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I found myself transmigrated as an insignificant orphan in a tragic novel that my friend had praised until their mouth went dry. The original story didn’t seem to have progressed yet, but I absolutely had no intention of getting involved in it.

Why, you ask? Because that bastard of a male lead, believing himself to be the heroine’s savior, would end up imprisoning her in a cage and brainwashing her, turning into a psychotic lunatic.

Yes, let’s just live a long life.

However, this damn world decided to bestow upon the orphan the power of a swordmaster.

Well, I’ll just have to live even harder and longer.

Roaming through the empire ravaged by war, I defeated a few knights to plunder their wealth. In the process, I even saved a boy who was about to die. Since he didn’t seem to remember his own name, I named him Adel, provided him a good place to stay, fed him beef, and raised him for three years.

However, that ungrateful brat just ran away without even saying a word of thanks…


“Louisa, I missed you.”

But why, why did he return to me as an emperor?

“Louisa, you are my savior.”

Why did they have to set up the captivity flag that should’ve been for the heroine, on me?