Chapter 49


Morrison, who had been immersed in the experiment, cheered for the survival of the test subject, enduring for three days. 

He supported the experiment subject’s survival more than anyone else. Morrison’s eyes, recalling the laboratory of the original world, narrowed with irritation.

‘If it weren’t because of Yu Myung-seok and Yu Gia. My plan would have been perfect.’

A pharmaceutical company that was receiving the best treatment. If Yu Myung-seok had followed as he said, such trouble wouldn’t have happened. Even he, as a scientist, created such a virus out of curiosity and acted indecisively in the end.

A small sacrifice could have allowed everyone to live in a world without diseases. 


Morrison, who couldn’t just stand by and watch it, had no choice but to step forward. Of course, if he could also cure the pancreatic cancer that he had, wouldn’t that be even better?

The health of a friend he had been researching with for decades was left in the dark, and now the virus that could cure it was being discarded. 


Morrison, thinking of Yu Myung-seok, filled with anger.

What about that guy’s daughter? He built a shelter, saved her from being driven away, and even turned her into an enhanced human. How dare she repay kindness with enmity? 

Like a parent, like a child.

With a look of pity, Morrison glanced upwards and snorted. 

‘In the end, I will be the winner.’

Bang! Despite the vibrations echoing on the floor, Morrison simply looked at the test subject with indifferent eyes.

“By the way, how did you know and climb up this deep mountain? Isn’t there anything to do?” 

Morrison, who was meticulously calculating and letting the blood flow into the vein, fell into deep thought.

Seems like a more developed place than he thought. 

It didn’t seem like such a primitive place, considering that they sent armed people just because a small village was destroyed. Moreover, there’s a black energy with a reddish tint.

When looking at the living environment, it didn’t seem to have developed much. Morrison turned his curious eyes to the state of the Knights, which was different from his expectations.

Morrison’s eyes sparkled as he watched the knights agilely avoid the dragon’s attacks and launch their attacks fairly competently. 

As expected. After this experiment is over, he should go outside and see how they are living. It seemed necessary to visually confirm how they were managing.

He’s been too complacent being trapped in this cave. He should have surveyed this place first. Morrison, who had never thought with a clear mind, scratched his head.

Whether his brilliant brain had also solidified, it seemed like there was a sound of his head rolling. Morrison, now realizing his stupidity, smacked his forehead.

“Well, better late than never.”

The generous Morrison, watching Kalion narrowly avoid the dragon’s attack, sighed. 

“I must use him as a test subject.”

Seeing Kalion with a combination of firmness and agility made Morrison’s mouth water. 

Perhaps because too much blood was shed, the humans leaping around, avoiding the dragon’s attacks, looked like well-prepared meat on a table.

“Ha… I’m thirsty.”

Morrison bit his lips tightly. If he consumed more blood here, he might lose consciousness again. 

Remembering the time and effort he had put into not eating human flesh, Morrison licked his lips. 

It’s maddening. Moistening his dry mouth, he smacked his tongue against his empty mouth. 

If he bit into those firm thighs, screams and juices would burst out. Regretful eyes followed Kalion.

Fighting in the narrow cave wasn’t relatively easy for the dragon, and it was struggling.

“Yongyong, give it more strength.”

Morrison, without much enthusiasm, cheered for the dragon, watching the knights narrowing in on it.



Kalion shouted. Blood trickled down Rockt’s forehead and mouth as he was knocked to the ground by the tail.

“Ugh, ugh. It’s, it’s alright.”

Rockt, who left a message not to worry about him, quickly got up from his place.

“Be careful, everyone!”

Kalion’s voice made the expressions of the knights more serious. 

Seeing humans skillfully dodging the dragon’s attacks, the dragon’s assaults became even more fierce. The initial leisure had disappeared, and the dragon’s claws flew without mercy.

“Oh… Seriously.”

As a large chunk fell from the ceiling, Morrison frowned. The dragon momentarily stiffened at the irritated voice.

Seizing the opportunity, Kalion swiftly attacked. 


Amplifying the power of the mana stone, Kalion aimed his sword, and the blade slipped between the scales and pierced the dragon’s skin in an instant. 

It would have been an impossible attack with a regular sword, but the high-quality mana stone Gregory had provided cut through the tough scales with tremendous force.

In pain, the dragon’s body jumped violently.


As if waiting for something, Kalion shouted, and along with the sound of air being torn apart, gunshots filled the cave.


Bullet with a blue glow traced the trajectory and penetrated the dragon’s forehead.


With each painful kick of the front legs, the dragon’s body convulsed, and one by one, the knights fell.

“What, what is this!”

Morrison’s grip weakened at the all-too-familiar sound.


He didn’t even realize that the sharp claws stuck in the throat had fallen off. The experiment subject, who had been hanging upside down, finally breathed the last breath as if relieved.

