He felt his underwear being pulled down, exposing his p*nis to the air.

Glancing down, beyond his disgustingly erect p*nis, were dorky glasses and flushed cheeks.

She wasn’t the least bit attractive.

He closed his eyes, not wanting to see at all.

“Author Joo… Y-You’re huge…”

“Do you have any complaints?”

“N-No… You’re just… so amazing…”

Eun Sae exclaimed in admiration as she tightly grasped the massive pillar with her hand.


The mere stimulation almost made Joo Kang Hyun choke. He didn’t know whether it was because of his drunkenness or the pent-up s*xual desire he had accumulated over time that his erect*on wouldn’t dissipate even with a woman like this.

‘I can do it. I can do it.’

Eun Sae silently chanted the mantra, stroking the terrifyingly massive pillar.

…I never expected it to be this big.

Honestly, with his good looks, she had assumed his d*ck would be small. It was often said that well-built men tended to lack in that aspect…

If it were author Joo, she believed she could love even a small chili pepper… She believed she could love something as small as her middle finger…

This is rather… Why on earth do you carry a forearm between your legs…?

Unlike his dainty features, his p*nis looked quite ferocious. The rugged sh*ft had a slightly curved end, with veins protruding all over…It was embarrassing to describe it this way, but it looked like a…monster c*ck. How did author Joo… come to possess such a p*nis?

The gl*ns were also so big…even with her mouth wide open, it was hard to fit it inside… It reminded her of the torture at the dentist’s office.

But…… But this is the author Joo’s p*nis…Eun Sae’s chest heaved uncontrollably.

How many times had she imagined having s*x with him……!

Among those fantasies was a scene of tying him up and making fun of his p*nis.

Recalling that moment, Eun Sae moved her mouth as hard as she could.

However, it didn’t work out as expected.

‘I thought I could do well… … In my head, I was really good at it…!’

The gap between reality and imagination was huge.

Eun Sae vowed to draw the male lead’s p*nis bigger as soon as she returned home.


After a long time of using her lips and tongue diligently, he pushed Eun Sae away.

“Author Joo…”

Eun Sae stumbled backward, blinking at him.

With flushed cheeks, Joo Kang Hyun swiftly adjusted his pants and stood up. If it weren’t for his reddened face, he would have looked completely sober.

“Go back.”

“Author Joo…”

“Hah, please just leave.”

Joo Kang Hyun opened the locked door and stepped outside. Left alone, Eun Sae clenched her fists in tears.

No… This can’t be happening…

I should have done better…! It was my only chance!

Missing such a golden opportunity…

If she had done well, it could have been a chance to sleep with Joo Kang Hyun.

To miss the opportunity to create lifelong memories… Tears trickled down her cheeks in regret.

With heavy steps filled with lingering regrets, Eun Sae left Joo Kang Hyun’s house and returned to her officetel.

* * *

Clank. Click-

Hearing the sound of the front door locked, Joo Kang Hyun bit his lip and entered his personal space. He immediately undressed and headed toward the shower.

Turning on the shower, he stood beneath the water, gripping his p*nis and shooking it vigorously.

F*ck… Damn it…

He had almost ej*culated into Kim Eun Sae’s mouth. Honestly, even his inexperienced self could tell that Kim Eun Sae’s bl*wjob was poor.

But why did that moment feel so arousing?

Was it because of the alcohol? The touch of her lips and tongue was so stimulating that he could barely hold back his cl*max.

Soon enough, a gush of white s*men spilled onto the bathroom floor. He tightly shut his eyes as he saw the c*m with the shower water flowing down the drain.


A belated realization of his foolishness washed over him. Why had he fallen for Kim Eun Sae’s ploy in the first place… They shouldn’t have been drinking wine together. What the hell was that Christmas?

Joo Kang Hyun vowed never to let such a situation happen again.

At the same time, he felt a strong urge to find a new assistant as soon as possible and force Kim Eun Sae to quit.

