Episode 24


The timing was disastrous.  I went to my physician because I was experiencing severe period cramps and was informed that both of my fallopian tubes were blocked.

If the tubes between the uterus and the ovaries become clogged, ovulation, or the release of an egg into the tubes, can be disturbed, making it difficult to become pregnant.

That was concerning enough, but what was even more concerning was the fact that I had multiple lumps, each smaller than my fist.

I wanted to call him immediately away, but I didn’t want to put him through anything worse.  I decided to tell him later when I was feeling better.

 I had surgery later, and happily, I did not have a hysterectomy, but I still had multiple bumps on my body.

They may grow at any time and put pressure on my uterus, and my doctor warned me that if that happened, we’d have to consider removing them.  I attended annual check-ups, but I was constantly anxious that the lumps had grown larger and that I would need surgery.

When I asked if I could have children, my doctor recommended IVF and that even with that, I would have difficulties getting pregnant.

I sobbed in the gynecologist’s chair as I remembered how much Dad adored children and wished for more.

I’m not sure how his sister found out, but the fact that she did worry me, and my anxiety that I wouldn’t be able to give him the happiness he desired deepened.  

And my worry grew that I wouldn’t be able to provide him with the happiness he desired. My eyes sunk as I remembered. He rubbed my cheek. I raised my gaze to meet him.

“Are you okay if I can’t have a baby?” I ask, trying not to show how much my heart is aching.    

“I don’t need a baby, I just need you.” 


“And I’ll do whatever you want me to do. If you want me to go to the hospital, I’ll go, and if you don’t want me to go, I won’t. I’m perfectly fine with just the two of us.” 

My jaw jerked in response to his unrelenting gaze as he spoke.  

My eyes welled up with tears as I remembered him telling me that he wanted more children and that he needed to make a lot of money.    

“You’re the only person who matters in my life. You’re more important to me.”


“I don’t need a baby; I just need you.” 

I sobbed in his arms like a baby. I felt as if I’d been holding it in all along.  In truth, I longed for children, sons, and daughters who resembled him and us.

I put my lips to his brow.    “If you had found another woman, rather than me…… you could have had more children and been happier; I’m sorry,” he snatched my cheeks and forced me to stare into his eyes.

My sobs became smaller as his eyes became serious.    

“No. I’m not happy without you, and that means you’re not happy either, right?” I nod, the corners of my mouth curving upward.  

“I love you.”


“I want to pull out my heart and show you, just so you know how much I love you.”

His brow furrows in annoyance.    

“I know. I know how much you love me.” 

“……Will you marry me then?” he inquired, his expression tense as he waited for a response.    

“……a little bit.” His throat bobbed up and down.    

“Just a little while, give me time,” I may have said, but he didn’t appear disappointed. Instead, he wrapped his arms around me and massaged my cheek.    

“I’m sorry I kept pushing you when I told you to take it slow.” he ought to apologize, but he is the one who does.    

“I’m sorry.” 

“Can’t you just tell me you love me instead of saying you’re sorry?”

I burst out laughing, and my heart skipped a beat as I saw him smile so sweetly before his lips parted to utter, “I love you.” 

“Me too,” I said. It was a great New Year with a genuinely stunning man.   

* * *

A year later.

“I’m in front of my house right now.” 

We typically came home together after work, but I was on vacation today, so I was coming home alone.

I just ate a small portion of my lunch because he promised to cook for me and encouraged me to look forward to it in the morning.

As I parked up in front of my house and got out of the car, he called and asked when I’d be home.

She must have texted him right after he got out of work, and I couldn’t wait to call him back.  

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, so I shake my head.  I brought fresh flowers because the ones in the vase had lately withered.

I took the bouquet and rang the bell, and the door opened simultaneously.

I realize he must have left the front door open as I walk up the stone steps and look around the groomed garden. I close the door and kick off my shoes, the aroma of excellent cuisine hits my nostrils as.    

“Si-Hyuk, I’m home! I’m starving!” I exclaim, but he is nowhere to be found.    “Si-Hyuk?” I place the flowers and bag on the table and walk into the kitchen. He’s still not saying anything.    

“Where are you, Si-Hyuk?” my eyes widen. My mouth opens wider.

