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In the previous life, the First Rank Duke’s mansion collapsed and completely vanished. In this lifetime, Bai Qing Yan, the eldest legitimate daughter was reborn and she will never let the Bai family follow the same footsteps than in the previous life.
The son of the Bai family is already dead, so there is no place for the Bai family to stand in the capital?
Xiao Rong Yan, a wealthy businessman from the Great Wei State, said: “For hundreds of years, the First Rank Duke’s Bai family of military lineage, never produced any waste, and the family’s daughters are no exception.
Later… the eldest miss of the Bai family was this generation’s goddess of war, legend had it that she had never been defeated.
The second miss of the Bai family was the resourceful matriarch at the newly appointed marquis of Zhongyong’s mansion.
The third miss of the Bai family is this world’s second richest merchant, a talent of the business world who can decide the rains and clouds.
Bai Qing Yan was grateful to Xiao Rong Yan for having helped her several times in the previous life, and then secretly sent him information several times.
On a snowy night, they were blocked outside the city.
Xiao Rong Yan: Miss Bai saved Xiao Mou from fire and water again and again, is it that you admire Xiao Mou?
Bai Qing Yan said: Xiao Rong misunderstood.
Xiao Rong Yan : Xiao Mou saved Miss Bai from fire and water again and again, can Miss Bai admire Xiao Mou?
Bai Qing Yan: …