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공작부인은 사랑하지 않는다
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Tristan’s wife for five years.
She put an end to the hellish married life she had to endure because she loved him.
Eliana, who left behind her beloved child and husband, decided to live a new life under the name Sera, erasing her memories, but she ended up returning to Tristan’s embrace.

“Sera, this was the kind of relationship we had. Allowing each other’s bodies to be ours alone.”
“What happened? Ahhh-ang!”

Now Sera was curious about her past. So intensely curious that she had never been before in the past two years.
She felt so unfamiliar with herself, trembling like a crazy woman in the pleasure this man gave her.
Because her current appearance felt as if it wasn’t her own. She wondered what the true Sera was like.

“Then come find a memory every night. Anything. Even a lingering trace.”
❥Male lead
Tristan: The Emperor’s second son. After consuming a witch’s potion in his childhood, he suffers from sudden madness and endures agonizing physical pain. His personality becomes rough and violent as a result. Misunderstanding that Eliana’s child without the imperial mark is the result of infidelity, he abuses her. When Eliana consumes a potion that causes her to lose her memory and disappears, Tristan realizes his mistakes and sets out in search of her, prepared to die.

❥Female lead
Eliana (Sera): Hailing from the common people. She is innocent but steadfast and courageous in love. She lives in the palace as an imperial consort due to her father’s connection to the Emperor and her childhood friendship with Tristan. After her marriage, when her child Andrea, who lacks the imperial mark, faces abuse, she can no longer bear it and consumes a potion that causes her to lose her memory.


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