 “Now, what…… Kholok!” I yell, coughing so loudly that I can hear him, but he doesn’t move, yet stands there at the table, staring at me.

I brush my tears away and study him from head to toe.  My mouth twitches as I ponder what makes him so joyful. He stands tall with his hands on his hips.

“What are you doing?” 

“Surprise! I thought you liked this?” He wore an apron.    

“That’s what women do!” And they do it n*ked.  

He smirks as if he finds my blushing amusing. But his eyes sparkle as if he’s prepared to pounce. I take an unintentional step back.    

“Someone else can do it; I hope you like it.” 

“That, that, that! What’s wrong with you?” her apron bulges in the center. I took another step back, picturing his p*nis, ballsy head erect, gazing over his victim.

His c*ck twitches as his eyes seem to sparkle.    


When he appears to be about to reach out, I hold out my hand, palm up, and tell him to stop moving.

If he’s going to try it, go for it, the corner of my mouth twitches. I’m exhausted from teasing him all night.

We decided that we wouldn’t do it more than twice a day after much crying and whining, but now we’ve quadrupled our s*x time.

When he feels like he’s going to cum, He pulls out his p*nis and squeezes it, squeezes it, squeezes it. Did I mention that even if I instructed him to cum soon, he could only do it twice, so he had to stay as long as possible inside me? It was incredible.

We’d been f*cking until the early hours of the morning, and now he was going to do it again? No way, I thought, but the fire in his eyes drove me to grasp him.    “Wait!” I was able to stop him, but then the next issue arose.

His eyes were fixed on the collar as I swallowed hard.  There’s nothing to do but run at moments like this.    “Cha Si-yeon!”

I could hear him calling behind me, but I knew I’d go hungry if I didn’t leave immediately. So I ran inside my dressing room and closed the door. 

Ha. I’m not sure what I’m doing. He doesn’t seem worried by the fact that I have daily s*x with him. I’m going to die if I do everything according to his wishes.

I had just run from the kitchen to the dressing room and was out of breath. It was all because of Han Se-hyuk.  

My physical strength is decreasing and he refuses to budge. It’s peaceful outside. I let grip of the doorknob and approached the mirror.

My full-length mirror reflection was a mess. My hair is unkempt, and the heat has made my cheeks blush.  I planned to wait for five minutes, to check if he calmed down, and then leave.  

A bang.  The sound of the door opening startles me, and I turn to see him leaning against the door, triumphant on his face. He was still wearing his apron with roses on it.    

“Did you hide here?”

“……Si-Hyuk. I’m so tired. Let’s eat first, okay?”

“Gotcha,” he punched me on the shoulder.

“I wasn’t even playing hide-and-seek, but I managed to catch you.” “You got caught by Si Hyuk, so you should be punished, right?”

I knew he was punishing me for leaving.    


His eyes twitched as he said, “I’m going to do it longer today.”

He meant all night by “longer than usual.” My clothes were swiftly removed. Even when I asked him to leave my room, he stripped me down to my underwear as if I were invisible.

It didn’t take long for me to find myself n*ked on the floor. He drops his head and begs me to untie his apron after the all-too-familiar removal of, my clothes and underwear.  

I loosen the ribbon around his neck while lying on the floor.  He smiles.  Then he turns over.    “On your stomach.”


“As$ up.”

As my hips lift into the air, he squeezes them with both hands. My half-labia expanded and closed with a snap every time I spread my hips to either side and released them.

That alone made her juices pour out.  He licked his lips and tightened his grip on her breasts.  Her v*g*na was rubbed by the heated glans.

My head jerks back in anticipation of the pleasure he’s about to give me. The body that had appeared incapable of doing just moments ago was as wet as it had ever been.

He smiles sweetly and presses his lips to my shoulder as I move my hips.  



“Si-yeon, look in front of me,” he urged, and I lifted my eyes to meet him.  My eyes were drawn to my reflection in the mirror. The mirror was full-length.

In my fog, I shook my head at him in the mirror, not realizing that I had slipped under the mirror.

He whispers in my ear, a malicious grin on his face. “Don’t move away so I’ll finish you early. If you move away, I won’t finish you until tomorrow.”

