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I just wanted to be loved.

After awakening the power of an alchemist, I constantly made money for my family that was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Even though I knew it was an act that consumed my life.

But when I died for an attempted murder charge, no one was by my side.

Wearing the dress made with my life, my younger sister shed fake tears in the crown prince’s arms.

The third awakening was achieved by being pecked by a bird’s beak.

Milvia touched time.

Her remaining life span, as she returned to the past, is only one year.

Within that time, she will seek revenge.

So she spent a night with the man known as the Mad Knight. A man who had just obtained the rank of a baron.

The unimaginable reward she offers is only to protect her side and pretend to love her.

I will give you everything that my family once had.

Just make sure it doesn’t crumble while I seek revenge.

…But why did the letter of proposal come from the duchy, who’s known to control the underworld?


“You are a person worthy of praise, so don’t be disheartened.”

He gently wiped her cheek with the back of his hand. His hand, holding the sword, was firm and powerful.

Suddenly, she felt his masculinity.

Milvia’s face flushed with overwhelming anger.

“I despise hypocrisy.”

Deus pushed down her lower lip with his thumb and teasingly caressed it.

Milvia was frozen, unable to even breathe, caught in his gaze.

“Don’t play nice, don’t pretend you’ve given up. When the truth is, you want to live, even if it means killing someone else.”

His words were like a dagger that pierced her heart.

Even though he knew she was trembling, Deus did not stop talking.

“Tell me you’d rather kill than die, Milvia.”


“Say those words, and I will kill the saint if I have to, just to save you.”

His whispering smirk was outrageously tempting.

…To the point where she truly desired to live.