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흑표 가문의 설표 아기님
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Born as a hybrid, I was abused by my maternal grandfather because I was a useless child who didn’t inherit any abilities from my dad’s family, and ended up dying.

I returned to the past with my memories, but my options weren’t so different from the past.

I’ll either live like this and be abused to death just like in my previous life, or I’ll go to my dad who hates me.

‘I don’t want to die again.’

Eventually I went to my dad who hated me, with a locket in my hand that would prove me to be the daughter of the Black Leopard family.

“Let me…let me stay here.”

All I asked for is protection until I became an adult. Then, when I was old enough to live alone, I was going to go out and live without causing trouble. Because I was going to be a good kid this time.

But, somehow…

“My beloved daughter, if there is anyone who touches you, I will kill them immediately.”

My father, who I thought hated me, was so sweet to me.

“Hey, Ferdinand, don’t keep hugging Thiel. At this time of year, I heard that girls are very delicate.”

“Where did you learn that s*upid theory? Thiel likes to hug.”

The two brothers who I thought were scary like me so much.

“Thiel, I’m going to hand you over the head position of this Black Leopard family.”

My paternal grandfather suddenly tells me that he is handing over his position to me.

Hey… didn’t everyone hate me?