He takes a deep breath and swallows hard, knowing he’s had enough. His alter ego crept in slowly. He wiggled his brows as I squeezed my eyes shut at the hard-pushing p*nis, straining me to the limit, and then opened them in amazement.

“No, no, no, I just closed my eyes and opened again.”

“Right? That’s what it looked like,” he says, siding with me.  

Puck! Puck! Puck! The pain that had crept through me seemed like it was going to rip my insides out.

My body shook back and forth every time he swayed his hips. It was vexing. There was no pause, only violent thrusts.  

What was even odder was that I had to look in the mirror to see how I was feeling.  With each movement, my as$ pointed skyward, my br*asts heaving and grinding on the floor.

I’m shaking my head and trying to say no, but he’s pressing down with his hands so I can’t lift my hips. He asks if I can see the water dripping, and I’m like, no, the floor is wet.

He bites my ear and then he brings his hand up and rubs her clit. I’m half-out of my mind because I’m being penetrated and he’s touching my clit at the same time – it’s too much stimulation.

I’m begging him to stop, but he just keeps going, faster and harder, and I’m arching my back, rolling my hips.

My toes eventually curled and my back arched like a bow.  One sweeping climax made me sensitive to the least stimulus, and the slightest slide of his c*ck in and out made me quiver as if I were about to die.    

“Do you want me to stop?”


“Stop, do you want me to?” he asked as his doppelgänger slid slowly.

Then it twisted, pressing in and out slowly at first, then faster. My stomach squeezed around his c*ck, refusing to let him go, but he slid out with a vengeance. Her empty v*g*na gurgled and spewed out a stream.  He whispers in my ear as I stare up at him with hazy eyes.    

“Are you sure you want me to stop? You have to be honest with me so I can understand.” I take my as$ out of him as if looking for an alter ego who refuses to let me put it back in. That’s how I escaped. My eyes dilated.

I’m perplexed, and now it’s my turn to drool.    “What do you want me to do? Tell me.” 

“Put…… in….” “What? I can’t hear you.” I bite my lower lip as he chuckles, his shoulders quivering. My brow furrows.  

His glans enter and exit my v*g*na. She begs him not to put it out, and tears spring up in her eyes.    

“Put it in me. Put it in me, now, put it in me.”    

He is a jerk. I get it every day, but it’s always different. He likes to keep me on the floor.    

“Look in the mirror. Look at the expression on your face when you’re feeling it.” “……Hmmm. Hmmm!” The deep p*nis scrapes on my inner walls. It felt so amazing that I thought I’d pass out.    

“That’s an expression that only I know, a look only I’ll ever see on your face.”

He says he’ll show me something unique today, as if on cue. As my legs give up and I continue to fall, I hold my waist to keep my hips upright.

I shake my head in disgust as I recall the expression on his face before the getaway.  In the mirror, our gazes locked.  It was not a look to play with. He’d been duped but again he’d meant on going for a long time all along.  

“Ha-ha-ha!” I yelled at him to stop, but he was unfazed and wiggled his hips. In the mirror, his gaze met mine.

I thought my heart would explode as he brushed his sweaty fingers through his sweaty hair.  

When I stop gazing, my heart still beats. I’m anxious, wondering if I should do it, and my love for him grows stronger with each passing day.

 I don’t think it can get any bigger, but every day I’m scared of it, and the size of my love swells and swells until I’m full even if I don’t eat.

But that’s just the way it is. After having s*x for over an hour without eating, I had no energy left in my body.

I wonder if I’m going to be taken to the hospital like this. Sometimes I run away once in a while, and today was one of those days.

My p*ssy is swollen from the hard thrusts. I narrow my eyes at the stabbing pain as his p*nis enters me, but he’d be quick to recognize the change in my expression and soothe me, but today he’s been a starving beast for a month, too busy devouring his prey to notice my expression.   

“Ha…ugh…… Yeah. Big Si-Hyuk… Ha!” I called out to him just in case, and Han Si-hyuk’s eyes sparkled in the mirror. I couldn’t look away, even though I knew I’d been tricked by him.

Tears raced down my cheeks as I watched myself in the mirror transformed into a promiscuous woman, joyfully accepting the pleasure he was giving me.

I’m dying from the breath in my throat, and yet he’s completely unrecognizable as the person I’m having sex with.    

