Chapter 6

For a moment, my body stiffened. The ominous premonition came true. He was looking for a new victim with a brown hair and green eyes.

“I’m not here to do useless things like crack down on illegal potions or anything like that.”

He lifted his lips and narrowed his eyes. It was a smile that might seem friendly to a stranger.

“I am fully aware that the creation of potions was the Count’s plan.”

“Then why are you taking me away?”

Suddenly he turned his attention to the shelf.

“It’s truly amazing that you can achieve this kind of result on your own. It makes me want to praise you.”

His eyes lit up as he looked through my combinations one by one.

“From what I heard, it doesn’t sound like you received proper education.”

I just quietly listened to him. I had no idea what he was trying to say.

“I appreciate your abilities and would like to invite you to become a researcher at the Mage Tower.”

“A researcher?”

“I think you might have heard of the Magic Tower researcher.”

Of course I know. Because there were only a few people who were working on it, its existence was not well known.

“How can I dare to be a researcher? I’m just a sinner.”

“I remember all the innocence you shouted in front of the Count.”

“It meant we were both guilty.”

“As I said before, that doesn’t really matter.”

The way he spoke seemed to cut off my side of the conversation, and I felt like I had to give up my dream of going to prison.

Aeon took out a small scroll from his arms. It was an object that felt magical.

When he opened it, an unknown text came into my view.

“Miss Selinia, please sign.”

“What is this?”

“It’s a contract.”

“It doesn’t look like it’s just a contract to become a researcher at the Magic Tower, does it?”

I don’t know the content, wait! I don’t know the content yet.

It was even more suspicious. I said while staring deeply at him.

“I don’t even know what it says.”

“Okay. I guess it would be best to inform you about the details of the contract.”

Surprisingly, he readily agreed to what I said.

“This is a subordination agreement. The master of the contract can see through everything about the subordinate, including his or her present and past. Also, you can convey your feelings and thoughts to your subordinates.”

His purple eyes glowed red.

“Subordinates can also feel their master’s feelings and thoughts, but only up to what the master wants to convey.”

“As a master, you can command servants just by thinking about it.”

“You can ask them to do anything.”

“A servant, or rather a subordinate, cannot have any secrets from his master.”

“Yes, that’s right. So that was the contents of the contract.”

The saliva that went down my throat was bitter and heavy.

“Then the owner of this contract is….”

“Of course, it’s me, Éon de Grand Noir.”

Aeon spoke without any hesitation. There was no need to ask who the subordinate was.

“Isn’t this a very unreasonable contract? I refuse.”

I said, turning my head to the right. This wasn’t courage. It was just an instinct like running away when you see an animal chasing you.

‘If you sign that contract, you will definitely end up in misery and die.’

“I think there’s a misunderstanding….”

Aeon’s finger touched the tip of my chin. His fingertips were cold, but the way he turned my face toward him was gentle.

I was confused by the gap, but his next words immediately calmed my agitation.

“I did not explain the contents of the contract to ask for your consent.”

I looked at him with a half-distorted expression.

“I am just informing you so that you could follow the formalities. I hope you don’t misunderstand.”

I held out my hand for a pen.

“No ink is needed. Your breath will replace the ink.”

My breath replaces the ink? At this point, I really felt like I was selling my soul to the devil. No, even when you sell your soul to the devil, you receive something in return.

This killer doesn’t have anything like that, so this is worse than a contract with the devil.

Selinia de Heirne.

It was the moment when even the last letter of the name was glowing bluish and was written into the contract.


An indescribable feeling of a foreign body welled up from deep within my heart.

“Do you feel sick? Or are you dizzy?”

Aeon asked without changing his expression. He wasn’t saying it because he was worried about me. He was simply observing my reactions as if he was observing a mouse in a laboratory.

“It may be awkward at first, but you will soon get used to it.”

As I looked at Aeon’s red eyes, I realized that these were his emotions.

‘So this is….. What on earth is this?’

It was a faded and unrecognizable feeling, like words written in an old history book. It seemed that only by sweeping away the dust that had accumulated on it and wiping it carefully would the original shape be revealed.

It was a kind of feeling that I didn’t necessarily wanted to know.

* * *

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