Chapter 4


“I think I left it here before…”

“Where did it go? Did it find a cave to stay dry in the rain? If it did, that’s good…”

“But what if it didn’t? What if it’s out there in the rain, all wet and cold…”

Abella was mad at herself for not being careful. She felt really sad and tears wanted to come out. But she couldn’t just sit and cry. She had to find the child and go down the mountain quickly.

Abella took a slow breath and called for the child again. Just as she spoke, she heard the sound of grass and felt something pulling at her dress.

She opened her eyes wide in surprise and sat up.

“What’s that?”

The small voice was heard over the loud storm.

Abella turned quickly and saw a wet child. When their eyes met, the child happily reached out their arms and smiled.


Even though she had left him alone in the cold and dark, he smiled as if he had been waiting for her. Just like always, he nestled into her arms.

Abella bit her lip hard, feeling a throbbing in the center of his chest.

“Oh, honey…….”


The child only knew how to say mommy, and he was in human form. He would feel more comfortable in his wolf form in the mountains.

“What if he can’t go back to being a wolf anymore?

I got worried for a moment. Abella’s eyes narrowed as she saw the child squirming for a hug.

“I can’t believe I left such a small child alone in the mountains… I’m so crazy.”

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry, sweetie, I was so scared.”

Abella cried and lifted the child, who giggled and snuggled his neck in a friendly way.

“Let’s go home, sweety”

They spent a few days getting closer. Abella eventually had to take him back home, less than two hours after leaving him in the mountains.

Abella cried as she saw the child thinking she was his mom.

From the child’s perspective, her mother vanished in the dark of night, leaving him in the mountains. After thinking about it, she couldn’t shake the guilt for doing such a terrible thing.

“I was complacent.”

Abella held the child in her arms and squeezed the hand.

“I must take responsibility, even if it means waiting until the rainy season is over.”

* * *

When she got back home, Abella quickly started a fire in the fireplace. She was shivering from the rain. Surprisingly, the child seemed unharmed, even though he had been outside longer than Abella.

She was worried he might catch a cold, but it seemed more likely that she would. She added more logs to the fireplace, making the house cozy. But Abella didn’t stop there; she made the flames even bigger. She wanted to heat a lot of bathwater.

“You’re soaked and cold, aren’t you? Come take a bath with me.”

Abella said as she approached the child. Before she knew it, the tub was filled with warm water.

Carrying the child into the bathroom, Abella quickly took off her clothes. She couldn’t afford a second bath, so she wanted to share the first one with the child.

Once undressed, Abella squatted down to be at eye level with the child and began to remove each piece of clothing he had wrapped around him until he was n*ked in no time.

“That’s right, good boy.”

She patted him on the head for a job well done, noting that he hadn’t complained about being undressed.

“Let’s get in, you don’t want to catch a cold.”

And then she decided to soak him in the bathtub first.

Abella’s gaze fell on a rather unfamiliar mass of flesh.


Though it was only a glance, what was seen was hideous and unrecognizable as a human body.

“What’s that?

She couldn’t suppress her curiosity and looked between the child’s legs once more. This time, she saw a lump of flesh with several horrifying protrusions, which she assumed were genitals.

“Oh my!”

Both in posture and appearance, it was unmistakably a p*nis—something she had not seen when she initially saw him—but it did not resemble a human being at all.

Abella screamed again, startled by the hideous sight, then closed her eyes. She was in shock at what she had just witnessed.

“What the hell……!”

Her expression was unmistakably horrified, as though she had just witnessed a gigantic moth.

Her abrupt reaction startled the youngster as well; she thrashed his arms and legs and then abruptly changed appearance.

He instantly transformed back into a wolf and pointed ears emerged from his jet-black hair.

With a succession of groans, the wolf shape skittered to the floor and flung itself against Abella’s startled legs.

“Ching…… ching…….”

Abella seemed to grasp that she had given him a start.


The wolf shivered and gazed up at Abella, pity-stricken eyes narrowing. The little hairy animal whined and cowered, looking pathetic.

And if that wasn’t enough, Abella was taken aback when she saw the wolf-child again. In the span of a single glance, he transformed from a person to a wolf.

Abella looked like a fool as her mouth fell open.

“Oh, he’s back to being a wolf!

That meant he might have changed at any time, and why did he change now rather than before? In addition, the object he had between his legs earlier was.

‘Oh, my God…….’

Sighing, Abella patted her face dry.

Although she had never actually seen a man’s p*nis, at least she knew it wasn’t rough.

Abella’s thoughts instantly became blank.


Since he’s back to being a furball, she won’t lie, but what she saw made her tremble almost as if they were monsters.

Does this mean that they’re not human?

Or is that how all wolf p*nises are supposed to look?

The wolf rubbed against her more, and the furrows in his brow got deeper and deeper.


It got up on two paws now and began to scratch at his legs.

“Ching, ching…….”

Abella finally pulls off maintaining a straight expression.

“Well, yeah……. First of all, you need to wash up……. Before you catch a cold…… you have to bathe…….”

After stuttering, he gave me a short hug and walked into the tub, as the wolf pup scratched at my leg. He soaked till the water was just below her lips, then she just kind of stared blankly at the wolf.

It was still ingrained in her thoughts. The unsightly, uneven clump of tissue.

The wolf blinked gradually as it sensed Abella’s attention.


It whimpered as it dug its small paws farther into Avella’s arms.

The little ball of fur in Abella’s arms made her feel embarrassed, and she couldn’t help it.

The wolf pretended to be innocent while softly waving his dipped tail.

The wolf eventually awkwardly got to its feet, nuzzling Abella’s cheek. It seemed very sweet, as though it was expressing love.

When Abella saw how adorable the fuzzy bundle was wriggling about in her arms, her frown softened slightly.

After it had been writhing for some time, the wolf let out a little scream. His body trembled with the realization that he had erred. There was a tiny splash, and his fur was underwater. His little paws were too small to reach the tub’s bottom.

Startled, the wolf sprung up and leaped onto Avella’s body, hauling her out of the water yet again. Abella was taken aback by how quickly things had changed and promptly lifted the wolf out of the water.



The wolf was completely drenched and matted from being in the water. The fur, which had previously been fluffy, was now dead and flat, dripping with water as though it had always been that way.

Abella burst out laughing, unable to control her laughter. The wolf grunted along with her when he understood that she was laughing, even though he had no idea why she was laughing at first.

She let out a tiny giggle and felt a little more at ease than she had in a while.

It seemed like a calm conclusion to a turbulent day.

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