Alternating between the dead experiment subject and the dragon writhing in agony, Morrison took a few steps back.

“No, this can’t be.”

Morrison’s expression was dyed with astonishment at the sound he shouldn’t have heard.

“It’s impossible!”

The fact that the experiment subject died, the familiar sound of gunfire. Morrison found it hard to believe anything.

“Crazy! Who is it? Come out! Show yourself!”

Hearing the gunfire, the shoulder pierced by Gia a long time ago ached painfully. His fingertips trembled at the familiar pain.

“Damn it! Come out!”

Morrison, who lost his composure, kicked the body lying on the floor.

“Get up! You incompetent!”

Morrison shouted at the dragon, who was still writhing in pain.

Morrison’s cursing didn’t rouse the dragon from its mortal wounds.


All the knights stuck to the dragon, mercilessly thrusting their respective weapons before the mana stone’s power ran out, determined to settle the battle with the dragon.

The dragon fiercely roared as the knights desperately stabbed with their approaching weapons.

A knight’s body, thrusting a sword into the thick skin, slipped and fell without finding its center.


The screams of the knights, who fell and were crushed by the writhing body, echoed in the cave, but everyone did not stop. 

No, they couldn’t stop. They couldn’t let the sacrifices of the fallen knights go to waste.

The number of people had already halved. The eyes of the remaining knights were filled with venom.

People with only one goal—to kill—rushed forward without caring for their bodies.


Instinctively, the dragon, running out of the cave to escape, spread its wings wide. As the crimson blood film unfolded, Kalion, who was stabbing the dragon’s neck, lost his balance and fell backward.


“Where are you going? Come back here!”

Even when Morrison ordered the dragon covered in blood to come back, it didn’t listen, as if it had lost its sanity.


Struggling to regain balance, Kalion, without caring for the bloody dragon, raised his sword and cut through the blood film, leaping downward.


Even though the painful sounds made it seem like his ears were about to go deaf, Kalion didn’t stop his attacks.

Kalion, who had forcefully regained his balance, raised his sword without hesitation, cutting through the blood film. Ignoring the higher vantage point, he jumped down after the dragon.


Each time he flapped his wings, the wind stirred, making the fallen rocks obscure the view.

“Oh, no!”

Kalion shouted in agony at the sight of the dragon trying to escape. 

He couldn’t let it go.

Capturing Morrison was important, but the dragon, turned into a zombie, was just as dangerous. If he let it go now, he didn’t know when he would have another chance to capture it.


Responding to Kalion’s command, the knights who bent their bodies against the wind desperately exerted force on their legs.

With every flutter of the torn wings, the massive body rose into the sky. Kalion, who was staring at the dragon’s back, as if it would disappear into the sky at any moment, widened his eyes.


With a loud sound, the heavy body of the dragon, blocking half of the cave entrance, fell ungracefully to the ground.

“Where are you going? Nowhere.”

Before the dragon could rise, Gia, who had been waiting high at the cave entrance, leaped down onto its torso. 

Steadying herself on the swaying body, she jammed Gregory’s mana bullet into the exact spot she’d aimed for, the gaping hole between her brows, and squeezed the trigger of her pistol without hesitation.

Gia, who had witnessed Gregory’s confident claim of being able to capture the dragon, now saw the proof with her own eyes as she gracefully landed on the dragon’s head.

“Are you okay?”

Looking at Kalion, who had rushed to the entrance, Gia raised her eyebrows with concern.

Seeing Kalion, whose appearance was a mess but still quite impressive, Gia’s pounding heart gradually found peace.

Worried that Kalion might die amidst the tremendous noise from outside and the dragon’s roar, Gia’s heart melted when she saw him. 

“Inside… that guy Morrison is in there.”

Kalion, panting, spoke with blood flowing from his mouth.

“Take a moment to rest.”

Gia patted Kalion’s shoulder and confidently walked inside. Since there were no bullets left anyway, she holstered her pistol without hesitation.

With a bloody sword stained with blood from someone lying on the floor near the entrance, Gia quickly disappeared inside. Now it was her turn to finish the job.

If Gia could capture Morrison here, Kalion and his comrades wouldn’t have to go through such hardships anymore. 

Perhaps Gia could also return to her normal life.

As Gia steeled herself for the task at hand, the muscles beneath her small jaw clenched tightly. 

Once inside, Gia quickly scanned the sprawled-out members. Seeing the soldiers who had become victims in the battle against the dragon, their bodies in disarray on the floor, she tightly gripped the handle.


The bodies of the soldiers lying motionless on the floor were in a terrible state, soaked in blood. The hot flowing blood blurred Gia’s vision.

‘I will kill you, Morrison.’

Gia reaffirmed her determination.

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