It was 10 p.m. in Madrid, 5 a.m. in Shanghai, 6 a.m. in Seoul, 1 p.m. in Los Angeles… Commentators from different nationalities announced the same thing in different languages to the global audience:

—Shanghai R.H is the global champion!

R.H gave fans the most stable happiness. With a completely overwhelming attitude, they defeated the North American Devil without any suspense and won the annual championship of this international invitational tournament.

At this moment, the era of the Great Demon King of the East has officially arrived.

The [4:0] on the big screen also disappeared; the pink team theme color squeezed out the other half of silver-gray, covering the main screen and the two side screens.

All the lights converged on Yu Zhaohan. He wore headphones with an expressionless face. He couldn’t hear the whole audience shouting his ID at the top of his lungs. He could only see faces filled with tears and shouting with all their strength.

There was a loud bang and golden rain began to fall in the venue. Countless ribbons descended from the sky, dazzling, like fine sand flying in the ancient Egyptian desert.

Reflected in Yu Zhaohan’s eyes was this familiar golden scene, suddenly feeling a bit sluggish and trance-like.

It was over. He wasn’t Black Swan, not a sniper lurking in the Egyptian temple. He was Shine, he was at the competition venue, and he had just won the final with his teammates.

The belated excitement quickly spread through every cell in Yu Zhaohan’s body. Beside him, Cheese and Qi Xian hugged each other tightly. He originally thought that Cheese would be so excited that he cried, but unexpectedly he saw tears falling from the corners of Qi Xian’s eyes.

Even when he was crying, Qi Xian’s eyebrows were still curved.

Qi Xian was the oldest among the active players in R.H and also a member of the trio over 185 cm tall—yet even Qi Xian cried.

Yu Zhaohan also wanted to cry, but he was different from Qi Xian; he was the captain of R.H.

However, Bi An was also a captain, and he cried when he lost a game. Winning a final match with a 4:0 score should not be too low-key.

This was the final, and it was a 4:0 victory.

While Yu Zhaohan was still hesitating whether to hold back his tears, someone suddenly helped him take off his headphones.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, that person’s hand brushed across his cheek, fingertips burning, carrying the familiar and captivating breath.

—It was his favorite person.

Meeting the eyes of the boy, Yu Zhaohan’s excitement infinitely magnified, and he finally could make a sound: “Shi Du, we won, we are the champions!”

Shi Du laughed, youthful and wanton, exuding an arrogant exuberance.

Old Tan led the rest of the team to run onto the stage. He had decided; he wanted to take this opportunity to hug Shine, breaking away from the pitiful group in R.H who had never hugged the captain.

Then he saw Timeless holding Shine’s cheek and lowering his head towards Shine.

Old Tan glanced at the camera that was filming Shine and Timeless with faces almost glaring at them. He was so shocked that he almost had a heart attack. He stretched out his hands desperately, trying to stop this “tragedy”: “—No!”

Old Tan’s lament drowned in the overwhelming screams. Shi Du’s actions didn’t pause for a moment, and they were smoother than his actions in the game. He closed his eyes and pressed a quick kiss to the corner of Yu Zhaohan’s eyes.

Old Tan’s outstretched hand suddenly retracted, firmly covering his chest.

Thankfully, it was just a kiss on the face, there’s still hope.

Old Tan was overwhelmed with joy and sorrow since he had been tortured by his own duoble C and now had to help the culprit after the act: “Xiao Jiang, kiss me, quickly!”

Jiang Di: “?”

Old Tan hooked Jiang Di’s shoulder and planted a very manly kiss on the macho guy’s face: “We must prove to the fans that R.H’s straight guys are like this!”

Jiang Di: “.”

Jiang Di stiffened for a moment, underwent an intense ideological struggle in his mind, and finally returned a very straight kiss.

Cheese shouted until his throat went hoarse: “Ah, ah, I want to too! Xianxian, come kiss me! Stone, together?”

Stone couldn’t respond to Cheese’s invitation. Lu Youshan seemed to be about to faint from crying and had to rely on his support to stand firm on the stage.

Amidst the celebration, few noticed that three-quarters of the position at Lawman’s end had already emptied.

As soon as the match ended, the three Lawman players couldn’t wait to leave the stage. Umbra even left behind his peripherals; only Tide remained in his position.

Tide looked up at the golden rain falling for R.H. He was briefly distracted for two seconds, and then couldn’t help but stretched out his hand.

A golden ribbon fell on his palm.

Staff came over to remind him that his teammates had all left. Tide slowly closed his palm, then glanced in the direction of Yu Zhaohan before getting up and leaving.

Only the winners deserved the stage of the finals.

The R.H team members, having slightly settled their emotions, simultaneously directed their gazes towards the center of the arena—the golden, bullet-shaped trophy standing there, witnessing their entire championship journey.

Because he hadn’t cried due to his boyfriend suddenly kissing him, Yu Zhaohan decided to be more imposing with his teammates once again.

Coaches and players, starters and substitutes, front stage and backstage, they all walked forward together. With concerted effort, they lifted the bullet-shaped trophy.

The photographer timely pressed the shutter, freezing the scene in this moment.

Old Tan with a frightened face and a professional fake smile, Lu Youshan in a semi-faint state, Boulder who struggled to hold the coach but still smiling, Jiang who expressed his mood with his muscles, Cheese with a row of teeth exposed at the corners of his mouth, and Clown with narrow eyes and long hair—each had their unique expression.

Li Yuexi, watching this scene from below the stage, was so overwhelmed that his eyes turned red, his voice hoarse: “Looking at them, I feel my E-sports soul is burning! Brother, I want to drop out of school and go pro!”

