Chapter 18


In general, this was true. Except that to Abella, Carlisle still felt like a child, and she didn’t recognize the awkwardness.

“Call me whatever you want. I don’t care.”

Carlisle whispered softly as he stroked her pink hair, which hung loose to her waist.

“Have a nice dream.”

“Yeah, sweetheart, you too.”

Strangely, the bed felt even cozier that night, thanks to the relaxed atmosphere. Abella drifted off into the rustling sheets and Carlisle’s firm embrace.

It didn’t take long for the room to fill with the sound of steady breathing. Abella’s chest moved in sync with her breathing.

Carlisle strained his ears to detect her breath after watching her sleep for a long.

Her breathing was almost excruciatingly beautiful. Underneath, the sensation of skin against flesh made him tingle, and he couldn’t wait to leave his mark on her.

I’m curious where it ends.

I wanted to sink my teeth into her beautiful white nape and push my c*ck into a hole as little and adorable as hers.

Carlisle had no idea how he could make out of this feeling.

He worried that if he allowed himself to get carried away with the exhilaration of going wild, he would be forever hated by Abella, and he didn’t want to remain a momma’s boy forever.

Carlisle gently kissed the nape of Abella’s neck as she lay defenseless in his arms.

A gentle touch was followed by a little whimper.


Carlisle let out a low moan as the smell of her flesh slammed deep into his lungs, and he felt his lower body become even heavier.

Finally succumbing, he cautiously untied the blankets, keeping his motions cautious, as if he didn’t want to wake her.

Something the size of Abella’s forearm pushed through the blanket where his thighs met.

Carlisle’s p*nis, however, was lumpy and bumpy, causing his forehead to furrow in disgust.


Carlisle carefully gripped his c*ck’s unsightly shaft and stroked it up and down. Hissing, hissing, hissing up and down the bumpy shaft, he buried his face in the nape of her beautiful neck and touched her thighs with the softly blunt glans.

“Mommy…… Mommy…….”

The black glans’ tip was flowing with a murky substance. When a gigantic hand caressed his c*ck, the already massive beast grew even bigger.

But it wasn’t enough; this wasn’t what he was looking for. The c*ck wiggle behind Abella’s sleeping body wasn’t enough to satisfy the mounting need.

How could he make her spread her legs beneath him in pleasure?

Carlisle’s brow wrinkled slightly as he considered it. Then he was sped up by a hand caressing his c*ck.

The shaft, which was already unsightly, was now pulsating with veins. Carlisle’s fully erect c*ck was so thick that he wondered if it would ever fit in Abella’s hole.

Carlisle couldn’t contain his excitement after rubbing his c*ck for a long and pushed his c*ck between Avella’s thighs. She started swaying her hips like she was having s*x.


Abella squirmed in pain. Carlisle, on the other hand, understood that once she fell asleep, she wasn’t going to wake up anytime soon.

His strokes became bolder.

His big shaft stroked against her pale inner thighs. He raised his head high as his c*ck throbbed like a serpent.

Carlisle didn’t know how long he could wriggle his c*ck like that until beads of sweat formed on his brow.

“Ha, f*ck…….”

He quickly grabbed a handkerchief from the bedside table and cupped his glans, his fangs bared menacingly.


A low throaty sound resonated briefly in the silence of the home before fading away a moment later.

The horrible ball of flesh throbbed like a heart, working hard to produce its own spawn. Carlisle took a deep breath and stroked his fingers down her thigh.


Carlisle lowered his eyelids as he mouthed the still-awkward title.

He couldn’t help but feel aroused despite the fact that he’d just ejaculated. He didn’t want to die so badly.

I wanted to see the pale, tight flesh bursting open to receive my c*ck, the hole barely big enough for a single finger stretched to its limit and quivering in pain.

If he could witness that, if he could pound Abella’s cunt with his hideous c*ck, maybe his lust would lessen.

Carlisle clutched her closely in his arms, wishing for the day to come soon.

