Chapter 5 
Grabbing His Rod (High H)
Bai Moran felt the bulge underneath him was pushing against her place. Her eyes flashed, and she directly nibbled on the knot of his throat, causing the man to tremble. That bulge was coming on strong, and she could feel its thickness through the suit pants.
Bai Moran smiled quietly, “CEO Li, your meat stick is so big.”
In the next second, Li Haotian yanked the woman away from himself and directly picked her up in a horizontal hug, “Let’s change places.”
Bai Moran didn’t resist and gave Bai Rui a sly look.
Bai Rui indignantly looked at the direction they left. A hint of anger mixed in the depths of her eyes.
After leaving the banquet hall, Bai Moran subconsciously wanted to leave the man’s embrace. But he directly secured her in his arms, “Do you think you can leave today?”
For many years, people who wanted to get close to him were not few, and he had seen all kinds of calculations and schemes. But when he saw her brimming eyes, he still couldn’t help but want to fall. He could easily survive this kind of trick. He didn’t even mind that she had a purpose but was afraid that this woman wanted to seduce someone else.
Bai Moran originally just wanted to tease this man in front of Bai Rui, not wanting to really be confined in his arms. She was slightly disoriented. She did not want to be eaten by this man now. What was the point of having a love affair? She was afraid he would forget about her when he put on his pants. That was not her ultimate goal.
But when Li Haotian put her in the car and drove to a remote place, she still pounced into his arms. The woman’s gown was already half-exposed, and at this moment, her movements revealed her red ar*olas.
His blood spilled, and he couldn’t wait to rip the dress off her body. Bai Moran did not care about the lapel’s slip and bit down directly on his lips.
His lips were soft and sticky, causing her to continue sucking and nibbling. His large palms had already caressed her br*asts and were rubbing them.
Bai Moran felt her body was so soft that she almost went limp under his attack. But the man didn’t seem to be in a hurry to swallow her in one bite. He just continued to lick her lips, letting her little tongue continue to dance with his.
His kissing skills were so good that they caused an emptiness in Bai Moran’s p*ssy, making her nectar drip out.
She was lying on his chest, and her small, pale white hands were undoing his shirt and starting to caress his chest.
His chest was broad and soothing to stroke, carrying that magnificent feeling. She smiled and nibbled on the knot of his throat while continuing to tease the n*pples on his chest, rousing his passion.
She was on top of him, so she could feel the hardness pushing right up against her center. Although she was unprepared to be eaten by him right now, she was still wearing a thong, and her petal pressed against his suit pants, fitting right in with his scorching heat.
Feeling that burning heat, Bai Moran couldn’t help but rub that place of his with the center of her flower.
Li Haotian felt that his belly was tightening frantically, bounding that place with some pain.
Bai Moran seemed to see his restraint and directly undid his belt, reaching out and grabbing that thick and long meat stick.
Chapter 6
Can’t Wait To Insert It In (High H)
Li Haotian’s eyes grew hotter as he watched her move like this. Seeing this, Bai Moran smiled and pounced on him to contain his lips, wantonly teasing him, while her hand rubbed his meat stick.
She had guessed that his meat stick was big, but when she held it in her hand, Bai Moran was still surprised by his size. After she rubbed it a few times, her wrist was already starting to get sore.
Tsk. She didn’t know if this big rod would break her p*ssy if it were inserted into her p*ssy.
“CEO Li, your meat stick is so big.”
Hearing her words, Li Haotian viciously nibbled on her lips, almost biting her, evident that he was exerting himself, “So do you like it?”
“I like it.”
Listening to her words, Li Haotian imprisoned her body in his arms, ruthlessly rubbing her plump br*asts. His lips weren’t idle either. They were rubbing her lips fiercely. The delicate kisses constantly fall towards her, “You’re so slutty.”
Bai Moran slightly raised her eyebrows. Feeling his scorching heat, she directly increased her hands’ strength.
“Little sl*t, faster.” The man’s hoarse voice reached the side of her ear, incomparably provocative.
Bai Moran smiled. She quickly rubbed and stroked his gl*ns as if she were playing with some toy, caressing up and down. When she heard him make a muffled grunt, the smile on her lips became heavier.
When Li Haotian looked at the image of her soft little hand stroking his rod, he bit her lips heavier.
After a few moments of intertwining their tongues, he bit her neck, sucking and grinding on it, leaving behind some mottled traces. Her gown had long ago slipped off completely, and those plump t*ts had popped out and were leaping out at her. Her skin was snow-white, and her n*pples were glowing pink because of this skin color. Some milky scent raged out, causing him to be unable to restrain himself from taking in these two points of pinkness. The smooth and tender texture made him want to feast. He sucked deeply, sucking the milk flavor into his mouth.
Bai Moran’s p*ssy was dripping with nectar from his bite. That empty p*ssy was now flooded with unprecedented longing as if it desperately needed to be penetrated by him. She looked at the huge meat stick in her hand, wanting to insert it in her p*ssy impatiently.
When Li Haotian lifted his eyes, he saw the woman half squinting her eyes, biting her lips to hold back her desire. The end of her eyes were slightly reddish and dark, and her peach blossom eyes were slightly upturned, incomparably seductive. She was blushing but revealed a delicate flavor, making people want to swallow her into their stomachs. He couldn’t hold back any longer and directly pumped his rod, rhythmically moving it over her hand.
Bai Moran looked at him and continued stroking this big meat stick. But her wrist had already exhausted, and perhaps it would slip out of her hand in the next second.
Li Haotan looked at the half-n*ked girl sitting in front of his eyes. He stretched out his hand and inserted it under her skirt, wantonly teasing her petals. She was already incredibly w*t there long ago, looking no less eager than he was.
“Little sl*t, you’re so w*t there.”
“Uhhhhhhh ……”
“Because it wants you ahhhhhhhhh ……”
Bai Moran was softened by the teasing of his fingertips, unable to restrain her moans.
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