Chapter 1. Encountering Blackout Abby


I’ve experienced numerous roguelike games, and I’m curious about which item or possession I find to be the most absurd.

Engaging in possession of a villainous character to steal your spouse, abandoning both your mistress and husband, only to enter a relationship with an intelligent individual known as the Black Mask, or forming a reverse harem, are all intriguing and unconventional relationship choices.

However, one distinct and unheard-of scenario that stands out in Lopan is…

Becoming romantically involved with a black father who is on the verge of facing execution by guillotine.


Yeah. It is okay to be black and white. Everything is fine.

Do you know how you may tame a tyrant and turn him into your daughter’s idiot? A tyrant can be tamed, but he’s just a black-faced father who hasn’t been into any trouble yet. I planned to bake him up and turn him into any other daughter’s idiot father, and then live off of him.

But I was curious as to why…… why…….

“Oh, Daddy…… now, wait a minute…… heh.”Why…… I’m in bed with a sleeping dad!

* * *

As is usual in many stories, an event of possession occurred one day. Aria became possessed, and even though she wasn’t the main character, she found a ray of hope in an otherwise unfortunate situation.

The spirit that now inhabited her was of royal blood. Her father was a crown prince, and her mother was a wealthy figure.tal marquis.

As if that weren’t enough, despite their political ties, the two seemed to be fairly close.

Given their history, the previous mention of “Aria” makes sense. When you analyze the past tense employed in the phrase “Her father was a crown prince,” the scenario takes a worse twist.

This implies that Aria’s father, the crown prince, was ousted. His severe temperament led the emperor to intervene and deprive him of his royal rank.

Aria’s father’s downfall continued as he was forced to make a dishonorable oath, renouncing any chance of regaining the throne again, and he was left with just the title of Grand Duke of Wittelsbach after losing his imperial authority.

Regrettably, his fall from grace aligned with the dissolution of their engagement. Yet, it appears there were further challenges on the way.

Unfortunately, Aria’s disgraced father cannot let go of his lust for power and is discreetly planning to rebel, and if the script is to be believed, his daughter, Aria, is destined to be exploited as a weapon by her would-be rebel father and executed at the guillotine with him.


Aria swallowed hard, recalling the original. She wiped her brow and lamented her situation.

But she couldn’t do anything because she was already possessed.

All she could do now was try to do her best to surpass the original.

If it was any consolation, Aria’s father, Caelius, hadn’t found that he had a daughter. I could avoid the guillotine as long as I remained hidden and undetected…until……!

Until yesterday.

The mysterious Black Daddy unexpectedly came in search of Aria ten years after she was possessed, repeating the events of the original story.

“You must be Aria,” he said, his voice deep and raspy, sending shivers down Aria’s spine. She’d been living a calm and boring existence, tucked away in a hidden area of the mansion like a mouse.

How did he find out about her and track her down? The situation irritated her and filled her with feverish dread as if this was the end of her story.

Aria’s mother, Aeryn, protested as she shivered in fear, saying, “Your Grace! What kind of disrespect is this!”

Caelius showed no reaction as he stood in front of her, focusing solely on Aria’s delicate and frail physique. He had no idea he had a daughter.

Caelius just discovered he had a daughter because of Aeryn’s diligent efforts to keep Aria hidden. “No,” he said. “Or, to be more precise, I never imagined she would be mine.”

Caelius continued to look at Aria with an expressionless face. In contrast to himself, whose once blonde and golden-eyed appearance had changed due to the loss of his imperial authority, Aria possessed brilliant golden hair and eyes, unmistakable signs that she carried imperial power within her.

Those golden eyes and hair were more convincing proof of Aria’s origin than any other; she was the daughter of Caelius, the Empire’s former crown prince.

Aria’s unwavering gaze rose from its bowed position to meet her father. His black hair and eyes, in contrast to his daughter’s, resembled the night sky, and his commanding stature demanded a long, appreciative look.

His muscular, athletic body was hidden behind his immaculate shirt. He appeared almost too perfect as if he had walked right out of the book.

Aria felt a rush of conflicting emotions sweep over her as she glanced at him, some of which churned in her stomach. The intensity of his gaze grabbed her as if he had her captivated.

“Cae… Lius…” His name spilled out of her mouth without even realizing it. She covered her mouth automatically, a mixture of surprise and frustration sweeping over her. Caelius, on the other hand, was already wearing an intriguing smile on his face.

Then she heard the words that verified her worst fears: “You know me.”

Aria had a feeling that things were about to go wrong.