He slowly glides out, not coming immediately, and I can tell by the deep breaths he takes that he’s holding off on ejaculating.

Tears raced down my cheeks as I watched myself in the mirror transformed into a promiscuous woman, joyfully accepting the pleasure he was giving me.

I’m dying from the breath in my throat, and yet he’s completely unrecognizable as the person I’m having sex with.    

He slowly glides out, not coming immediately, and I can tell by the deep breaths he takes that he’s holding off on ejaculating.

When I gazed up at him, he shook his head, looking sad.    

“Don’t wiggle your as$ at will.” 

“……hhhh. Please, Si-Hyuk…..” 

“I’m not going to fall asleep,” I remark, secretly rubbing the area surrounding my throbbing v*g*na.

There was only one place, the entrance, and I was eager to rub it as my lower belly was bursting at the seams. A small amount of pre-cum fell. She smeared it on her glans and rubbed it up against her clit.

My head was thrown back as I gripped and massaged my erect clitoris from side to side. I’m not sure how many times I climaxed. I couldn’t lift my fingers, so I lay on the floor.

He asked me to sit up on my as$, but all I did was shake my head.  I was humiliated.  I wanted to stay with him, but I got frustrated that he kept sending me to climax.  

As I lay powerless on the floor, I turned away, my arms lifted to cover my eyes from his gaze.

“Are you hurting?” he finally said, sounding concerned. I didn’t say anything, stubbornly closing my mouth.    

“Si-yeon, are you angry?” 

“I hate you! I hate you so much.” 


“Wrap it up quickly. You’re not cheap, and you’re making me feel like a weirdo.”

I lowered my arm and wiped away my tears. I slapped his hand away and stared him down.

“Okay, I’ll make it quick.” 


He licks my swollen lips ruefully. My body remained warm and refused to cool down. She was still spurting her fluids beneath him.  

He placed his lips on the nape of her neck, lowering his arm to the side of her head.  He proceeded down and took her br*ast into his mouth, rolling it like a piece of candy after licking and s*cking her nape and shoulder for the hundredth time.    

“Ha…ang!” I covered my mouth to keep from groaning, but my n*pple tortured me until I made a sound.

I couldn’t stop moaning. In pleasure, he bit down hard on my n*pple, then moved lower and lower.  

My eyes widened and I pushed his head away, but I clamped my jaw over the gaping hole.

The feeling of his tongue tip inside sent shivers down my spine. The sensation of the fluttering tongue was beyond my wildest expectations.

With each lap, my as$ squeezed, my labia spread wide, and he licked every nook and cranny before lightly scratching my clit with his teeth.

My legs twitched uncontrollably. He grins with delight as my hips buck and I squirm. A low chuckle pierces my eardrums.

He swallows it whole as if it were a waste of his sobbing.    

“Si-Hyuk, please……. Please….” I sob again, unable to hold it in any longer, feeling as if I’m going to crawl on top of him and shake my hips on my own if he doesn’t come.

He lifted his face from between my knees, so he must have recognized what was going on. As I comprehended why my lips were pursed, my eyes fluttered.

He helped me up and placed me on the dresser. I sat on the dresser and looked up at him as he asked.    “Spread your thighs.” I nodded and spread my thighs on my own.

As if that wasn’t enough, I spread my labia with my fingers, and he let out a tiny slurs. I raised my eyes to him, and his ears perked up.    

“Ugh! Chu, slow down!” Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Thump-thump-thump.

My favorite spot was purposely scraped by the fast-rising and descending p*nis. He puts one leg over his shoulder, turns to face me, and s*cks on my ankle, his seductive side view driving me insane.

I keep my gaze fixed on him.  He’s moving so quickly that I can make a sound. 

I can feel his p*nis spinning inside of me and my head spinning inside of me. I massaged my clit reflexively, ecstatic at the prospect of finally reaching my long-awaited climax.

His look penetrated my p*ssy. I circled my firm clit with my fingertips, just like he’d been doing.

The more I did it, the tighter my inner walls became around his c*ck. I closed my eyes and felt every part of him.     

As he convulsed and shuddered, a faint gasp from his mouth, and his lower belly felt heated.  

