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Shen Yinyin is a waiter at a milk tea shop in a small town during the day and the female anchor of a p*rnhub at night.

Compared with the scale of other female anchors, her monotonous live m*sturbation seems boring. So her live broadcast room has been tepid.

Her neighbor Zhou Li is a rough guy with 190 and eight-pack abs. Once she was pressed on the wall by Zhou Li during the live broadcast.

The dark c*ck squeezed open the pink p*ssy, making Shen Yinyin tremble all over.

The plump chest muscles made her t*ts sore and refreshing, and her legs were so f*cked that she couldn’t stand up.

After Zhou Li ej*culated, her p*ssy couldn’t close, and streams of white s*men flowed out from the opening.

The obscene pictures directly caused her live broadcast room to break through with tens of thousands of views.

Shen Yinyin got the highest income since her live broadcast that day.

In order to maintain the popularity of the live broadcast room, Shen Yinyin lied to the fans, calling Zhou Li her boyfriend.

After Shen Yinyin tasted the sweetness of s*x, she began to lure Zhou Li to have s*x with her many times.

She seduced Zhou Li in various poses on different occasions.

Let him f*ck her p*ssy under the car while it’s being repaired, and let him f*ck her from behind in the kitchen wearing nothing but an apron.

As Shen Yinyin and Zhou Li kept having s*x, her popularity in the live broadcast room became higher and higher, and she directly became the number one female anchor of p*rnhub.

But Zhou Li was still kept in the dark, until one day he got on a p*rnographic website…

*This book contains elements of r*pe. Both leads are not good people and behavior shown in this book is not legal in reality. Please proceed with caution.