She was still a fantasy.

* * *

“This is a herb used to heal wounds. It’s expensive, so it doesn’t come around often, only when there’s an emergency in town. And this is a herb to help you sleep, but I have a regular customer with severe insomnia, so I can give it to him when he comes in. Let’s see…… and again…….”

Carlisle’s first day at the herb shop with Abella was today.

“Oh, and don’t forget to hide your ears and tail in public!”

“Yes, mom…… no mother.”

“. what, that’s awkward, is that what we’re going to call me from now on?”

“Mmm…… Yeah, I’m not a kid anymore, I’m all grown up.”


“I’ll do most of the customer service, so don’t worry too much.”

“Okay, I’ll do my best!”

Carlisle’s ruby eyes twinkled with the desire to help her.

Customers began to arrive not long after they opened their doors.

Abella greeted her visitors sweetly, while Carlisle silently organized her herbs in the corner.

“Mother, what kind of herbs did you say these were?”

Carlisle asked her as he carefully picked up one of the herbs, forcing Abella to pause and turn to face him.

“Oh, that’s a herb that’s good for sleeping. It’s usually steeped as a tea, so you don’t have to grind it too fine.”

Carlisle nodded, perplexed, and returned to arrange the plants.

It wasn’t as difficult as he expected, and most of all, he was relieved to be stuck with her all day, surrounded by her aroma.

The days of sitting at home alone waiting for her were ended. Carlisle smiled at the prospect of enjoying this life together every day from now on.

Carlisle laughed to himself as he organized the herbs in his hands.

When he was alone, time seemed to fly past.

The dazzling sun had already set. Looking out the window, I saw a fiery sunset.

Carlisle’s tummy grumbled as he ate a meat stew with the flesh content of an ant’s hind leg for lunch. Then Abella, who was cleaning up, burst out laughing.

“Sweetie, are you hungry?”

“Oh, no…….”

“You’re lying. You just made a purring sound.”

“Yes, I am…….”

“You’ve been so busy, you didn’t even eat lunch today, no wonder. How about we get some beef on the way home?”

“Cow, beef?”

Carlisle’s eyes widened in surprise. He vaguely knew that Abella’s budget was tight, so he couldn’t help but nod.

“I’m fine……. I don’t have to…….”

“Oh, lie. Today is the first time I’ve ever gone out with my mom, so let’s get something to celebrate. How about it?”

“I’m really fine…….”

Even as I said it was fine, I couldn’t help but salivate at the thought of how much I’d cut down on my meat intake lately. Carlisle let out a grunt and busily rolled his eyes.

“Come on, shall we call it a night then? Let’s go buy some meat.”

“Oh, just for today…… just for today.”

“Yeah, yeah, just today.”

Carlisle smiled shyly and bit his lip. They walked hand-in-hand to the butcher, bought some beef, and headed home, chatting about Dorandoran. Winter had not yet arrived, so the evening air was not too chilly.

Carlisle walked down the small, leafy path, holding the bag full of beef in one hand and little Abella’s hand in the other. It was a pleasant end to a pleasant day.

* * *

Today was Carlisle’s best day ever.

It was the first time he’d been able to go to the shop with Abella and spend the entire day with her, and she’d even bought him some meat, and he’d been able to sleep in the same bed with the same quilt after work.

“Hahaha…… I’m tired. I can sleep now…….”

Abella stated this as she crawled into bed a little earlier than normal. Carlisle quietly smiled and patted her on the head.

“I see you’re tired, which is understandable since you had to take care of me.”

Abella fell asleep at the sound of his kind voice, unable to fight her heavy eyelids.

“I’ll lock the door and go to bed, but you’re sleeping first.”


Abella went off to sleep with those final words. She must have been tired.

Carlisle stood and watched her sleep for a few moments before waving his palm in front of her closed eyelids and smiling contentedly.

His grip on a little bottle of medicines slipped. One of the herbs he’d been working so hard to organize was inside.

That one was meant to help with insomnia.

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