* * *

Aria was sitting in a comfortable carriage, but her pain caused her to fidget, making her body tight and rigid, which was understandable. After all, she was being taken to the Grand Duke’s mansion in a carriage bearing the Archduke of Wittelsbach’s seal and accompanied by Caelius himself, just like the original script called for.

Unfortunately, Aria’s trusted Aeryn was powerless to stop Caelius from taking her daughter. Caelius retained his royalty after losing his imperial power, whereas Aeryn was simply a marquise. There was nothing she could do; he was her father, not a stranger.

Aria’s gaze shifted to the window, capturing the strange view outside.

Aria had spent the majority of her time in the Marquis’ attic since the possession i, thus this was her first time venturing outside. As she took in the foreign scenery, she quietly thanked Aeryn for sheltering her all these years. Although she knew that her gratitude would never reach her, it came from the bottom of her heart.

‘I’m sure your mother was aware…’

Aria couldn’t help but think about the possible consequences. When the world learned of Caelius’ royal lineage, it was obvious that a war for the throne would begin.

Fortunately, Aeryn had been careful not to reveal Aria’s presence to anybody other than certain individuals. Aria couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness; she’d gotten very connected to Aeryn over the years.

Following her divorce from Caelius, Aeryn had purposely distanced herself from social circles, making it even more difficult to find her in the future.

“Hah…” Aria sighed, and she noticed Caelius, who was sitting opposite her and watching her. Despite his obvious smile, his eyes looked lifeless. Aria swallowed forcefully, a shudder going down her spine. Caelius then smiled again, this time with a kinder face, and began to talk.

“So, did you mention your name is Aria?”

“It’s …….”

“From now on, you will be Aria von Wittelsbach.”

He radiated excitement, as if ecstatic that Aria would take his surname. His smile took her breath away for a second.

My interest in his remarkable appearance, however, was fleeting. I couldn’t shake the sense of impending doom that hung over my head like a guillotine.

As I watched the events unfold, I couldn’t help but think, “If this continues to follow the original script…” The prospect of my demise seemed all too real.

Aria had never heard of the guillotine before being possessed. It used to be only a picture in a history book, but today it casts a dismal shadow over her life.

Aria nervously bit on her lower lip, her nervousness was obvious.

Caelius kept a nice smile on his face, whether he knew it or not.

Aria’s unexpected anger was fueled by the person who had set this entire chain of events in action, who was completely unaware of her inner agony.

Aria gave him a piercing look of incredulity.

Of course, this is a revised version:

Caelius had an undeniably flawless and smooth skin that made it difficult to believe he was of African descent.

“But I’m not fooled; who would be taken in by that facade?” Aria clenched her fists tightly and became tense, knowing what had happened.

Caelius von Wittelsbach was a man half-crazed from his extensive time on the battlefields. He was a little short of insane beneath his polished and friendly appearance.

Rumors spread that he was actively looking out for wars to engage in the act of taking lives as a form of amusement.

In his homeland, he was known as the “God of the Battlefield,” but in other countries, he was called a murderer, a harbinger of death on the battlefield, and other derogatory titles. That’s all there is to say about his initial dismissal, which was due to his excessive brutality.

Aria’s face darkened as she realized what had happened, and then Caelius spoke up, his tone remarkably controlled.

“You seem rather taken startled by my sudden appearance.”

Caelius spoke the heavily accented Imperial language effortlessly, displaying a calm and relaxed demeanor.

Aria, upon hearing his pleasant voice, became even more alert, as it contradicted her understanding of his true nature. His warm smile and gentle tone made Aria consider that, had she not known his true identity, she might have willingly embraced him.

The kindness emanating from the man before her seemed incompatible with any association with murder.

In fact, unlike her, the original Aria had been completely fooled by Caelius. From the moment they met until she took her final breath, he had treated her as nothing more than a useful pawn in his cruel schemes. His brutality was so extreme that she even questioned whether he could be her father.

Faced with all of these uncomfortable truths, facing Caelius made her nervous. Her heart was racing so fast that she thought it might burst from her chest.

Dizziness enveloped her as if this moment would be her undoing, much like the dreadful end of the movie’s original Aria.

The rest of the world mocked Caelius as a “toothless tiger,” but Aria saw right through it. He was never helpless, but rather a violent predator disguised as a harmless one.

In the end, she had no choice but to embrace her true identity as Aria von Wittelsbach, which she had long desired.

