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“Please let me go now.”

“At least you’ll have to do your duty properly to bring up a divorce.”

I was possessed by Lillian Freed, who would be put on the guillotine for my villainous husband.

And if I want to live, I have to divorce my husband, Klaus, within a year.

“Okay. I’ll do my duty. Never forget your promise, even the duke.”

“… That’s funny. Yes, I will.”


His pen*s was settled into a split between my legs. Thinking that he would come in soon, my mushy body hardened. Without haste, he began to rub the sensitive flesh of the entrance against the front of the pillar.

“I-I don’t think it’s going to go in…”

“You’ve eaten well so far.”

“Ahhk! Aheuk, mmngh!”

It was the first time, so I lost myself in the sensation he gave me and wept mindlessly. Pushing me further, Klaus continued to move.

I felt like my mind was going to go crazy with the crazy excitement that surged so rapidly. It even made me feel like I wasn’t the one moaning in pleasure.

“Lillian, relax.”

“But, ugh!”

I didn’t know what to do. Without knowing whether I was giving strength, my body just kept shaking at his movement. Then Klaus began to move his waist round.


I managed to raise my head slightly and look at him. I could see herself filled with excitement in his eyes. But for a moment, he hit his back hard again.

“Ah! Ahnghh!”

His movement never ended. It was so hard. I groaned so much that my voice seemed to be a little hoarse.

“Keut! S-stop.”

I managed to tell him to stop.

“Stop it? While tightening… like this?”

He kept poking at the point where I felt so much. For a while, I was trembling with the constant sensation, and a huge pleasure began to pour in.

“Ah, No- Hngh! Nghh!”

A moan that seemed to be lifted from the depths of the body was incomparable to that from earlier. It was the peak. My legs trembled and I felt my insides tingle. He let out a short groan as if he felt it inside of me too.

“It’s… over? Ngh.”

It meant to get out of me as soon as it was over. I thought it’ll be a little better if it is the only thing I can get away from, since it’s still wriggling inside me and creating stimulation.

“No way.”

That night, I learned that there are so many different positions in the world. I just kept hugging him until dawn and groaning.