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장르가 너무 다른데요?
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Shasha, who found herself trapped in a romance fantasy novel where the main plot revolved around the nobles and imperial family’s struggle for power.
The moment the novel became her reality, the genre suddenly shifted.

“Now it’s really, really unbearable.”
With that statement, lips filled with the scent of alcohol devoured the still slightly dazed lips without regard for propriety.
‘Uh, this is a bit…’
…No, it was way off from what it should have been.

Surely this was a novel suitable for all ages, where the main characters didn’t even kiss until somewhere around episode 100?

…the genre is completely different, isn’t it?

❥ Male Protagonist: Edgar Frederich von Oz. The older brother of the original female protagonist. The eldest son of a duke’s family. He is a man overflowing with absurdity that puts his background to shame. His daily routine revolves around receiving Shasha’s pity with a smiling face that reminds one of a black retriever. He has been in unrequited love for a long time.

❥ Female Protagonist: Charlotte Sweeney (Shasha). One day, she finds herself in the body of a character from a book she read. She thinks of herself as a pragmatic person with a carefree personality, but in reality, she’s a tender woman with many dull corners. She expected to follow the clichéd path of becoming a maid in the original female protagonist’s house but somehow, it seems like the genre of her surroundings has changed.


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