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Peony - I Saw the Future of the Killer Grand Duke
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Today, I am getting married for the second time to my husband, as the daughter of the imperial family he hates.

Pretending to be good, pretending to be weak, pretending to be poor.

I possessed the wicked woman Gabriella Nasiret, the villainess who possesses the ‘three-piece combo’ that enrages readers.

So I decided to not be a villain.

‘The original? Who cares? Let’s push it with a tank.’

That’s why I proposed to a man unrelated to the original novel for a contract marriage, and left the place where the original plot took place.

The three years I spent with my husband was quite sweet.

Even though it ended with my death.

However, when I woke up again, I found out that I became the daughter of the family who’s responsible for my death?

I’m also known to be an idiot who is threatened by my blood-related brothers, Peony Hualen Isodeum!

For once, I have to pretend to be innocent in order to survive. But is it because I lived as a villain in the original story? It’s so easy to raise other people’s blood pressure with my immature acting, so I feel a little embarrassed.

‘How can I be so natural…?’

*** ​

“I don’t care if you have a lover.”

“Won’t you regret that?”

“There is no reason for that. There are quite a few good men among my officers, so if you choose, I will send them to your bedroom.”

During the day, such a cold husband said, “I’m not a fool to leave my wife alone. Do you know what this means?”

‘Ah, I understand it so well, that it’s a problem.’

It’s so sweet in my dream.

Rubbing my lips slowly with his thumb, his expression as if he was holding the most precious thing in the world, his passionate eyes that could only see me, like a man who fell in love for the first time.

As my heart beats loudly, as if my heart would drop.

I’ll try.

So that you can remember me.

So that we can love again.