* * *

Everything happened just as it did in the original story. Caelius showered Aria with magnificent chambers, expensive clothing, and exquisite jewelry in preparation for Aria’s arrival at the Grand Duke’s mansion to earn her adoration. But it didn’t stop there; he put on a warm smile and whispered sweetly in her ear, all while hiding his true intentions under the mask of a loving father.

“I understand that adapting to this sudden change of surroundings won’t be easy for you, but I hope that you’ll find a home here as quickly as possible.”

With those words, Caelius stroked his fingers over Aria’s hair, which seemed to be the same color as his own in his youth, his touch filled with tenderness.

“If you ever need assistance, my office is always at your disposal,” he said gently and caringly.

Aria, who was aware of his real personality even while wearing this misleading appearance, vowed not to be duped by the charade.

“Don’t be deceived; it’s all a grand falsehood,” she warned herself, hiding her genuine feelings as she nodded agreeably and cast a scrutinizing glance in his direction.

Caelius returned with an even sweeter smile this time, despite her doubts. Aria was somewhat puzzled by the way his eyes wrinkled at the corners. He didn’t look to be a father with a grown daughter.

Caelius had perfect skin and a silky black hair mane. His nose was razor-sharp, and his lips created a clean line on his well-defined jaw. Even his eyes, though a little tired, appeared to glow with life in Caelius’ presence.

Aria found herself staring at him, their gazes locked for a little while. Caelius laughed softly and then she averted her sight, blushing with embarrassment.

“Did you notice something on my face?” he asked, his tone light and playful, more similar to a father tormenting his beloved daughter.

His words were so sweet that she forgot about the original context for a time.

“Oh, no… I’m sorry,” she regretfully said.

Aria quickly apologized, feeling ashamed. Caelius softly patted her shoulder in return, as if to comfort her that it was unnecessary.

“It was just a joke. There’s no need for you to apologize for something like that.”

Aria remained mute.

“Instead, I should apologize for being an inadequate father who has just recently found his daughter,” Caelius added softly, staying close to Aria.

“We’ve been separated for so long, so I want to temporarily set aside my work and focus on being a father to my daughter.”

Aria knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that what Caius was saying now was a lie. She knew exactly what she was talking about because she had read the original story.

“He appears genuinely sincere, doesn’t he…? Are you certain this is the Caiaphas I’m familiar with?” Aria’s eyes widened, and despite her best efforts not to be misleading, she couldn’t believe how much friendlier Caelius was acting toward her.

“We have plenty of shopping to do, and I believe we should go out together soon,” Caelius said as he gently stroked Aria’s golden hair away from her shoulders. It took all of her might to keep her mouth shut, and she could barely manage a nod.

He kept the same reassuring look on his face.

Despite his warm smile, Aria felt an ice shiver settle over her. She felt a draining sensation as if her blood were leaving her body.

Her breathing got constricted as if an unfathomable pressure was crushing down on her, as she struggled to keep eye contact with him.

“This doesn’t add up. Don’t be taken in. Don’t be taken in,” she repeated herself as she rushed to her new room.

Aria closed the heavy wooden door behind her and then grabbed a little bag that barely counted as luggage. She took out her original notebook, where she had meticulously written about the important events of the original story as she remembered them, right from the moment she became possessed.

The disparity between the Caelius she knew and the Caelius she had met in person was so great that Aria felt the need to organize her jumbled thoughts.

As she read through her notes, she remembered a scene from the original story in which Aeryn and Cailius had an unpleasant conversation.

“Divorced, Your Majesty. Even if you were abdicated, if you were to divorce me abruptly like this, I would…”

“That’s none of my concern.”


“There are some commoner men you’ve always been fond of, and I believe you’d fit in well with them. They would be better suited to your position.”

Caelius, stripped of his Imperial power and authority, had nothing left to hide, and he was forbidden from revealing his actual personality to Aeryn since his defeat.

He consistently displayed to his fiancée the bare minimum of courtesy, but now, almost as if on cue, he had turned cold.

“I’m afraid your family is no longer important to me.”

“Do you still believe you can reverse this situation?”

“Did you think I’d be happy with a scarecrow acting under Jim’s guidance?”

“His Majesty is unaware of the matter.”

Caelius’ mouth twitched in response to Aeryn’s arrogant attitude, and he shook his head as if to say, “Try again,” before Aeryn responded.

“You better fulfill your responsibilities.”

There was no response, and Kylius could only muster a wry smile. Yes, this was the type of man Cailius was.

A selfish, self-centered person who’s ready to discard you once you are no longer useful.

As she revisited the scene from the original story, Aria had another awakening, confirming once more that she was, indeed, possessed—possessed by a novel. The realization dawned upon her that she was truly under the influence of the power of the tale.

