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[Do you want to change your hero’s class from Knight to Wizard?]
……OK, YES.
With that one choice, Taeri became the princess in the RPG game she was playing.
The goal is only to return! I’ll hand everything over to the original protagonist and go back to reality.

“I’ll hand it over. The land, the throne. So, will you come with me… to slay the dragon?”

I’m going to help my protagonist, Claude, who’s as solid as a bowl of soup, get to the ending!
But… for some reason, all the party members are strange.

“Don’t think of causing trouble for no reason. The swordsman will come unexpectedly.”

Claude, the gruff but strangely affectionate knight,

“It’s not me who’s meddling, it must be you. She’s my friend! She’s our princess, not yours!”

The healer who keeps the protagonist in check,

“If you really want to die, I’ll kill you myself, so don’t let others lay a hand on your body.”

And the elven archer showing strange possessiveness.
It’s a cacophony of unharmonious party members who are supposed to be helping each other…….

“I tore up that contract anyway, which means I don’t have to honor it anymore because it doesn’t exist.
So, either stay here and be a king, or if you don’t like that and want to go somewhere else, take me with you or do whatever you want.”

Even the protagonist, who had been a good boy, had gone off the rails.
Can I really go back?


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