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Medea Blackwood ran away the day before her wedding.
She stared into the face of the man who’d caught her eye, lost in thought.
A handsome man she’d thought was extinct,
The world was still a warm place to live, wasn’t it?

“So, by the way, do you have a wife……?”
“Not married.”

A normal person would have been disappointed,

“Oh, that’s great! Will you marry me?”

Unfortunately, her head was a garden that didn’t cultivate such sane thoughts.


“Wait and see. I’ll make you kneel at my feet and beg me to accept you with those pretty eyes.”
“Can you please close that mouth—”
“Hmm? My lips?”

In the midst of a peaceful life, in search of her lost first love,
the notorious head of the capital’s flowerbed stumbled in.

Unbeknownst to her, the man widely known by the nickname “Northern Bully” charmingly smiled,
and his words naturally followed.

“Are you crazy, get your hands off me!”

Even when he tried to push her away, she stuck to him persistently, which he never anticipated.
I never expected the woman who had clung to me so desperately to simply run away right in front of me.


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