“Am I… not going to meet my end at Caelius’s hands because I’m attempting to deviate from the original storyline?” Aria wiped her tears away, bemoaning the complicated web of events she had tied herself in.

“Yes, I may have briefly been misled by Caelius’s outwardly friendly demeanor, but I must never forget.”

He stands with his feet soaked in the blood of many others, knowing that his path will end in death.

* * *

Caelius had a deft touch with people. Even when he was renowned as the god of war and made everyone fear him, he would smile and lend his hand to those in need.

It was as if he was saying, “You hold a special place in my heart. Despite the harsh rumors surrounding me, I genuinely treasure and value you.”

Indeed, people under his care, including Aeryn frequently experienced a strange sense of luxury in his treatment.

Caelius showed little compassion to most people, but he was extravagantly generous to those he considered his own. They followed him with unwavering loyalty, oblivious to the underlying intentions, relishing in the superiority they felt due to his benevolent appearance.

They wanted to be a part of the coveted “circle of Caelius” and reveled in the feeling of being chosen at random.

Most people were afraid to even speak with Caelius since, once you became one of his chosen, he could easily remove any blunder with a witty remark and hearty laughter.

This instilled a great sense of individuality in noblewomen, noblemen, unmarried youths, and young men. The nobles, driven by an instinctive urge to constantly display their superiority over others, sought his favor even more eagerly.

This remained true until he was appointed crown prince.

Caelius furrowed his brows while sorting through the documents in his hands, his mind grappling with lingering concerns. A throbbing headache pulsed in his head, prompting a groan as he pressed his temples. Just then, a knock echoed at the door.

“Your Majesty, the meal is prepared,” announced the attendant.

Caelius set down the papers he had been examining. “And what about your daughter?”

“The Princess arrived ahead of time.”

“Very well, I will come downstairs.”

As a result, Caelius removed a vial from his desk drawer, took quite a few pills, and rose from his chair. His lengthy strides echoed down the luxurious corridor, his visage serious as that of a wax statue.

He spotted a little, golden-haired lady sitting firmly in the dining room. Caelius’s solemn expression relaxed, and a pleasant smile appeared on his lips.


“Ah, Father…”

As she took her seat across from him, Aria’s answer quivered like a rabbit on the verge of peril.

“Father, there’s no need for such formality,” she remarked, and Caelius agreed quickly, as he didn’t appear to be the kind to be addressed as “Father.”

“So, what would you prefer to call me from now on…?”

Aria asked shyly, her fingers fidgeting uncomfortably and her glance darting around like a kitten unsure of its surroundings.

“Feel free to call me Dad.”

Her face tightened slightly as she heard the foreign title, but she quickly relaxed into a smile.

“Yes, Daddy…”

Her cheeks reddened and her gaze dropped as if she was embarrassed by Caelius’s adoration.

The lunch arrived just as the mood between them began to feel awkward. It was all beautifully prepared, but Aria couldn’t enjoy a single bite.

Caelius posed as a loving father once more, asking her a series of questions about her well-being, how she succeeded in concealing her royal identity, her favorite dishes, and her dietary restrictions.

As she provided her responses, Aria couldn’t help but wonder if he was the same Caelius she had known from the original story.

Aria retreated to her room after finishing her supper with him, frustratedly pinching her thumb and fingers together.

“I can’t acclimate to this situation… again.”

Despite her awareness of the original story, he had questioned it with such a friendly demeanor that she almost fell for it.

“I’m afraid, I’m afraid…”

Aria sighed, her fingers massaging her goosebumps on her arms.

‘Honestly, I don’t care if he pretends to be a good father or not, that’s fine, that’s all well and good, but please don’t manipulate me into treason. I wasn’t asking for anything undeserved; I just wanted peace and security in my life. But the reality is that I was destined to be executed alongside Caelius…’

Aria wiped her eyes with her hands in despair, and then an idea came to her.

“What can I do to survive…?”

Isn’t that all there is to it? Appeasing a demanding or domineering father by acting like a child is a strategy used by numerous children to deal with their parents’ demands.

“Even though my father is not a tyrant, he’s using blackmail…”

The scene is set, and Aria is determined to make a bold move.

“Okay, let’s give it a try.”

If she fails, she will be executed by guillotine. She’s willing to turn Caelius into an adoring father, destroy the rebellion, and make sure they live happily ever after, as in many other cunning daughter’s tales.

“I can do this, it’s alright.”

Aria made a solemn vow with her hands clenched.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate regretting my actions later.”

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