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빙의했더니 괴담이 돼 버렸다
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I appear to have been transmigrated.
The problem was that I had to wake up from inside a coffin on the funeral day of this body’s prior owner.
Ta-da! You thought I was dead, right? I’m not!
To make matters worse, I had read so many novels that I couldn’t specify which one I was in. It seemed that I was transmigrated as a villainess after all, since my family was cold-hearted, the maids avoided me, and they even wept while staring at the empty space next to me.
First and foremost, I needed to use my experience in romance fantasy novels to escape from my villainous title!
Then, I discovered a strange pattern.
“What is this?”
[The Method to Summon • • • ]
Is it a summoning circle to summon spirits or dragons?
That’s great. A villainess needs at least one ability to protect her body.
But why did a leopard-patterned yellow cat with three eyes get chosen instead of spirits or dragons? Well, it’s cute, so it didn’t matter!
It was only Pudding, the three-eyed cat, who tagged along with me.
•                 •                 •
“My name is Gabriel, the commander of the Order of Fararroth. I would like to know more about Rohanson’s esteemed daughter.”
‘A knight commander with pitch-black hair and azure eyes… Gabriel must be the male lead!’
“Fool. Know your place, I’m not attracted to you.”
“It doesn’t matter still. I am merely interested in you.”
How come?
I’m the villainess, you know! Quickly find your partner, the female lead, and leave! My aim is to protect my body using magic circles! Both my cat Pudding and my werewolf Jelly will protect me.
“But why does everyone… keep trembling whenever they see me?”
There was a monster living inside Count Rohanson’s household.
A monster who lurked beneath the skin of the late Lady Evangeline.
The heroine, who thinks that her world is a romance fantasy,
and the unsettling events that happened to those around her.