As he ejaculated long and powerfully, his back shook. I wrapped my arms around his neck.  Heat filled his face when I opened my eyes to look at him.

Upon seeing the true Han Si-hyuk, the one I was unable to see in the mirror, my heart fell. As he’d said earlier, only I could see the face now, if there was one to cease seeing.

I pressed my face to his chest, soaking in the burning hot glance that only I could see.

Too much lust caused sweat to drip. I was lifted and then lowered by him. He takes something out of his apron as I sit on the floor staring up at him.   

“Let’s tie the knot.” “..”    

That was a year later. After he asked me to marry him when he was in the hospital, the topic never came up again. Then he did it.

He opened the ring box and took out his ring. His eyes trembled as he stared at the ring. When she didn’t answer, he asked if she was nervous.

“I can’t take it anymore,” I said

“No, that’s not true.” I  want to be legally bound to you, he responded. 

He told me to take the ring. When I don’t take the ring, he gets down on one knee and comes towards me. He forgot I was naked.

“I’ll work as hard as I can, even when I’m old, to make you happy. I’ll feed you every day, bathe you, and f*ck you at least three times a day.”

I open my mouth to say no, except feeding him, but then close it. His expression is growing irritating. It appeared that he didn’t realize I would say no.    

My heart flutters once more as I say to myself, “All I need is you. I know what you’re worried about, and I don’t care.”    

Compared to when I first experienced this with him, I’m trembling even more.    “Please just say yes, and I’ll take care of everything after that.” His plea made my eyes water.

That this man would show me this much love—what the hell was I doing?  He flashes a tantalizing smile at my slow nod.    “Really? I’ll be fine, Si-yeon. Thank you.”    

He grabs me tightly and puts the ring on my fourth finger.  In my arms, I can feel his heart pounding fiercely. It was comforting to hear his heart beat louder and faster than mine.    

“Are you crying? “

“No, I’m not crying,” he claims, even though his shoulders are trembling.  

His powerful arms sway as she says, “I don’t like lying men.”

“I’m just so happy. I’m so happy.”

My arms encircle his waist.    

“Yes, Si-Hyuk I’m also very happy.

Can we start with our meal? I just had a quick lunch because you said you would cook for me.”    

However, as soon as I arrived, I began moving and complaining that I thought I was going to die for nearly two hours. I was going to lose it before we were even married.

He put the apron on himself and apologized, saying, “I was driving myself crazy thinking of you n*ked and wearing an apron.”

I shook my head as I considered putting it on.    “Put on your clothes. I have to reheat the soup.”

No, why not wear the apron again? She gets up and fastens a ribbon around her neck. I watch him walk out the door while seated on the floor, blush, and glance down.

 Thankfully, the apron protected his front, but his back was uncovered. With each stride, his back muscles flexed, his thighs firmed, and his as$ aimed skyward.

My nail marks were all over his back.  When I felt something strange in my hand, I stopped covering my face with my palm.

I giggled as I played with the ring he had placed on my finger. I was famished. I got up to clean up and have something to eat, only to find a pool of his sperm between my legs.  

I could feel the cum running down my thighs with each step.  

* * *

After dinner, we were taking walks in the garden.  I look at him nervously and put my arms around his waist.

“Let’s sign the marriage license today.”


“What if I  change my mind?”  she smirks and says,

“Because I never change my mind.”  I nod in his arms, asking, “Do I have to accept responsibility for those words?”


“I’m still going to fill out the marriage license.” He runs a big hand down my back.    


“I cried a lot looking at the stars after I broke up with you.”

“The stars seem to be close tonight.”    

“Did you?” 

“Yeah. The surroundings are strange, and I can’t stop thinking about you. I wonder if we’re looking at the same stars, and I cringe when I look at them, and I did.” 

“I love you.” A cold wind blew by us, but I didn’t feel cold at all because I was holding him close.    


“Let’s never be separated again,” he added, his words weighing heavily on my chest.    “Yes.” 

It was a hard goodbye, and so much had transpired, yet it had strengthened us. Nothing could separate us; our sorrows would be shared, and our joys would be multiplied, enhancing our love.

I leaned in instead of answering, saying, “Si-Hyuk, I love you more than words can say.” I closed my eyes and watched his lips grow closer together.      


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