IPL’s departure was unusually quiet. They wanted to say goodbye to their brothers, but R.H and DSD were busy preparing for the next match, and time was precious. They had been old friends for a long time, and they didn’t mind this momentary separation. They could always gather properly when everyone returned home.

IPL was the global runner-up last year, but this year they only made it to the top five. Some fans were dissatisfied with this result. In the world of esports, only winners have the right to avoid criticism. IPL’s players, especially Xu and Bi An, were cursed to varying degrees. Xu was the first to bear the burnt, followed closely by Bi An.

Bi An, who was approaching the age of thirty, faced retirement every time they lost a match and had to go back to work in the factory. He had gotten used to it. After returning to China, he posted on Weibo to respond to retirement rumors.

[IPL.Bi An: Thank you for your concern, I have arrived in Beijing. Resting for a few days, see you in the national team. PS: R.H, DSD, good luck (in no particular order)]

There are still two matches in Berlin, the loser bracket semi-final and final.

DSD was previously sent to the loser bracket by PPZ. Now the two teams meet again in the loser bracket, and DSD fought a beautiful comeback, winning 4:2, securing a spot in the loser bracket final, and retaining a global top-three position.

Due to the tournament format, DSD had to face PPZ first. Losing meant elimination, winning meant a chance to compete with Lawman for the remaining spot in the grand final. So, DSD focused more on training against PPZ.

DSD had to face Lawman the day after they finished playing against PPZ, who had been waiting calmly and well-prepared. Lawman defeated DSD with a score of 4:1.

With this, DSD was eliminated, securing a global third place. R.H and Lawman entered the global final as winners of the winner and loser brackets, ready to stage the pinnacle battle once again in Madrid, Spain.

Since Lawman changed its usual high-profile style, after losing, the hosts from the Western Division wanted to interview them. They all coldly ignored the microphones, as if the ones who made them lose were not themselves but others.

Previously, not only did they brag about winning official matches, but even if they dominated opponents in training matches, they would still chatter on Twitter.

Paradox even had a chart on Twitter. It was initially used to count Lawman’s small-game map winning streak. After IPL scored a point in their hands, Paradox updated the table to a winning streak overall. Later, R.H interrupted the overall winning streak, Paradox suddenly went silent on Twitter.

Now, perhaps because they made it to the final, Lawman’s overly inflated confidence was rekindled. Maybe it’s because they had to show their fans the confidence to seek revenge in the final. Several of them resurrected on Twitter.

[Umbra: This time, the goddess of luck will not stand with R.H]

Other than Umbra, Paradox also posted an “apology” on Twitter.

[Paradox: After losing to R.H, I blamed myself very much and couldn’t sleep for several days. I can’t help but wonder if I would be able to perform better if I wasn’t sick. I’m extremely sorry…I will never make the same mistake in the finals]

When Cheese saw these two tweets, he scratched his head: “I always feel what Umbra and Paradox said was weird, but I couldn’t tell what it was, but it sounded uncomfortable.”

Qi Xian explained: “Umbra is saying that we can win against Lawman because of luck.”

Shi Du added: “Paradox affirmed Umbra’s statement and provided evidence.”

Most of the people who can comment on Twitter are fans of n, and their style of painting is completely different from that on Weibo.

[Paradox ate something bad before the game and had a stomachache, so his condition was definitely not as good as usual. If it weren’t for this incident, how could R.H possibly beat Lawman.]

[There is obviously something wrong with Tide, otherwise, how do you explain that he’s in top form against other teams but underperforms against the Chinese teams? Is he really not fixing matches?]

[Also, in the sixth game of that match, Tide’s virus stealth state was instantly killed by Shine. Shine also mentioned in the post-match interview that he could headshot Tide all relying on luck.]

[R.H’s luck is really too good, it’s like they are using cheats.]

[Cheating is impossible; I trust the league’s referees. But R.H’s luck is indeed abnormally good, to the point that they would win the lottery.]

[I remember in the pre-game trash-talk section, Timeless said he would pray for survival and even do fortune-telling. I don’t know if it has anything to do with mysticism.]

[Don’t tell me, there are some things in the East that are really mysterious and difficult to understand with common sense]

[Is this the mysterious power from the east [horror]]

“Timeless really hit the mark.” Old Tan looked like he had seen the world. “Paradox’s pretentious behavior before the game by pretending to be sick was a foreshadowing!”

