The room quickly filled with intense heat. W*t sounds mixed with heavy breathing. Greedy movements yearning for her were followed by ragged breaths, as he finally pulled his lips away.

A thin layer of unknown saliva lingered between their parted lips, connecting them before breaking. Her face, flushed and covered with marks, reflected against his blue eyes.

Satisfied with the overwhelming sensation, Rune traced his tongue over her lips then down to the nape of her neck.

“Hmm, Rune.”

A soft moan escaped her as he languidly licked her neck. He complied, as always, feigning reluctance, but deep down, he had no resistance. Ria’s body was more addictive than anything else.

Rune tickled her with his teeth in a way that didn’t hurt, pleading with her as she nudged his shoulder.

“Just a little, hmm? I won’t go all the way.”

At the same time, he shook his head like a puppy and looked up sadly with droopy eyes. In the end, Ria had no choice but to loosen her grip on his shoulder. 

“Just a little…a little.”

Finally, unable to resist him, she sighed and gave her permission. Rune immediately lowered his lips to Ria’s shoulder behind her knitted top, creating a trace of red marks just below her collarbone.


A moan escaped her in response, and he teased the spot a few more times before lifting the knitted top and burying in her.

Before she knew it, her top underwear was undone.


Roughly pushing his head into the knitted fabric up to her chest, Rune gripped her left br*ast, licking and nibbling it until it stood firm. He bit down, causing her body to squirm and writhe. Smirking, Rune bit her right br*ast while cupping it in his hand, his fingers easily encompassing its size, the soft texture inviting a sly smile to creep onto the corners of his lips.

He persistently licked the peak, then bit down, sucking on it eagerly like a child, prompting Ria to gasp, using the back of her hand to cover her moaning lips. Her small hand inadvertently crumpled his shirt in disarray.

“You know what, Ria, your body is always insanely sweet.”

“Oh, yes…, mmm!”



After teasing her with his teeth, tongue, and hands for a while, he leaned over and pressed his lips to hers again. By now, the bulge in his front was noticeable.

The sound of metal scraping echoed, and the object that had subtly revealed its presence was suddenly flung away. The flesh that screamed in agony and writhed was tremendously large and thick. Despite having seen it several times before, its size remained something I couldn’t quite get used to.

A metallic clinking noise echoed as an object that had been discreetly concealed came bouncing out. The trembling flesh was very large and thick, even though she had seen it several times before, she still couldn’t get used to its size.

“Ah… Ria.”

Unable to ignore the fact that her gaze was locked on his c*ck, he ran his hand down it lazily.

“Can you help me?”

Rune grinned wickedly, staring into her blinking round eyes.

“Get me off just once.”

Hesitating, he held his long, pulsating sh*ft against her smooth thigh, pleading as he had moments before. He knew very well that if he persisted, she wouldn’t be able to resist.

Following his wicked intentions, Lia found herself sitting between Rune’s legs, facing his stiffly erect, monstrously sized c*ck. With swift movements, her knitted sweater and upper garment were soon discarded, lying scattered on the floor.

“I thought you said you weren’t going to…. Was this what you were going to do all along?”

“It’s just that you’re so pretty.”


Ria, who eyed him suspiciously, let out a heavy sigh and grabbed his manhood with one hand. It felt a bit strange at first, but once she felt the pulsating heat in her hand, she quickly forgot about it.

She slowly stroked the sh*ft, running her fingers along its length, tracing the grooves on the surface and ran her index finger over the cracked part of the gl*ns. When she looked up, she noticed that his ears and neck were reddened, which was kind of cute.

Suddenly, wanting to tease him more, Ria moved her hand that was stroking the sh*ft down to his t*sticles. She used her empty hand to caress the tip while her tongue lapped at it.


The intense stimulation made his grip on the bedsheet tighten. The sheet was wrinkled messily.

When Rune called her name, Ria stopped licking with her tongue and filled her mouth.  His sh*ft was too large to fit entirely into her mouth, so she focused on stroking the remaining length with her hand.

Rolling her tongue inside her mouth, she continued her ministrations, finding it even more arousing. Rune’s head fell back as the pleasurable sensation overwhelmed him.

At that moment, Lia’s phone rang, interrupting the moment.

She let go of his erect*on she was sucking and released her hand, then straightened her head. His reddened eyes, ears, and nape of his neck clearly demonstrated the heat he had been feeling just a moment ago. Oh, how he wanted to devour her right then and there.

Chuckling softly, Ria picked up her phone and saw the name of the friend she was supposed to meet today. It seemed like she had finally woken up.


–        Oh no, I’m sorry!

“It’s okay, don’t worry. Did you just wake up?”

–        Yeah… I’m really sorry.

While Ria was on the call, Rune remained silent, not making a sound. He breathed lightly, afraid that even the slightest noise might be heard. Turning her head to look at him, she suddenly had an amusing thought.

As the call switched to speaker mode, the other person’s voice echoed loudly. Ria, with a mischievous smile, alternated between looking at Rune and the phone placed next to her. She licked her lips and gently grabbed Rune’s growing excitement with both hands.


His eyes widened in surprise, alternating between the phone and her. Ria playfully smiled with a twinkle in her eyes and stroked the flesh that was w*t with her saliva.


Rune momentarily suppressed a moan that tried to escape, covering his mouth with his hand.

“So, when are you coming out?”

–        I can leave in less than an hour if I get ready now.

“But it will take about an hour for you to get here, right?”

