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Rudbeckia von Severn-Lockan.

She married Benedict, the new emperor of the Lockan Empire, who ascended to the throne in a half-hearted attempt.
She was poisoned a month after becoming empress.

Her entire body was stiffened and she became a corpse.

Her father and brother visit her once a week,
her friend Irene visits every other day,
and her husband, Benedict, who came every day.

Rudbeckia hoped more than anyone else to rest in peace,
and she thought she had gotten her wish.

Yes, she should have closed her eyes forever like that…….

Somehow, she came back before the rebellion.

* * *

“Your Highness.”

Rudbeckia tilted her head to look at the twenty-six-year-old Benedict.

In the past, I did not know that you knew I had saved you,
or that you had held me in your heart ever since.
Even in this grim moment, you must still love me.
But knowing that doesn’t change anything.

I can’t live my life the same way.

“I sincerely hope that Your Highness remains safe and happy.”

Please live a life where you no longer feel sorry for me.

“You should stay safe, meet a good partner, and raise imperial heirs.”

In this lifetime, I will live while feeling sorry, Your Highness.


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