Now that he had given himself once, she might think she could pounce on him easier. Thankfully, they hadn’t gone all the way. If their relationship crossed that line… that would be the end.

Drenched by the pouring water, he resolved again and again not to fall for her tricks anymore.

* * *

Two days later.

Kim Eun Sae casually arrived at work.

The studio remained silent throughout the day. Joo Kang Hyun didn’t even glance at her and focused solely on his work.

Eun Sae was the same. She quietly worked without stealing glances at him like she usually did.

It was as if nothing had happened between them. A strangely awkward atmosphere enveloped the studio.


Amidst the quiet stillness, the doorbell rang unusually loud.


Eun Sae, who had been quietly drawing, became tense. Who could it be? Could it be…a new assistant interview?

If a new assistant was hired, she would have to quit immediately without handing the work over. Eun Sae wanted to grab her head and shake it.

Unlike Joo Kang Hyun, Eun Sae didn’t regret what had happened two days ago.

Rather than regretting the incident, she only regretted not doing it better.

Before quitting her job, she wanted to create at least one last memory with her longtime crush.

She wanted to provoke him and sleep with him just once. That way, he might feel resentful… But it would give her the strength to live alone for the rest of her life.

From the beginning, she had no intention of meeting someone and getting married.

Joo Kang Hyun was her ideal type for life. It was better to harbor an unrequited love and live alone.

That’s why she had shamelessly clung to him… wanting to take advantage of the atmosphere and have s*x with him…

As Joo Kang Hyun approached the front door and opened it, Eun Sae grabbed her head in agony.

“Hello, author Joo!”

Then, a quite familiar voice reached her ears. Eun Sae’s eyes blinked behind her glasses.

Wasn’t that the voice of the producer in charge? Oh, they must have had a meeting today……!

The producer walked in and greeted Eun Sae warmly. He had a gentle and kind demeanor.

“Hello, Eun Sae.”

“Oh, hello sir!”

“I bought some donuts on my way here. Please have some!”

The producer smiled brightly and handed over the box of donuts. Eun Sae bowed low in gratitude.

“Let’s go.”

Joo Kang Hyun guided the producer to the meeting room. It was next to the guest room Joo Kang Hyun and Eun Sae had entered yesterday.

Eun Sae breathed a sigh of relief as she watched them enter the meeting room.

Phew… I thought it was an interview.

Yes, there was still a chance.

Today might not be the day, but there was a chance a new assistant would be hired tomorrow.

Eun Sae vowed not to miss this final opportunity and took up her pen. For now, she needed to swiftly handle the tasks at hand.

* * *

“Well then, keep up the good work, author Joo.”

“Yes, take care.”

After the producer left, Joo Kang Hyun sat back at his work desk. He hadn’t slept properly for two days, and his mind felt foggy.

There’s so much to do… I need to hurry…

As he held the pen, trying to concentrate on his work, drowsiness kept overwhelming him. Perhaps it was because he hadn’t slept properly last night and skipped his morning exercise. He felt like losing his mind.

Eventually, he drifted off to sleep with his forehead resting against the Cintiq.

“…Ath… Author Joo!”

He regained consciousness long afterward.

Joo Kang Hyun’s eyes snapped open, and a clock came into view.

It was 5 p.m.

…I’m screwed.

He had wasted the entire day’s work. No matter how fast Kim Eun Sae was as an assistant, she was still just one assistant.

Just because he was an author didn’t mean he would delegate all the work to his assistant, except for the story and dialogue.

“What were you doing, not waking me up earlier?!”

Irritation surged through him instantly. If she was going to wake him up, she should have done it earlier. Eun Sae was standing by his desk, fidgeting.

He shouldn’t have poured out frustration on her, but…Honestly, it was technically her fault that he hadn’t slept for two days.

The event of that day kept replaying in his mind. Regret kept him awake, and the strange sensation prevented him from sleeping.

