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잘해 줄게요, 단장님!; I'll Treat You Well, Captain!
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“If you tightly close your lips like that, how can I kiss you?”
“Well, how then?”
Lost in a daze, Jenna cocked her head.
If this isn’t a kiss, what is?
“Open your mouth.”
His tongue slid between her lips, exploring the gaps between her teeth.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
It has been two years since she married her husband.
Jenna Briar was pushed off a cliff to her death by a handmaiden who had an affair with her husband.
But what is this? She’s gone back before she was married.
Jenna decides to find her own husband before her stepmother sells her to a cheating husband.
“I found him.”
Knight Commander Raon, a member of the crown prince’s entourage, a person who needs a title.
“Make a deal with me. You need a title, right? I’ll give you one. Marry me.”
Seeing one of Raon’s eyebrows lift up, Jenna impatiently adds,
“Oh, you don’t have to fulfill your husband’s duties. I’ll divorce you in two years.”

Jenna gave Raon a hefty dowry in exchange for the title.
When the title is fully transferred to her husband in two years, she plans to divorce him and move to the free city of Valrak to start a new life.

However, Raon, who accepted the marriage with an interesting expression, is acting strange.

“Let’s get married quickly, within a month.”
“If we’re going to do it quickly… we need some arrangements.”
A wicked smile crossed his lips.
“You’re talking about a shotgun wedding.”


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