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Former killer 411, lured by a powerful man, my brothers and I were killed.
I woke up to find myself the niece of the man who killed me.

I’ve somehow managed to join Concherne, the richest ‘golden’ family in the Empire.
Once she’d sorted out her ruined reputation and her backstabbing fiancé, she realised what she was getting into.
In our house, we are really poor people with nothing but money!

“My lady, visit often and stay for a long time. Okay?”
“Be mine. I need someone like Lady Concherne.”
“Do you have any intention of striking a deal even if it means putting your special talents on the line for me?”

So I can make some connections with the influential figures of the empire,

“Aunt, hand it over to me.”

Taking over the family business while fulfilling the dreams and love of my family,

“Master! We hit the jackpot! Another jackpot!”

I decided to find an endless source of wealth and show the end of poverty.

“Why the hell are you doing this!”

What do you mean why.
This family, I’m going to take it in my hands.


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