess invited one of the most popular painters from abroad lately?”




The nobles attending the feast looked around the walls of the banquet hall. There were no pictures hanging in the banquet hall. Usually, in the parties that invited painters, their paintings were hung on the walls and being showcased, which would be sold to party guests, but there was nothing there.


“You said the Countess invited a painter. Why isn’t there a single painting?”


“The painter said he would finish the portrait in three minutes. Carrie… Right. What did they say? He said the complete painting is quite interesting.”


Holding a crystal glass filled with Shangri-La in one hand, the people attending today’s party expressed their expectations. No one believed that someone could complete a painting in three minutes. Either the painter was a genius, or it was a masterpiece painted by a child. Either way, today it was clear that the Countess was going to surprise people by introducing a new culture.


“It’s quite interesting to watch the Countess. He must have a very unique style.”


“I heard that the painter was said to have a strange personality last time. She likes strange things. Perhaps, he has a gorgeous appearance…? What do you think?”


The jaw of the nobleman who pointed at the entrance of the banquet hall with his finger opened wide. The spectacular appearance today was not the nobleman’s wife or the painter who was the main character of the banquet. The eyes of everyone attending the feast turned to the entrance.


“Wow, His Highness the Crown Prince?”


He barely made an appearance at the banquet held in the Imperial Palace. The Crown Prince disappeared with a red-haired woman. Rumor had it that once she saw his face, she would not forget him, and some nobles admired the Crown Prince even though they knew his violent tendency.


However, he suddenly appeared at the banquet held by the Countess.


“Emily Travi. Will you accept these flowers and accept my heart?”


“I’m sorry, but no. I have no intention of establishing a solemn relationship here in the Morris Empire.”


“Oh, that’s a shame. But you, know this. My heart will always be around you.”


The script Haley wrote was very childish and cringe. Edmund, who was acting for the first time also exaggerated, reciting his lines and disappearing from the party. However, his exaggerated acting also convinced people because he got a handsome face. As expected, a handsome face was an advantage.


After rejecting Edmund who drove her to the party, Emily walked towards the window while gracefully flapping her fan. While gathering attention from people, she did not forget to smile at the eyes of several men towards her.


This red-haired woman who appeared suddenly attracted people’s attention with her elegant curly hair hanging abundantly and showing off a noble charm.


“Who is that? I mean, that woman.”


“Well, I’ve never seen her before.”


Now, who appeared in this moment, Emily was a very beautiful woman and unique to the imperial family. Where was a woman in this kingdom who had a distribution worthy of rejecting the Crown Prince? That fact alone already enhanced her reputation.


“Excuse me, My Lady. May I know your name?”


Count Gustave, who ascended to the literary world with an unfamiliar poem, gathered courage and stood in front of her.


“My name is Emily Travi. A few days ago, I arrived in the Morris Empire by boat from the Deika Kingdom.”


“Oh, no wonder! You surely are a foreigner. You have such an exotic charm. Lady Emily, may I compose a poem solely for you?”


He started improvising and recited it even before Emily agreed.


“You, who has the charm to transfer to Emperor Royan. Your red and greedy lips are the Holy Grail that releases poison. This cowardly thief will attack you and ready to sacrifice himself. “


The poem was a signal, and many people immediately gathered around Emily.


“My God, such a beautiful poem.”


“Thanks to this beautiful woman who became my muse.”


Emily, who actually heard the poem, had to cover her face with a fan to conceal her stiff mouth. These noblemen seemed to really enjoy the poems as a way to express their feelings.


‘She responds appropriately and act like a woman who isn’t easy to get….’


Emily acted according to what Haley had instructed and disappeared after leaving a deep impression on them. However, Viscount Gustave who persistently stick to her, gave her the address of her temporary residence just before she disappeared. Of course with a loud voice that could be heard by anyone in the party venue.


“If you give me a letter, I will get back to you. It’s been a long time since I came to the Morris Empire. I also have many places to visit. Sooner or later, I’ll open a literary salon to discuss art, and I’d like intelligent people who share my tastes to attend.”


*  *  *

Exclusive news! Who was the woman who refused the duchess’s confession in the party held in the Imperial Palace?


According to the Golden Wild Doose Daily’s report, a special courtship moment was happening at the party hosted by Countess Vladimir yesterday evening. Unfortunately, we are forbidden from revealing his name, but it was clear that the blond-haired man has a noble status in the kingdom as he was spotted in the imperial palace. Emily Travi was the woman who refused his love confession.


She was a foreign noblewomen and was known as the woman who made a short trip to the Morris Empire. Emily was an extraordinary woman who appeared like a comet in the high society and rejected the love of the highest-ranking family of the society. Then, a man appeared, claiming that he was someone who was interested in literature and art and planned to open a literary salon soon. Who would be the lucky star who can win over the heart of this charming lady? Any social celebrity would want to attend her literary salon.


The next day, the article in the Golden Goose daily made headlines among the nobles and some commoners. It was thanks to Haley who wrote an article that seemed to imply Emily and the Crown Prince’s scandal.

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