Chapter 19

As he tried to get used to it, adapting to something became difficult. Scheuer smiled wryly and took Raygrain’s handkerchief as if waiting patiently. 

The heartache that had inadvertently occurred when the paper was crumpled smoothed out a bit. Watching this, Leilda let out an astonished breath. 

“Haha, it’s so bizarre, I’m at a loss for words.” 

Even a tower owner like him seemed to have thought processes that were beyond comprehension when faced with a type of person he had never seen before.


The early morning in Blenga was bustling, just before dawn. It was a time when the wind blew more fiercely than ever, but the mansions scattered all around were lit up as if it were evening. Jess, still in his armor, looked at Raygrain and said, 

“It’s been a while since you’ve gone on a subjugation this far. Are you okay?”

“At least this subjugation won’t be a problem.”

Although a long period of over a month could be tough, short-term subjugations were sufficient. 

The preparations were no different from before. Raygrain had to feel that he had come all this way for something when he saw the busy knights. Going out for subjugation once a month took about a week to two weeks. 

The recent short subjugations that lasted only a few days were just temporary measures. 

This time, it might take quite a while, just as long as the number of monsters had increased. 

Raygrain quickly realized that the reason why the current situation felt different from before was because of Scheuer and Leilda. 

Leilda, who used to stay still at the tower, had been circling Scheuer’s vicinity all day long in recent times. And Scheuer, like a leech, stuck closely by his side. It was as if they were inseparable and constantly in his sight. They didn’t engage in anything intense, but they always came into view. When that happened, Leilda was always there as well. Both of them being so conspicuously near him was rather annoying. 

Thanks to them, the feeling of ‘annoyance’ welled up like a flood. It was so bothersome that he even felt like leaving for the subjugation immediately during the daytime. Raygrain said with an expression on his face, 

“It seems that the Netri sorceress has somehow managed to restore one of your nerves,” Jess responded to his words with delight. 

“That’s a relief. Leilda even made the suggestion willingly, and although you always speak curtly, you must be concerned about the state of the knights of the Order of the Sword.” 

Raygrain couldn’t imagine Leilda doing that

Raygrain picked up his defensive magic stone and raised his head. Perhaps due to his heightened sensitivity, he felt discomfort even with the laughter coming from a distance. Why is it so noisy while decorating my garden like this? 

Ever since he met Scheuer, everything seemed to be getting on his nerves. And these feelings only settled down after he looked into Scheuer’s eyes again. 

When he saw her gaze, as if asking when she was going to cry, her big eyes blinked, and her previously unsettling nerves returned to a state of calm. 

It was better to have her in sight. Without her, who knew where she would freeze to death?

 Even if it were to happen, it might become a big problem if Netri found that the Blenga territory had been abandoned and started searching for it. 

Moreover, it would be difficult to find someone who could return the magic sword. 

He had to accept it for now. Raygrain thought of this feeling as ‘resignation.’ It was similar to the feeling he had when he emptied his emotions for the first time when he went on a subjugation. 

He casually said, “I’ve gotten used to it, too.” 

Jess responded, “Yes. How many years has it been since you spent time with Leilda? It’s time you got used to it.” 

Raygrain didn’t bother to correct Jess’s misunderstanding. 

“Is the preparation…” 

Jess answered, 

“It’s done. Just give the order.”

Raygrain walked out of the mansion, holding a new robe. Many of the knights in Blenga had participated in the subjugation. 

They were all armed and ready, as the Grand Duke himself had taken command for the first time in a long time. 

“Let’s go.”

 No need for any formalities. Despite the fierce northern wind, Raygrain’s voice was heavy and overwhelming, dominating the quiet assembly of knights. 

Luther and Matar, who seemed particularly friendly with Scheuer, were also present. When Raygrain spotted them, he suddenly remembered what she had said. 

As the mages sent from the tower were opening one teleportation circle after another, Raygrain called them. 

“Luther, Matar.” 

Their faces tensed as they heard his voice. They looked grateful that he knew their names. 

“For Blenga’s order, balance, and peace in the North, be proud!” 

The cold made Matar’s pronunciation stumble. Raygrain calmly glanced over them and then turned away. 

“See you at the assembly hall later.” 

With these few words, Luther and Matar remembered the moment they had sworn loyalty to their former lord. It was quite different from when other knights took command. Luther and Matar, reminiscing about their past lord, whispered to themselves. 

“Emotions have come back after all.” 

“Thanks to Lady Scheuer.” 

“Let’s come back and finish building the garden fence.” 

Luther and Matar nodded their heads in agreement. As the lush energy pushed away the darkness, Raygrain set out with his army.


The night in Blenga was full of tension, and Scheuer, who was in her bedroom, tossed and turned. How long had she been asleep? When she opened her eyes, the scent of flowers vibrated in the air. 

Scheuer lay on her bed, blinking her eyes. 

Maybe because they were on a joint subjugation, the surroundings were quiet. It had only been a short while since she last saw him, but why did it feel like ages? Scheuer’s eyes welled up with a mixture of worry and regret. 

“How can they leave while I’m asleep?” 

If they can’t stop it, at least let me see them off. Scheuer turned over on her bed, and flower bouquets scattered all over the room tickled her nose. It felt like she had plucked them from a flower field.

 She had tried to fill the albums with ribbons and sort the flowers by type from last night, but there were so many types that she couldn’t finish, leaving the remaining ones lying around. It was a small miracle that she had cleared enough space for herself to lie down. 

This was certainly not the time to be doing this. As much as she had time now, like the time she spent following Raygrain, it was the right time to do anything. Just then, a knock on the door sounded. 

Shortly after, Celly’s voice was heard from a little further away, like she was calling someone across the river. 

“Scheuer, are you awake?” 

“Yeah, come in.” 

Just in case Raygrain’s flower bouquet would be damaged, Scheuer carefully got out of bed. Celly approached carefully, lifting her heels and holding her dress to avoid stepping on the bouquets. 

“All the things you asked for are ready. I’ve brought a basket for you in the morning, and there are albums galore.” 

Celly proudly showed the basket hanging on her arm. Indeed, there were albums inside each of the baskets.

She pushed the basket into a corner and asked, 

“What should we do with the remaining flowers?”

Shuer replied confidently, 

“Of course, I’ll be planting them in the garden after growing them again.”

Since it was important to try growing as many flowers as possible before seeing what abilities each type would develop, she needed to continue her work.

Celly nodded in agreement, swallowing her apprehension at Shuer’s words.

Normally, at this time, Raygrain would have visited the central garden.


“Smile Love”

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