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Estella, the most powerful saint in history.

A woman whom God adores and loves.

On the day of Estella’s coronation, the pope receives a revelation from God to attach a paladin by her side.

Michelle, her stoic paladin who would spend the rest of his life protecting her.

As Estella reaches her adolescence, she becomes fascinated by her knight Michelle, who had been by her side since she was very young…

When she finally reaches adulthood and is free to pursue her love affairs, she attempts her courtship of him. Boldly! Cutely! Cunningly!

God did not label love and conception a sin.

‘Any man who sleeps alone on the night of St. Chocolatier’s is a eunuch.’

It was a random day during the cold winter when such a famous saying came down like a legendary divination.

If you give chocolate to someone you like during this day, your feelings will be reciprocated!

Estella presents Michelle with her heartfelt chocolate.

Oblivious to the rum that was mixed alongside the chocolate ingredients she had attempted to give the chocolate for the first time in her life.


Oh, oh my god!

Michelle lay motionless in bed, staring blankly into the distance.

He was desperately trying his best not to look at the cute being sitting on top of him.

“Michelle, look at me too.”

How can I, when I know exactly what’s going to occur the moment that happens.

“Does Michelle really hate me? Even if I do this, do I still look like a child?”

Michelle stubbornly stared into the air, trying his best not to concentrate below him. Until a cute little butt pressed down on his testicles.


He couldn’t do it anymore. No matter how much Michelle had taken refuge in God, he could not ignore the direct physical stimulation.

So, God, forgive your ugly sheep.