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배드 엔딩 소설 속 여주가 죽었다
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“I was reincarnated as an extra in the novel ‘The Omega Saintess,’ which was a trashy novel.

And the novel ended with the death of the female lead. No, that’s what I thought.

The Saintess’ mark came to me.

And now, the one who was once an extra has become the Emperor’s exclusive Omega.

The Saintess’s mission and the desperate life as an Omega.

Is this why I was brought here…? To be used like this?

Is this why I was put into the body of a useless extra for all that time?!


At that moment, a creepy aura overwhelmed me.

He will come. Surely, he will come, searching for the one to replace the deceased Saintess.

I didn’t want to live and die as a crazed Emperor’s plaything like the Saintess.

Without even thinking, I hid in a deep corner of some mountain.

“You were hiding quite well. Did you think I wouldn’t find you here?”

I hid so thoroughly, how did this man manage to find and approach me?

In the end, Liena was taken to the palace by the Emperor.

Afterward, not only did she have to accommodate him every night, but she also became the prey of other top-righteous Alphas…


How long has it been since I felt pl*asure? As if compensating for the suffering he has endured, Liena’s body provided Rhetrik with the utmost pl*asure.

Just as he was a little more than halfway in, suddenly her body convulsed.

Seeing her eyes roll back and her gasping form, Rhetrik momentarily stopped. Is she going to stop breathing? Suddenly, fear gripped him.

In his haste to call for help, unexpected words escaped Liena’s mouth.

“Ah… what is this… It hurts, it hurts so much… but it feels so good… haah.”


Rhetrik’s eyebrows furrowed fiercely. His heart raced ‘thump-thump,’ and his blood surged.

His heart raced like crazy at the words of this insignificant woman.

Not only was she affecting him with her pheromones, but now she had even taken control of his heart.

Even for an Omega, this was ridiculous.

“…d*mn woman.”