–        Oh, right. Um…

While her friend hesitated, Ria teased Rune with the tip of her tongue, tormenting the crevices of his sh*ft. His hand gripping the sheet tensed, veins bulging, and his c*ck writhed as if it were about to burst.

–        I’ll try to get ready as quickly as possible and let you know when I’m on my way.

“Okay. Just let me know when you’re coming.”

–        Sure.

Finally, the call ended. Rune released the hand that had been covering his mouth, letting out a suppressed moan he had been holding back. Although it was a short time, for Rune, it felt like an entire day.

Ria let out a soft laugh as she looked at him and casually asked,

“What’s wrong?”

In response to her casual question, he only bit his lips, his face turning redder. He turned his head away and covered his face with his palm. Ria then resumed sucking on his c*ck, her tongue gently flicking the tip.

Raising her eyes upward, she saw him looking down at her again.


He mumbled, looking somewhat mesmerized, his lips pressed tightly together as he ran a hand down his face, but his c*ck, dripping with pr*cum, was so blatant that she could roughly guess what he was trying to say.

Ria released her lips, wrapped the hot flesh between her br*asts, and took the tip back into her mouth. Her c*ck throbbed as if it had reached its limit as it was buried and rubbed between her soft br*asts.


Soon, Rune muttered a low curse, wrapped his hand around her head and began to thrust gently.

“Ugh, ugh.”

“Ah – Ria, Ria.”

As much as he wanted to ram his c*ck into her, deep and full, Rune held back as best as he could, not wanting her to suffer. In the midst of pl*asure that could make him lose control, there was a shallow patience, a restraint not to be too rough with her.

Of course, it was a very thin patience. Sometimes, during intense passion, he couldn’t hold back, but he had never been rough enough to make her suffer to the point of agony.


After thrusting for a while, he eventually pulled himself out of Ria’s mouth and gripped his c*ck at the base. Judging by his gaze fixed on her rounded br*asts, he seemed to want to release himself there, but he held back in deference to the fact that she had an appointment later.

“Quit, ha…….”

With a shudder, he let out a gush of c*m, momentarily wiping it away with his hand. Then, after savoring the afterglow for a moment, he went to the bathroom for cleanup. Ria pushed herself up and toweled herself off roughly before putting her underwear and top back on.

Even though she felt like she was w*t down there too from their deed…. but if she was going to accept his subsequent behavior, indulge in further actions, she would have to have to cancel her appointment.

Leaning back on the bed and tilting her head down, Rune soon returned. He looked as neat as when he first entered the room, almost making Ria wonder if what just happened was a figment of her imagination.

As he climbed onto the bed, he once again immersed himself in Ria’s embrace in the same familiar position as before.

“Don’t go.”

Then, he buried his face in her clothes, acting like a child. It was playful.

“You know I shouldn’t.”

“… “

“Once I part ways with my friend, I’ll come back.”


“Yeah. Promise.”

Rune, like a child, sealed the promise with a pinky swear before closing his eyes. Even though his grip on her waist tightened, Ria knew it was his final act of stubbornness and playfulness.

She continued to run her fingers through his blonde hair soothingly until he drifted into a deep sleep, but Ria didn’t stop caressing him after that.

After a couple of hours, Ria received a message from her friend. Finally stopping her hand, she carefully moved away from him so as not to wake him, tucked the covers around him, grabbed her coat and belongings, quietly slipped out of the room.

Just outside the door, Kahin stood steadfastly.

“Are you leaving now?”

“Yes. My friend is about to arrive.”

“Let me give you a ride.”

“No, it’s okay. It doesn’t seem too far. I think I can make it on foot.”


Even though he said it was okay, his words trailed off as if he was concerned. Ria smiled softly and declined once more, suddenly noticing the fatigue on his face as well.

Since she had developed a habit of noticing Rune’s fatigue, it was particularly noticeable to her.

“Kahin, you look tired. Are you having trouble sleeping?”

“Huh? Oh…, a little…”

“It’s hard to do anything when you’re tired…. Rune is asleep, so why don’t you go get some sleep, too, Kahin?”

“It’s okay. This is my job.”

“Well, why don’t you lean down a bit?”

Ria, who was looking at Kahin with concern as he shook his head resolutely, made a slight gesture. Kahin blinked in confusion but immediately lowered his posture and met her gaze. His face was now right in front of hers.

Ria chuckled softly as Kahin looked at her with eyes full of trust, feeling like a puppy awaiting its owner’s touch. This aspect of him was so similar to Rune.

When she finished laughing, she pressed her lips briefly to his forehead and then pulled away. As she did, a faint blue light shimmered and then disappeared over the point of contact.

“You should be able to sleep well now. I hope you have a deep rest.”

Leaving a few words behind, Ria turned and entered the elevator, letting out another small laugh at how cute it was that Kahin’s eyes remained wide and still until the doors closed.

So, just before the doors closed completely, she didn’t witness Kahin’s face turning as red as if it were burning.

Though he kept the beautiful woman in his heart, the fact that he could only watch her from a distance filled him with a mix of desire and frustration. He couldn’t possibly fathom how significant this brief contact was for him.

Kahin eventually slumped down, his legs feeling weak.

Every night, as he fantasized about her while pleasuring himself, he felt a sense of guilt. The thought of his master lusting after the woman he loved was too much for the loyal and upright man.

No matter how hard he tried to suppress his feelings, facing her with his master made him mute and helpless every time.

But to be in such a situation…

In his clear mind, there was only one thought.

Ah, I can never let her go.


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