After Cheese finished reading the translated comments, the word “ridiculous” was written all over his eyes. “The key is that some fans actually believe it! Are they stupid? If mysticism really worked, wouldn’t the teams from the Eastern Division win the championship every year?!”

Shi Du scoffed coldly: “You also said that those are Lawman’s fans.”

Jiang Di’s fist clenched: “It’s unreasonable.”

Stone said angrily: “Is it so difficult to admit that others are excellent?”

Shi Du was not surprised at all: “Not being able to accept defeat is Lawman’s corporate culture.”

In the past two years, Lawman had won more and lost less, and many people almost forgot what they looked like when they lost. In summary, they win games based on skill, and when they lose, it’s due to various external factors—players getting sick, not adapting to the environment, opponents having good luck, and so on.

The so-called North American devil likes nothing more than to find fault with others. In Lu Youshan’s words, this is the sin of arrogance.

“Why bother about them?” Old Tan took Cheese’s phone and locked the screen for him. “Don’t go to the external network to get upset during this time. Isn’t it pleasant to listen to fans praising you on the intranet?”

There was a sense of frustration in Yu Zhaohan’s heart. He said that his shot was pure luck. It was just for showing off. Why are people still bringing this up?

He didn’t deny that hitting the head of an invisible virus with one shot was 80% luck, but first, he had to be able to estimate Tide’s approximate position, accurately judge the height of the virus hero, and have a precise understanding of the position of the head to have that 20% chance.

Moreover, luck is also a kind of skill.

Yu Zhaohan couldn’t show his anger, and he had to say calmly, “Ignore them, let’s continue training.”

Old Tan checked the time and said, “When you’ve practiced enough, gather at the restaurant on the fifth floor. We have some VIPs coming today. Let’s spend an hour accompanying them for dinner.”

These days of intense training, their meals were served in front of the computer, taking no more than twenty minutes.

Yu Zhaohan’s voice carried the chill of winter. “What VIPs? And we have to accompany them.”

“The little boss and his wife,” Old Tan said, “They flew all the way here to support us. It’s not too much to have a meal together, right?”

Yu Zhaohan was stunned, subconsciously looking at Shi Du, who was also looking at him.

Obviously, Shi Du and he had the same idea.

If this couple hadn’t appeared in time, opening the door to a new world for them, given his and Shi Du’s slowness in understanding each other’s feelings, he probably would have treated Shi Du as just a teammate for quite some time.

For Yu Zhaohan and Shi Du, the little boss and his wife were not just financial backers.

Yu Zhaohan said: “Okay, it’s not too much.”

Qi Xian smiled and joked: “The captain is also going to bow down to Capitalist Dad?”

“It’s not about bowing down.” Yu Zhaohan said, “The little boss and the boss’s wife are the life mentors of Timeless and me.”

Everyone except Qi Xian and Shi Du: “…What?”

Shi Du couldn’t help laughing and his shoulders were shaking: “Indeed.”

Yu Zhaohan didn’t understand why his boyfriend was laughing and asked, “Why are you laughing?”

Shi Du said honestly: “Nothing, just feel like you’re exaggerating a bit.”

Although the little boss and his wife did open the door to a new world for them, it was at most a catalyst. He had confidence in his own intelligence. Even without the guidance of the little boss and his wife, he would eventually realize that he liked Yu Zhaohan.

It was so obvious; his heart wasn’t blind.

So life mentors are really not necessary Yuyu.

Yu Zhaohan couldn’t hear Shi Du calling him Yuyu in his mind and squinted discontentedly. “So, are you questioning me?”

Seeing that their double C was about to quarrel, Lu Youshan and Stone became nervous as if they were facing a formidable enemy.

Everyone knew about Tiless’s bad temper. If he maintained his young master attitude in front of the captain, then…

Shi Du smiled and said, “I don’t dare.”

Yu Zhaohan sneered: “Really? I think you are very brave.”

Lu Youshan sweated. With the finals approaching, he’d be single for twenty years if it meant Shine and Timeless could be sweet and harmonious without changing their tacit understanding.

“I was wrong, okay?” Shi Du suddenly became a repentant little brother. “Captain, don’t be angry.”

Stone and Lu Youshan simultaneously breathed a sigh of relief. That’s right, just like that. Well said, Timeless!

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