Her eyes were dry from being forced wide open, so Anita blinked rapidly. At first, Edmund thought she would stop after a few blinks, so he left her alone. However, Anita continued blinking for quite some time, as if the act of blinking was unfamiliar to her.

“Stop it. It’s starting to get creepy.”

“You’re scared of everything. How about I boost your lacking confidence a bit?”

“No thanks.”

“Oh, come on. Don’t pass up the opportunity.”

With these words, Anita grabbed the wine bottle on the table. Pouring the glass almost to the point of overflowing, she pushed it toward Edmund.


“Sure, I also like to drink, but one of us should stay sober…”


Anita’s expression turned fierce in an instant. After resisting for a while, Edmund, as if surrendering, raised the glass.

“Okay. Cheers… I get it. I get it.”

Edmund carefully took a sip, making sure the wine didn’t spill on his clothes. Only after confirming that the wine had entered his mouth did Anita’s expression soften.

“I’ve been curious for a while. What’s your relationship with Liliana? You ditched me back then and ran away like a coward.”

“You’re quite straightforward when you’re drunk, huh?”

“Stop beating around the bush.”

Seemingly unable to speak soberly, Edmund took a sip before starting to talk. In front of them were thinly sliced ham and cheese dishes, but untouched by their hands, the food was getting cold.

“It’s obvious. It’s like a predetermined marriage partner chosen by the family. She… she’s kind of obsessed with me.”

“You already mentioned the obsession.”

When Anita pointed it out, his lips curved into a smile. It was a smile that seemed more bitter than joyful.

“Well, we’d have to talk about your grandfather to get to that, wouldn’t that be boring?”

Anita casually spoke as she poured herself a drink.

“It’s okay. If it gets boring, I’ll let you know.”

“Grandpa hoped I would major in political diplomacy at university and enter politics. Of course, I have no intention of doing that. I don’t want to fit in with those boring old men who only talk about dull and rigid things.”


“Seems like they’re all competing to see who lives the most boring life.”


Anita, while about to bring the glass to her lips, placed it in front of Edmund.

“Inheritor of the Rebel Hotel and the grandson of the Earl of Aberdeen—doesn’t it sound plausible just to hear it?”


“So, I ran away.”


Without adding any comments, Anita simply took a sip. Edmund’s words floated in her mind, disassembled.

“That’s how it is.”

She nodded without really listening to what he said.

“What about you?”


“Don’t you have problems too?”

“I do. I do have some, but…”

Anita, who had been chatty until now, suddenly closed her mouth. Although she wanted to consult with Edmund, there were two problems before making a decision. First, she wondered if it was okay to complain to someone who didn’t know her personal affairs. Second, her feelings about Rutger had not been sorted out yet, so how could she explain it to Edmund.

“Well, you.”

Edmund suddenly grabbed his head, as if a headache had struck him. After a while, Edmund opened his mouth again.

“Earlier, you mentioned boosting confidence or something.”


Anita chuckled awkwardly. Come to think of it, she had poured out such nonchalant complaints to Edmund since Charles Bennett. She felt pathetic for forgetting it after a few drinks.

“I don’t know why I said that earlier.”


“Looking back, it wasn’t such a big deal.”

Anita couldn’t understand why she had been afraid of someone as pathetic as Charles Bennett. Confidence surged from an unknown source. Anita vowed that if she met Charles Bennett again, she would definitely pour a drink on his face.

“I’m really serious.”

“Tell me.”

Edmund also responded with a serious expression. Anita lowered her voice as if revealing a big secret.

“I think I can lift this table with one hand.”



Doubtful, Edmund asked if she was serious. Annoyed, Anita stood up, as if to show that she could lift the table with one hand. However, in an instant, the world spun.


Anita slumped back into her chair. Her stomach churned as if she were about to vomit. If Anita had been rational, she wouldn’t have done the foolish thing of drinking more when her head hurt. But Anita was already halfway through being intoxicated.

With another bottle uncorked, Anita poured the drink generously into her glass. While it might have been her imagination, surprisingly, her headache eased a bit as she drank more.

“Your words seem to be right, Senior.”

Edmund was just as disoriented, his blond hair half-hiding his face. It looked like he hadn’t even bothered to brush his hair out of his face because of how disoriented he was.

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