Nan Xu was used to the style of his junior brother, thinking one thing and immediately saying it. He said calmly: “I advise you to think twice. If you drop out of school now, your final homework will be in vain.”

Li Yuexi immediately calmed down: “Forget it, I won’t have to go professional, but I want to devote myself to the E-sports industry for the rest of my life!”

Saying this, the little boss cheered and rushed onto the stage, hugging them heartily.

Li Yuexi boldly booked the top-floor presidential suite of the hotel as the venue for the celebration. This hotel was located in Madrid’s famous Golden Triangle of Art, with a long history and having hosted numerous European royalty members.

The price for one night in the presidential suite was not cheap, but compared to the $11,000 that R.H had just won, it was the cost of buying a pack of instant noodles.

The tension that had lasted throughout the entire postseason could finally be completely released without any worries. No smoking ban, no drinking ban, no whatever bans—all lifted!

However, most of the R.H members didn’t smoke, nor did they engage in any sexual activities. Eating and drinking were their best ways of celebrating.

Snacks from the Michelin restaurant were sent over as if they were free. Red wines in the five-digit range were opened one after another, but what the boys loved even more were the cheap and unhealthy fried chicken, potato chips, and beer.

Yu Zhaohan didn’t bother pretending much either. Whatever Shi Du handed him, he ate. If Qi Xian and the others invited him to drink, he wouldn’t refuse. If he got drunk, he wouldn’t mind. He had been drunk before when Wan Feng left, and he knew that when he got drunk, he would obediently go to sleep.

Lu Youshan was the first to get drunk. Holding the championship trophy, he alternated between crying and laughing, muttering words under his breath.

Jiang Di’s alcohol tolerance didn’t match his physique. After a few drinks, he lifted Cheese as if he were a dumbbell. Stone and Qi Xian couldn’t rescue Cheese from his hands even when they tried together.

Socialite Old Tan had the best alcohol tolerance, but he drank a lot too, singing songs to Yu Zhaohan while swaying: “You still owe me a hug…”

Shi Du asked Old Tan to stay aside.

“Brothers, I have decided!” Li Yuexi with his red face, stretched out five fingers boldly, Fifty thousand dollars in prize money for each person in the finals—USD!”

Cheese, who had been put down by Jiang Di, dazedly used his fingers to calculate the exchange rate: “How much is fifty thousand US dollars in Chinese yuan…”

Qi Xian smiled and supported him and said, “It’s enough for you to buy a house in most cities.”

Yu Zhaohan sat on the sofa, leaning his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder, watching them laughing and having fun, opening his mouth from time to time to accept Shi Du’s feeding.

The group continued to make noise until three or four in the morning, some were drunk, some were asleep, and the celebration finally came to an end.

The suite had three bedrooms, and people could sleep on the sofa in the living room as well. Cheese and the others decided to sleep here. Yu Zhaohan, fighting against his drunkenness and weariness, took the championship trophy from Lu Youshan’s arms, “Shi Du, let’s go back to our room.”

Shi Du thought about taking care of the drunk Yuyu, so he didn’t drink too much and remained clear-headed. He helped Yu Zhaohan put on his coat and the hat on the hoodie, and then lifted Yu Zhaohan in a koala hug.

Yu Zhaohan’s face expertly buried into Shi Du’s shoulder, full of a sense of security. Even if someone saw them on the way, it didn’t matter.

Yu Zhaohan held the championship cup while Shi Du held him, and the two returned to the room smelling of alcohol.

Shi Du put Yu Zhaohan on the bed and stood up to go to the bathroom to fill the tub. The sleepy Yu Zhaohan suddenly caught him.

“What’s wrong,” Shi Du asked, “Are you thirsty and want a drink of water?”

Yu Zhaohan tried his best to open his eyes wide and said: “Shi Du, today is the auspicious day for us to win the championship…”

Upon hearing the words “auspicious day,” Shi Du had a premonition. Something that had been suppressed for a long time surged up. He lowered his head and kissed Yu Zhaohan’s lips, which carried the taste of alcohol. “You got a quadruple kill, you are so awesome, Yuyu.”

Yu Zhaohan also smiled at him: “But, I’m so sleepy, I should sleep.”

Shi Du comforted him, “Take a bath first before sleeping, or it won’t be comfortable.”

“Help me wash, thanks,” Yu Zhaohan said with difficulty. There was something he had to tell Shi Du before he fell asleep, “And, don’t forget me later.”

Shi Du: “…”

He seemed to understand why Yu Zhaohan had been drinking all night.

“Are you intentionally trying to get yourself drunk?”

Yu Zhaohan nodded, “Once I’m drunk and pass out, I won’t feel the pain anymore.”

“…There’s no need to push yourself so hard. I have my own ways to make sure you don’t hurt that much. I’ve learned them a long time ago,” Shi Du said stubbornly. “And I don’t want to do that kind of thing when you’re unconscious. At that time, the only one doing the review would be me.”

Yu Zhaohan didn’t believe Shi Du’s teasing. They had tried so many times, and it hurt every time.

“Anyway, take this opportunity to put me to sleep. It will be our first-night anniversary, which is also our championship anniversary.”

Shi Du hesitated, “This… isn’t it a bit too much? It’s embarrassing. How about another day?”

Yu Zhaohan’s eyelids felt like they weighed a ton, and he was about to give in. He spoke fiercely before falling asleep, “Shi Du, promise me, okay? I won’t be at ease unless you promise me.”

“Okay, okay, I promise you. I’ll wait for you to sleep, and then I’ll be with you.” Shi Du assured Yu Zhaohan with complex emotions, “Go to sleep quickly, don’t force yourself, be good.”

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