In the end, he had c*m many times while rereading that damn R19 draft last night.

It was all because of Kim Eun Sae.

“You look tired…”


He let out a sigh at Kim Eun Sae’s excuse. There was no other choice. He had to pull an all-nighter today.

“I’ve finished the rest of the work. Please review it.”

“……What did you say?”

Joo Kang Hyun paused and raised his head. Kim Eun Sae said, pushing up her thick glasses.

“I’ve done all the work. Here’s the file.”


She claimed she had finished everything. In just a few hours? No matter how fast she was, it was impossible to finish everything in such a short time.

Had she done it sloppily? Although she was a meticulous worker, he opened the file to make sure.


‘She really did all this?’

Joo Kang Hyun stared blankly as he checked the file she had sent. It was meticulously done. The colors, the background, the shading—everything was flawless.

No way…

Joo Kang Hyun gazed at Kim Eun Sae with respect.

“You seem tired, so I did it all. For the next chapter, you just need to work on the storyboard and sketches.”


With this, wasting the entire day was no longer a problem. Even more so, he now had some spare time.

Joo Kang Hyun felt both sorry and grateful.

“…Why did you do it all by yourself? You should have just woken me up.”

“You look so tired.”

“…Anyway, I’m sorry. You did all that alone because of me.”

“It’s okay.”

Eun Sae pushed her glasses up, smiling.

From a young age, Eun Sae had always been incredibly fast with her hands, no matter the task. The same applied to drawing.

Drawing involved both physical and mental work. Eun Sae’s brain worked swiftly, and her hands were even faster.

She usually slacked off on her work on purpose because she wanted to work overtime no matter what…

But today was an important day. Moreover, Joo Kang Hyun happened to be exhausted, so she focused to the best of her ability on the work, suppressing the urge to gaze at his sleeping face.

Anyway… Since she had completed the work flawlessly without compromise, it was time to attend to other matters.

“Did you go home safe that day?”


Eun Sae didn’t expect him to be the first one brought up that day. Lost in her thoughts, unexpected words reached her ears.

“I’m sorry about that day. I made a mistake.”

“What? A mistake?”

“I shouldn’t have done that, no matter how much Kim Eun Sae clung to me… I’m sorry.”

Oh, no… this is not how it’s supposed to be…!

“But, author Joo…”

“Go on.”

“That… I, I also made a mistake that day.”

“Yes, because Kim Eun Sae was drunk. So I understand that it was a mistake. So from now on…”

“P-Please give me one more chance!”


She said what?

Joo Kang Hyun stared at her in confusion.

It was a mistake because she was drunk, or so he thought… Could it be that it wasn’t a mistake?

“That day, I was… too nervous. I couldn’t do it properly… even though I practiced a lot. So it was my mistake…”

Practice? Practice what?

“Just once, please, just give me one more chance. I promise I will do it well this time. So if I do well…”

What the heck is she talking about?

Joo Kang Hyun stared at her lips with a dumbfounded expression.

“So if you’re satisfied today, maybe you’ll let me go all the way…….”


“…if you can.”

After saying that, Eun Sae pushed up her glasses with a rueful expression.

Joo Kang Hyun blinked his eyes. So… So…

“Are you saying you’re going to suck my d*ck again till I’m satisfied…… and once I’m satisfied…….”

“Yes, let’s have s*x, author Joo.”

Joo Kang Hyun’s brow wrinkled at the explicit words.

How could she say such things in front of him…?

Had she gone crazy because she had worked so much?

Or was it because he fell asleep while she was working hard, so he should pay her back?

Anger rushed through his veins. It was absurd and baffling.

After treating him like that on that day, how could she say this?

Was this her true nature?

Had she also treated other men like this?

But even as contempt tainted his thoughts, the area between his legs responded eagerly.

He admitted it. Honestly, He couldn’t stop thinking about that feeling and gripping his c*ck like a pubescent boy for two days.

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