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In the eyes of others, Mi Lu is a leftover woman dressed in old-fashioned clothes.

Who would have imagined that she would be a pornographic female anchor wearing a translucent suspender skirt at night.

A big brother is her biggest spender, and Mi Lu earns a lot of money relying on the tipping of this veteran.

Mi Lu’s mother urgently needs money for surgery. After the price of 100,000 yuan was offered on the first list, Mi Lu was moved.

Every time she meets Big Brother, he always wears a mask or turns off the lights.

Although Mi Lu doesn’t know the other person’s appearance, she knows that his c*ck is really long and can be inserted into her ut*rus every time.

Although she was paid to do things, Mi Lu always cl*maxed every time.

Until one day, Mi Lu was on a business trip with her unkind, tyrant boss.

She suddenly saw the phone page flashed by her boss. Didn’t she just upload that s*xy and provocative dancing video last night?

Wait, why does the profile picture of the boss look more and more familiar?

Mi Lu gasped, who isn’t that her big brother?

Mi Lu burst into tears.

The tyrant Sheng Muyang is notoriously unkind and unscrupulous. Employees are not allowed to do anything that damages the company’s image.

If her boss finds out that she is live broadcasting on the p*rnhub, she will definitely be finished!

And she didn’t expect that her boss, who had never been close to women, would be so cruel on the bed.

What to do? Now as soon as she sees him, she wants to sleep with him and has no intention of working.