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Having only lived in territories on the outskirts of the empire, I decided to travel to the capital to fulfill my dreams. However, when people saw my face, they all had a strange reaction…

“Bright, Lady Bright is back… Ah!”

‘Who, me?’

“Kuk! Lady Bright..!?”

‘Who is that?’

She’s freaking out because of a twin sister, who I never knew existed?

Turns out, she’s a famous villainess in the capital. And she’s been missing for months!

“Isn’t it all because you chose His Highness Pavel over me?”

As if my suddenly discovered birth secret wasn’t enough, Oren who had mistaken me for my sister appeared and started arguing,

“I’m so sick of you, I thought I told you never to set eyes on me again.”

That Orange-Haired girl, and my sister’s ex-fiancé the Second Prince Pavel, and that damn seaweed head of his would even dare to take a shot at me.

“Hey, You’re not the Young Lady Bright, are you?”

The only one who can actually recognize me is the crown prince, who was as pretty as a clover. He even offered to help me of his own accord.

“Appoint me as your Knight.”

Will my life in the Capital be alright if It keeps going on like this?

This is going to be a thrilling adventure for the upstart Knight Iris, Whose life has been twisted from the very beginning!


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