Chapter 7
What a Sl*t! 
Li Haotian’s eyes were incomparably dark. He wantonly and quickly rhythmically moved her hand, directly pouring out the sizzling l*quids.
Bai Moran looked at the white l*quids on her hands, softly smiling, “Is CEO Li satisfied?”
Li Haotian looked at her increasingly attractive face under the moonlight and pressed her under his body.
Bai Moran’s heart trembled slightly, but she still wrapped her arms around his neck as he moved, allowing him to leave traces on her body. The delicate kisses kept coming towards her neck, and she arched her body to bear it, constantly pressing against his rod.
Li Haotian looked into the woman’s burning eyes and couldn’t help but rub her br*asts.
He wanted to rip off her gown, but the woman’s jade-like hand stopped him. “CEO Li, I haven’t agreed yet.” She had to be sober. Otherwise, he would eat her dry before she had succeeded in seducing him.
Li Haotian’s eyes were dark and obscure, “Wasn’t it you who pounced on me? Hmm?”
Bai Moran laughed as she lifted her legs and hooked onto his robust waist. Every move she made was charming. “But you can’t be a bully.”
Li Haotian hooked his lips slightly. She turned out to be a paper tiger, ah.
Bai Moran looked at the smile on the man’s face. She was slightly stunned. Why was he still so happy even if she had not allowed him to do it? It seems that her guess was correct. What is easy to get is less likely to be cherished.
She has to take her time. She made a gesture to pick up her dress and leave, lest she had nothing left except her bones. But what she didn’t expect was for the man to yank her wrists and hold them above her head with one hand. His strength was so great that one hand was enough to keep both of her wrists, even making it impossible for her to move.
Bai Moran’s heart was slightly cold. Tsk, is she going to lose?
Li Haotian was full of amusement as he admired her expression. The corners of his lips hooked up into a cold smile. With a casual tug of his hand, her gown slipped off her body like broken fabric. Those plump t*ts were once again exposed in front of his eyes, looking alluring. The n*pples still had traces of his kisses on them, shining faintly, which made him want to take another bite. He leaned down and nibbled on that enchanting part again, causing Bai Moran to shiver lightly. She was already on the verge of craving, and with his bite, the nectar in her p*ssy uncontrollably seeped out. She estimated that it could already w*t the place where she was sitting.
“Um, don’t …… bite ……”
But instead of stopping, Li Haotian continued to intensify his biting on her n*pple, savoring the taste. His other hand was stroking her p*ssy, and when his finger reached there, it was w*t with the nectar flowing out from it. Her p*ssy was almost as w*t as it could get, and it was faintly emitting an otherworldly, ethereal scent. The fact that it could release a unique fragrance when it was in motion was simply the greatest temptation to men.
“Tsk, what a sl*t.” Even he, a year-round abstainer, was tossed into the fire of lust by her.
Bai Moran was deaf to his voice, only knowing that her p*ssy was incomparably empty and was longing for something to fill it in. When she felt his fingers enter, she impatiently rubbed against his fingers, constantly twisting her waist along with his fingers in rhythm.
Chapter 8
Swallowing His Meat Stick (High H)
Li Haotian was extremely satisfied with her reaction. That softened meat stick hardened up again like a dragon, straight against the center of her legs.
“Are the fingers enough?”
Bai Moran’s face flushed, and her pair of eyes also became w*t. In the dark compartment, she looked incomparably seductive.
“Not enough, not enough, ah ah ah ……”
Li Haotian looked at her seductive posture and took out a vibrating egg from one side. He let go of her arm and squeezed the vibrator egg into her p*ssy.
Bai Moran’s body stiffened when she felt the vibrator egg enter her body. Her entire body shook for a few moments. It instantly filled her empty p*ssy. The constantly throbbing egg was practically a treat for her. She had tried a few fake meat sticks and vibrator eggs before to make herself even sluttier. But she had never really done it with any man. After all, the person she wanted to seduce was the CEO of Li Group. She couldn’t possibly break herself first, just in case he liked a virgin.
“Ahhhhhhh too fast ……”
The vibrations were faster than all her jumping eggs. She couldn’t take it anymore. Her whole body was squirming in front of Li Haotian. Her charming look was flirtatious to the extreme. Looking at her like this, Li Haotian couldn’t hold back any longer and directly pressed her head, inserting his meat stick into her mouth.
When that big meat stick entered her lips, Bai Moran immediately sucked it to her heart’s content, as she had learned before, as if she had eaten some delicious food.
“Uhhhhhhh ……”
She desperately bit into his big meat stick, swallowing it deep into her mouth and spitting it out again. But the vibrator egg hit her p*ssy steeply and hard at this time, preventing her from biting the big meat stick. She reached out her hand to hold that big meat stick and took the initiative to put it into her mouth.
Li Haotian’s eyes flickered and narrowed as he watched her constantly writhing in front of him. Her huge t*ts were swaying in front of him, gliding under the night color in a nice arc. He couldn’t help but hold and rub them inch by inch. When he watched the woman continue to gulp at his large rod, as if she was so engrossed in it that she couldn’t help herself, he could only feel his belly tightening.
“Pfft,” she swallowed the rod deep into her throat, taking the whole thing in and biting down. The rod slid deeper into her mouth, straight down into her throat.
“Plop,” she heaved the rod out again, rubbing the opening with her fingers and wriggling her hips in excitement.
“Keep licking.”
When the man’s husky voice reached her ears, Bai Moran stuck out her tongue and flicked the two balls next to his rod. She knew that this was a man’s sensitive area, so she ruthlessly sucked and bit this place.
Li Haotian impatiently issued a heavy gasping sound, making the whole car seem particularly ambiguous.
Bai Moran hooked the corners of her lips and continued to suck and lick, sliding upwards along this place. She sucked every spot on his meat stick and slowly slid towards his gl*ns. Her pink tongue slipped and slid over his meat stick, finally stopping at his gl*ns and gently nibbling on it.
Li Haotian’s belly tightened frantically from her licking, wanting nothing more than to thrust into her warm and moist place and hit it hard. The woman seemed to have heard his heart, directly biting into his rod, swallowing his entire rod into her mouth.
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